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  • This show is hilarious

    I watched this show randomly, because the name of it sounded funny, and I was not prepared to laugh as much as I did. Every episode pushes the limits and you wonder where they are going to go next, or if it is even possible to be funnier, but it keeps getting better and better. If you haven't watched it before I'd start with Pill for Men, Memory Loss and Uber-Glued and if you aren't hooked after these episodes, then I guess it's not for you. Those three are some of my favorites some others are Pineapple Shampoo and Jelly Bean Omelets. If FX doesn't pick this show up for another season I will be very disappointed.
  • Absolutely Hilarious!

    I was just introduced to this show a few days ago and got the chance to sit and watch all of the first three episodes back to back.

    I was first expecting this to be another failed attempt sitcom, however within a very short amount of time into the first episode, I found myself laughing up a storm. I was instantly hooked by the time the first episode was done, and found myself unable to pull away from the screen.

    Most people would probably categorize this jokes and situations within this show as toilet humor. So, if you are easily offended, go find your lack of humor elsewhere. Everyone that I have introduced this show to have absolutely loved it. I can't wait for the next episode to see more crazy antics from this crew of crazies.

    Definitely, give this show a shot, I'm sure most of you will find it a great source of laughter. I definitely would like to see this show continue on as long as they can keep up the level of comedy already set forth.
  • The funniest show since Malcolm in the Middle!

    This feel good and laugh out loud comedy is exactly what I've been waiting for since Malcolm in the Middle finished in 2006. Testees made me laugh so hard, that I started crying. Especially the episodes "Jellybean Omlett" and "Uber Glued" were hilarious.

    This show is crazy and completly implausible - which is a perfect receipy for endless fun. At times the humor can be a bit too much for family viewing so I recommend you watch the show before you are going to view it with your family - otherwhise you might feel a little akward with your kids.

    But otherwhise Testees is a well paced show with 2 brilliant actors with good comedic timing. And I really hope this show will produce many seasons of laugh out loud comedy!!!!
  • Funny comedy about two guys who make their living as test dummies for a pharmaceutical company.

    This is a fun show. It is so much better than a lot of the boring comedies on network channels. I loved the episode where one of the guys slips the other his tranquilizer pill. He is paralyzed for a week, and has to be taken care of completely by the other character. So many things happen to this guy, and it is really funny. I also loved the one where one of the guys is blind, and doesn't know his neighbor moved in. He can smell him, but he doesn't realize he is actually in the apartment. The cast is hysterical, and hopefully this will be renewed for the 2009 fall season.
  • i just love these two crazy characters...

    I like the show it's audacious and gross. I think it grabs ya by the balls and says hey life aint pretty. Could you imagine if any of this stuff happened to you. Testees is pronounced the same as Testes, which is another way of saying testicles, very clever and funny for a tv show title. This show is alot better than a lot of the crap they consider decent programing anymore. It's new to a lot of us here. It's different and I hope to see it again and again and again. I find it hilarious. Awkward and hilarious.
  • A pair of deadbeats work as test rats for a pharmacuidical company with awful-yet funny results!

    Deadly funny!Really quite original too.All in all a great way to spend time!Have to admit the humour is low brow and at times rather crude but not stomach turning or grotesque.The odd episode seems week on script but never get two in a row-(wish i could say the same for er ,amoung others)Ive never laughed so much at anything in years!The camraderie between the two leads really makes it work,im guessing this didnt cost a fortune to make but the acting is spot on and the entire cast keeps it running seemlessly.Cheers to the writers-most original thing ive watched in ages!
  • Don't judge it by the subpar pilot / first episode -- This show is easily one of the funniest things on television, and I couldnt be happier I gave it a second chance....

    I avoided this show after, what I considered to be, a very mediocre pilot -- I found the two leads funny, as well as the supporting cast-- but the concept of a pregnant man was too obvious a parody (current news about the asian man who keeps having kids, and the famous 80s movie, twins, amongst others), and it made the show seem as though it would be uninspired... However after nine episodes I am happy to write my first review and hopefully help expose more people to this vastly underrated show!

    The two leads are quite hilarious, as others mentioned, they seem to have an odd couple -esque relationship, although they both tend to lean heavily toward the slovenly nature of Oscar... And as I already mentioned, the bartender and male friend are also great in their supporting roles, the latter often provoking near-urine-inducing fits of laughter (see the bathroom restaurant episode, the recent paralysis episode, or the sperm bank ones for evidence ).

    Im not a great reviewer, and don't really have the time to ruminate on all the genius bits in the show, but I just felt that there were probably others, like me, who had dismissed it after the pilot, and I think those people are missing out on a very unique show, and one that is quickly becoming my favorite show on tv.
  • The new Lucy and Ricky? Well, at least Oscar and Felix.

    .K., I admit this is totally low-brow humor. But, it's strangely compelling. I mean who couldn't resist the appeal of two under-achievers who value freedom and comraderie above any other traits?

    Are Peter and Ron the new Lucy and Ricky? Maybe...Maybe not, but they're a strangely compelling duo who actually invite you to see what they befall next. To put it bluntly, they are lab rats that happen to be human and the experiments they endure to carve the meagerest of existence are certainly not realistic, yet I'll say it again it's all strangely compelling.

    Each week our two protaginists find themselves faced with a new experiment that if it doesn't kill them makes them stronger. Along the way these experiments provoke the worst in human behavior, poking fun at everything including some things that really shouldn't be lampooned...But, again it's strangely compelling??? Go figure.

    Bottom-line: This 30-minute sitcom isn't for everyone, but for those who value off-the-wall humor it's a shot over the bow. It's simply like nothing else on TV and the fact it even exists is nothing short of a total surprise. If you take anything too serious veer away and don't waste your time, but if you have the skewed type humor that allows you to suspend disbelief and go with the flow then by all means saddle up and be entertained. A real underground classic that, at least for now, is above ground. No, I don't agree with everything that is lampooned, but I can take it with a grain of salt and laugh so if this sounds like you...
  • Funny! Classy bottom humor.

    After only a couple of episodes, this series seems to be pushing all the right buttons.

    This is definitely not your high brow fare, but darn funny nonetheless. It reminds me of Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson in Bottom and their ealier classic The Young Ones.

    No doubt Steve Markle's character Peter owes something to The Young Ones' hippie Neil (Nigel Planner).

    Time will tell if the format and story line can be sustained. The Young Ones by comparison was a revolutionary ground breaking show, which excelled in oddities. Bottom on the other hand seemed to wear a bit thin in the later seasons.

    Hoping this will carry on for a bit...
  • 2 friends who need to make money so they undergo odd tests at a local laboratory. Not the most original show but definitely full of hilarious awkward moments and fits perfectly within its timeslot after 'Sunny'. Love the show and hope it gets picked up.

    2 friends who need to make money so they undergo odd tests at a local laboratory. Not the most original show but definitely full of hilarious awkward moments and fits perfectly within its timeslot after 'Sunny'. Love the show and hope it gets picked up. The antics and situations are definitely the best aspect of this show. Whether it be becoming women or mistaken an enormous fart bubble for pregnancy this show is full of hilarity. FX would be wise to continue this show, and keep it in this slot as well, it compliments 'Sunny' very well. Word Word Word!
  • I Love IT!

    This show is genius! Definitely the best show of the year! The first episode had me in tears from laughter with each scene! This is sick, twisted humor with limitless boundaries, what more could you ask for? If you don't like this show than you might want to get your lifeless, numb, cold shell to a morgue because it ain't the show that stinks! This show gave me warm fuzzies and I can't wait to see the next episode!

    If South Park, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia & maybe Arrested Development had a threesome, than Testees could be the tormented love child.
  • ... Am I the only person who found this show Funny? I don't get it. I am reading the reviews and you would think that it somehow aired on PBS and that somehow the crowd who usually watch "Masterpiece Theater" got a hold of the review board here.

    ... Look this show wasn't meant to be high comedy. For God Sakes it comes on right after "Always Sunny" which to me is the most raunchy show on TV (As well as the funniest) right now. And maybe you saw the Fart coming. But, that doesn't take away from it being funny never the less... Come on who didn't laugh out loud when the guy passed out trying to make himself hard? Or when he used his own breast milk for his coffee? This show in my book was even better then I had planed for and have no complaints whatsoever...
  • Two slackers find they have no way to pay the rent so they return to their jobs as test subjects for a drug company. They test a new drug that causes one to think he's expecting.

    I had high hopes for this show. The premise, while not great, had potential for some mindless hilarity. Unfortuantely, there was nothing funny about this show. It tried too hard to be funny to actually achieve it.

    First off, the story line was just not original. A man thinking he's pregnant is stupid (and not the kind of stupid that's funny.) The whole 'paranoid-we're keeping the baby' idea was just plain bad. And who didn't see that ending coming? This is the premiere. Please tell me this wasn't their best idea.

    The jokes were flat and in most cases predictable. There was nothing that even caused me to smile, much lass laugh outloud. Many of the jokes were gross out sight gags that again, we're just not in anyway funny.

    So if the writers were going for a half hour story, that was sadly boring, they certainly hit the mark. Somehow I doubt that was the case.

    The only upside: I finally watched Sunny. Now talk about funny...
  • I already posted this, but i copied and pasted assuming TV.com would fail miserably.

    I had somewhat high hopes for this show. I saw many (extremely) vague commercials during Always Sunny, and I figured it was their marketing technique to keep it mysterious in order to draw more viewers. At the same time, I realized that it was possible that the advertisers could not clip together enough funny pieces for a commercial that would actually make people want to watch it. I remained optimistic, assuming the show would be a great surprise. Unfortunately I was wrong. The first episode of "testees" was about as funny and original as the name of the show. I was happy to see Kenny Hotz in the show, but was unhappy about the fact that he was less funny acting than he is in person. Maybe the next episode will be better, but so far this show has "cancelled" written all over it. What a disappointment. Thanks FX.
  • A Feeling Of Deja Vu...

    *Sarcasm Begins* Wow, what an original show! How funny...a man thinking he's pregnant and it's actually a huge fart? Hilarious! This was almost as funny as the episode of the BBC 80's comedy, The Young Ones, where Vyvian thinks he's pregnant and it ends up...being...a huge...fart...*Sarcasm Ends*

    Ah yes, another tv classic recycled for Generation Again...or maybe Generation X again, since apparently, nothing can be new anymore...just repackaged. Maybe next time we can have an episode which is original? Have we really reached the end of original thought for writers? If so, I guess it's time to cancel my cable.