Texaco Star Theater

Season 1 Episode 33


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 1949 on NBC

Episode Recap

The show opens as usual with the singing "men from Texaco" who introduce Berle as the man who just returned from California. He arrives onstage in a dog sled pulled by poodles, wearing a fur coat, "coon skin" cap and snow shoes.
During his monologue, Berle's cue card light goes out and he asks several times for it to be fixed. He also reads telegrams from cities in the Midwest watching the show on the new coaxial cable that connects their TV stations live with the East Coast.
Next is the Margo, Paul and Paulette Trio, now appearing at the Latin Quarter. Dressed as two bellboys and a french maid, the trio performs stunts on a trampoline. Berle comes out to join and succeeds in doing little more than getting his leg stuck in the springs.
Milton introduces Broadway star William Gaston in the audience; he takes a bow. Berle then introduces a celebrity who's standing backstage: Dorothy Lamour, who looks suspiciously like Fatso Marco in a muu muu.
Impressionist/singer Florence Desmond performs a stand-up as Tallulah Bankhead, Bette Davis, Claudette Cobert and Mae West helping someone trying to break into showbiz.
Desmond and Berle perform an encore of their interpretation of Noel Coward's play Private Lives. The two repeatedly forget their lines and Desmond gets the giggles.
Tony Martin, making his TV debut, performs a medley of his hits, providing stilted commentary between each song. Afterward, he introduces his favorite singer, Nelson Eddy. The curtain opens to reveal Berle wearing a Mountie uniform sitting in a canoe with a wooden Indian. It repeatedly squirts Miltie in the face during his song. Mountie Marin comes out and performs the clarinet.
Pitchman Sid Stone does his routine, bringing out psychic Dr. Whatchamaseeya. While blindfolded, the doctor will identify items when Stone holds them up. When he misidentifies an egg, Stone breaks it on bald guy's head. He does the same with a tomato and a can of Havoline motor oil. After their bit, Milton asks for someone to clean up their mess. Someone tosses him a mop and he attempts to clean up the mess.
Set at the "Texacobana", Carmen Miranda and a group of five singers/musicians perform "Chica Chica Boom Chic" and "Cuanto le Gusta". Martin returns to sing and dance with Miranda. During their dance, she temporarily ducks into a doorway to reappear as Uncle Miltie in Miranda drag. Their number continues with Berle planting a big kiss on Martin's cheek. Miranda's singers, Martin, and both Carmens finish the number.
The Texaco men return to sing their finale and tell viewers to check local listings for Milton Berle's Texaco radio show.