Texas S.W.A.T.

Wednesday 8:00 PM on truTV Premiered Jan 04, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Exciting show follows crime-fighting teams all around the Lone Star State.

    This new show follows S.W.A.T. crews as they deal with the toughest criminals all across Texas. They take down drug dealers, gangs, and all sorts of violent predators. They are armed to the teeth-- and they have to be. During today's episode, the Austin unit surprised members of a gang that were packed in one house. They were lucky to wake up the group just at sunrise: any later, and the criminals would have likely to get to the machine guns and rifles all around the house. As it turns out, the arrest was carried off safely and not a shot was fired by anybody.

    I'm glad to see this program on Court TV and I will look forward to every episode from now on.
  • This show follows all of the SWAT teams in all of Texas. From Dallas (which is on A&E) to Austin to many more.

    Before watching i prejudged this show to be a rip off of an already exsisting show on A&E "Dallas SWAT" its just the opposite. It follows ALL of the teams in Texas in the first 7 minutes of the show it followed a familiar yet unfamiliar team on the DALLAS SWAT. The reason it was both familiar and un familiar as because one member was instantly recognizable yet all the others weren't. I believe this show's focus is more on the job than the individuals themselves. Which is both good and bad I dont' see a downside to it but then again people have this stereotypical view of police. The shoot 'em up bang bang view. With this show they get what they want but its still a good show just in the first 7 minutes. However I don't like that the narrator talks over the whole thing.