Thank God You're Here (Australia)

Wednesday 7:30 PM on Seven Network Premiered Apr 05, 2006 In Season


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  • Season 4
    • 8 July 2009
      8 July 2009
      Episode 10
      In the final episode of the fourth season of Thank God You're Here, five performers stepped through the blue door. Felicity Ward was an aviator attending a media conference, Hamish Blake was the contestant in a dating game show, Josh Lawson is a vampire meeting the parents of his girlfriend, Angus Sampson is a policeman announcing his new neighbourhood safety initiative and Toby Truslove is the member of a spaceship flying through space. The All - In Group Challenge had the four performers as various members of a 70's game show.moreless
    • 1 July 2009
      1 July 2009
      Episode 9
      In this week's episode of Thank God You're Here, the second last of the season; Akmal Saleh is a prison inmate attending his latest of many parole hearings, Alan Brough is a nobleman who is trying to join the Three Musketeers, Merrick Watts is a member of an 80's band who is announcing their comeback on a music show and Rebel Wilson is an elderly woman who is being visited by her concerned children. The All - In Group Challenge has the four performers playing employees at a colonial village.moreless
    • 24 June 2009
      24 June 2009
      Episode 8
      In this week's episode of Thank God You're Here; Anh Do is the character of an overweight policeman on a children's TV show, Julia Zemiro is a sailor giving a talk at her old school about her solo journey around the world, Colin Lane is an army captain who is missing an arm and Adam Hills is supervising a construction and is under fire from the board of investors. The All - In Group Challenge features the four performers as various personnel at the post - game celebration of a sports event.moreless
    • 17 June 2009
      17 June 2009
      Episode 7
      This week on Thank God You're Here; Arj Barker is the leader of a cult, Josh Lawson is the upbeat captain on a submarine, Felicity Ward is being questioned by police due to the underworld affairs of her husband and Josie Long is an actress on a cheesy soap opera. The All - In Group Challenge features the four performers as people in training to become flight attendants.moreless
    • 10 June 2009
      10 June 2009
      Episode 6
      This week on Thank God You're Here; Kate Langbroek is the sultry trophy wife appearing on a talk show with her rich husband, Angus Sampson is a psychotic hunter who has captured some people on his island, newcomer Toby Truslove is greeting his family at an airport after being on exchange in Germany and Heath Franklin is an arrogant athlete appearing on a sports show.

    • 27 May 2009
      27 May 2009
      Episode 5
      This week on Thank God You're Here: Tony Martin is a rich mine owner in the olden days, Cal Wilson is a European clairvoyant, International guest Franklyn Ajaye is a boxer talking about his comeback and TGYH legend Merrick Watts is the captain of a budget airline. The All - In Group Challenge saw the group playing various employees of a failing nightclub who are receiving a lecture from their boss.moreless
    • 20 May 2009
      20 May 2009
      Episode 4
      The 4th Thank God You're Here episode saw three favorites grace the stage (Bob Franklin, Carl Barron and Julia Zemiro) joined by the worthy apprentice Tom Gleeson.
    • 13 May 2009
      13 May 2009
      Episode 3
      On this week's installment of Thank God You're Here; Jordan Raskopoulos makes his debut entrance through the blue door along with veterans Rebel Wilson, Dave Hughes and Angus Sampson.
    • 6 May 2009
      6 May 2009
      Episode 2
      In this week's episode of Thank God You're Here; old hands Hamish Blake and Peter Rowsthorn along with TGYH rookies Rob Carlton and Josie Long step into the room of doom.
    • 29 April 2009
      29 April 2009
      Episode 1
      This week on the season premiere of Thank God You're Here: Old favourites Merrick Watts and Cal Wilson as well as newcomers Rhys Darby and Colin Lane step through the blue door.
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