Thank God You're Here (Australia)

Wednesday 7:30 PM on Seven Network Premiered Apr 05, 2006 In Season


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  • A show that guests actually want to appear on. As the number 1 comedy show of the moment, it is entertaining no matter who you are.

    Thank God You're Here is easily the best quality comedy going around at the moment. This is proven by the numerous networks worldwide that are purchasing rights to the idea. Created by Working Dog Productions in Australia, who already have countless hits to their name, this show appeals to all demographics. While many shows aim their humour at one particular type of viewer, TGYH has something for everyone with different scenes and humour styles of the guests. It is a show that comedians and actors want to appear on, unlike maybe Dancing With the Stars or Celebrity Survivor. It is an opportunity to shine and promote their career, but at the same time there is the risk that they will crash and burn on national TV. It is fascinating to see the varying styles used by each guest in tackling the scenario. The whole format works so smoothly, not overdoing it with each performer getting an equal chance to perform and just the right amount of input from host Shane Bourne and judge Tom Gleisner. A pilot premieres on NBC in America in November, a chance to turn this small piece of brilliance into a world wide phenomenon.