Thank God You're Here (Australia)

Wednesday 7:30 PM on Seven Network Premiered Apr 05, 2006 In Season


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  • Now this really is the best Australian comedy in years. After almost nothing new from this country\'s television, TGYH shows that an experienced comedy team can deliver the goods again. Consistently funny and surprising, this is a show to watch.

    There is very little completely original about this show, yet what they've put together is just enough to be great fun. Basically, they've taken theatre sports, or improv theatre (much like the UK/US show "Whose Line is it anyway?"), and turned it into a competitive gameshow, each week pitting four comedians (or recently general celebrities) in a test of comedy skill.

    At first, I wasn't sure just how far or how long this concept could be extended. But the very simplicity of the format, combined with good guest selection, has marked it as a winner. From the team behind "The Late Show", "Frontline" and "The Panel", TGYH puts actor and comedian Shane Bourne in charge as the host, with only usual team member Tom Gleisner adding the other regular role.

    Recent inspiringly funny guests have included Arj Barker, Cal Wilson and Alan Brough, as well as regulars such as Tahir, Angus Sampson and Frank Woodley. It's not really a scripted show (drama or comedy, what I usually prefer), but it is original, it is funny, and that's what we need more of on Australian television.