Thank God You're Here (Australia)

Wednesday 7:30 PM on Seven Network Premiered Apr 05, 2006 In Season


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  • This kind of show separates the so-so comedians from the really brilliant ones.

    To be a good comedian you have to be abole to think fast, Thank God Your Here puts people in extrodinary situations where the comedian is supposed to act his or her way out of it.

    Its like not matter how many obstacles come up during the scene they have to try and find a way to get past them.

    What I really love about this show is that you find out which comedians are chumps and which are champs. There is no script so anything could happen.

    Hard to have a favourite person on the show, usually the regulars make me laugh the most, like Angus Sampson, Josh Lawson and Frank Woodley.

    Its great to see something fresh and original come out from Australia. We are used to terrible skit shows and boring predictable jokes.

    Thank God Your Here is a pleasant change!