Thank God You're Here

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 101

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2007 on NBC

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  • This was exactly what I was hoping for!

    I liked this show and it was exactly what I thought it would be. You could tell that everyone was getting their feet wet again in this genre. I was hoping Jennifer Coolidge would be funnier but she was still funny. I know a lot of comedians and comic actors get their start in improv so it's funny to see them after they are established go back to that. Wayne Knight was really funny in this episode, I know 'winning' isn't really the point but had I been the judge she definitely really would have won. But that is my opinion!
  • Ok

    Thank God You're Here,
    In this episode we find the guy from the soup Wanye Knight Jennifer Collige and some guy from third rock.They did an ok job although i felt that one sketch just didnt fit one of there comedys acting.The one judge is kind of creepy. Although i did enjoy the sketch were they were all together.
  • Improv ain't my favorite form of comedy, yet this pilot episode is so far decent.

    I watched both hours of TGYH from NBC just now. I think those two episodes were both decent if not the best. I saw many poor reviews of the show on the main page of the show, and I don't understand why. Sure, some parts of the episode were basically filler in my view, but most of the episode is still good. It's amazing how those celebrities can still make a decent comedy show despite the lack of a script. I hope that NBC can create better episodes of this in th efuture.
  • Funny beginner episode.

    I must say that I was not looking very much foward to this show, since it is kind of another of the things Americans take from another countries and then use their popularity to Americanized it. However, I must say that it was really entertaining watching this episode. I quite laugh a lot during the episode's course and I must say that all of the actors here were very, very funny.

    The first was Wayne Knight that gave out a very funny performance showing out new vitamins, and he then began saying things about pickles. It was very entertaining. Then, came Bryan Cranston that gave out the best performance, and it was funny how he ended up kissing almost everybody, he is really a great comedian and a great actor. Then came Joel McHale, who was kind of funny, I really like his "Oompa-Lumpa" joke and the whole Egyptian theme. Finally, we see Jennifer Coolidge that was kind of funny, but I do not really think that she was the best, some of her jokes seemed to be too must focus in the way she talk. In spite of some minor flaws, the show was very enjoyable and I really enjoy watching it. Most of the sketches were done terrific and I must say that it really has the potential to be a good show as long as they invite decent and funny actors. Really good first episode.
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