Thank God You're Here

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 102

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 02, 2007 on NBC

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  • Tom Arnold may have been the funniest one on this episode and that's sad.

    the lady from the office isn't that funny on this show or the office, in fact she might be the only character I don't like on the office. Fran Drescher messd up I think she meant Union workers, or at least that would have made more sense. I think the best episode was the one with Shannon Elizabeth and Tom Green and that group. This one had it's moements, don't get me wrong they all had their moments, but none of them were super great, and I think Tom Arnold was the best of the 4 and did deserve to win the trophy.
  • Angela Kinsey was hilarious!

    Why did Tom Arnold win? Because he was the loudest and most obnoxious, apparently. I thought Angela Kinsey should have won (even though 'winning' isn't really the point) because she pulled stuff out of the air that was hilarious like when she said she hurt her arm and the host of her talk show said 'Why did you tell me it was skydiving?' and she came back with 'I wanted to sound fancy.' That was great. Fran Drescher was funny as well and Fred Willard who is one of the most hilarious people ever did a great job, too. I hope they don't have Tom Arnold back, he's a one trick pony. I love this show and I gave this episode 6 points, 2 for each contestant except Tom Arnold.
  • If it weren't for Tom Arnold, this episode would have rated a 9.

    Thoughts on this episode
    Tom Arnold-To channel the words of Don Rickles "what a hockey puck." What a tool and he won ..what has this guy got, dirt on everyone in Hollywood. SOOOO stupid. His premises were totally off base, and yet praised.
    Fred Willard -Always solid in improv. Fran Drescher-Was clearly the best there in improv. interacted well.
    Angela Kinsey-as I have said before ...a ringer is on this show everytime ...someone you don't know that well but is known in the comedic world to be good at improv. Edie McClurg, Chelsea Handler, and Jennifer Cooldige in earlier episodes played that role. Kinsey shined. If this show continues, I look for the likes of Kinsey to be regulars on the show.