Thank God You're Here

Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 103

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on NBC

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  • Love seeing Mr. Sulu!

    This show is only as good as the people and why they dug up Shannon Elizabeth for this I'll never know. Who is she? Every time she thought she was getting behind she'd slap sex onto the situation. It was embarrassing. I'm not a Tom Green fan (I'm not sure who he is) and Chelsea Handler is kind of in that 'Jenny McCarthy: Look at me, I'm pretty but I can be goofy, too' mode. I think she won because they were smart enough not to give it to Shannon Elizabeth because she was asking for it (take that however you want). George Takei looked like he didn't know what the heck was going on but he was in there for the whole ride and I loved it! It would have been cool if he had won.
  • Made me laugh a few times..made me horny once! ...worth the time

    Shannon Elizabeth does something with a bannana that you will want to slow down and watch frame by frame. You still have the uncomfortable feeling that so much of this has been done before..and each one of these shows has a ringer...someone you might not know too well, but who knows his or her way around improv ... and in this episode it was the eventual winner Chelsea Handler. People who give this show at least one chance should give it at least two chances because it is a hit or miss proposition, much like SNL, but when it hits, like SNL, it's worth it.
  • a good start as a summer replacement. . .has potential to be in the nbc fall lineup!

    at first, i wasn't sure what to expect -- but as soon as i understood the premise, i was actually game to watch. now, this is my first epi that i've seen so far, and it seems i have missed out on the first two epis since this show premiered but i gotta say that even though this may be a summer replacement, i think it's got a lot of potential. . .may be lose the host or judge. . .personally, i jst see no value-added for one of 'em to stay.
    in any case, i thought the skits were very creative and the starter actors that help out the 'guest actors' added a nice touch to the ensemble and it keeps a smoooth flow for the skit to move forward.

    for the guest stars this week, i did find chelsea handler to be the most competent of the bunch when it comes to improv. she's jst on-point with her quick wit, doesn't need to sex it up like shannon elizabeth did during the last all-up skit. a lil' risque for a family show on prime-time. try keepin' it PG, please!

    and what 'bout tom green -- i really thought he'd be the most funny of the bunch (natural at improv) but most of it, okay, may be all of it -- his snarky comments jst fell flat. you would think since he's a comic by ability, improv would be a walk in the park for him, but instead he'd deliberately break props jst to get a rise (laugh) from the crowd -- so weak! overall, he wasn't very funny of the group.

    george takei. . .love the lexicon breakdown of his job title. hilarious! and how 'bout him attackin' the starter actor w/ a kiss at the last skit. so i do hope that the casting directors take a page from guest stars like these to help this show in the next coming weeks.
  • I would say this was the best of the 2 episodes that I have watched so far.

    I think if they can just keep getting funn crazy people on there that the show will be a success, the first one I watched, they didn't really seem to nkow what to do like they have never done improv before. This one the people for the most part went with it, and it was pretty funny. I know series classic doesn't mean much for 3 epiosdes, especially since this is only the 2nd episode that I have seen, but this has been the best one in my opinion. If the show keeps getting better and better like that it will be great. I think they need to give the hosts more to do and say, because they kind of really don't have much to do and aren't as funny as those two have been in other shows they have been in, I hope they take more advantage of their comedy skills. That Cheslea Handler, and Shannon Elizabeth as well as Tom Green of course stole this show and made it really funny.
  • I thought this episode was great! The whole show is really funny actually and I hope NBC will give it a fair amount of time to build an audience...Tom Green was so hilarious!!! I was dying with laughter!!

    I love Tom Green, I think he's insane but in a good funny way...I liked Chelsea Handler too, she was funny in that blunt sarcastic way...At first I wasn't sure if Shannon Elizabeth was going to be funny because in almost every role she has ever had, she's just been there for T&A purposes..And then towards the end of her skit, I figured out that I was right in my first impression..She can be funny but when in doubt she goes right back to the sleaze-mode, which ISN'T funny.
  • A horrible mess that gets worse with each episode.

    I have now watched three episodes of this so called show, and I cannot subject myself to anymore of this sort of torture. Watching Tom Green tonight made me realize just how poor viewers standards must have fallen over the past decade or so, as that can be the only explanation for anybody in Hollywood thinking it is a good idea to put this guy in front of a camera. I shouldn't just single him out though, as everyone on the show is totally awful. It is no wonder that the caliber of "celebrity" you are seeing appear on the show, are actors that you haven't seen in anything for quite some time, and are therefore desperate enough to make fools of themselves with this dreck.