Thank God You're Here

Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 104

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 09, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

First up tonight is Nicole Sullivan, she is dressed in a tank top and jeans with a pregnant stomach. Behind her door is a classroom setting in which Nicole plays a teacher where a meeting is going on between Nicole and parents of a student named Kris. Dave rings the buzzer and David says the only thing she is pregnant with is talent, then Dave says he loved it.

After a break, its Kurtwood Smith's turn. He is dressed in a Veteran's outfit and behind his door is a set that looks like the inside of a cruise ship. He says his name is Captain Beverly, nickname Bouncing Beverly. A man comes in and tells him in private they were hit and only have 30 minutes, then the passengers ask what is going on and he says in 30 minutes they can have all the drinks they want. Then, Dave rings the buzzer and says he did a great job, and it was excellent.

After Kurtwood they do a skit where all four of the contestants play someone who gets pulled over for speeding by a cop. They all did extremely well.

After a second break it's time for Paul Rodriguez to go. He is dressed as a Medieval Doctor and behind his door is a castle set. He plays a doctor who is working on a king with a huge foot problem. Dave rings the buzzer and says it was excellent.

Following another break is Ana Gasteyer, she is dressed in a superhero costume with a huge neon green wig. Behind her door is a comic book convention and she plays Jane Murphy a.k.a. Yolanda, the woman who understands every language. Yolanda can also cook and be a good mother. They ask her to sing and she does and then Dave rings the buzzer and David and Ana start talking then he rings it again.

After Ana is a skit where each of the four guest stars play someone who is about to be fired.

Then, after another break, it is time for the all in challenge, where the four contestants enter the same door. Paul is dressed in a purple dinosaur looking mascot suit, Nicole in a clown suit, Ana is dressed as a flower, and Kurtwood as a detective. Behind there door is an office where an audition is being held. They are the Weebely Wobbleys. Nicole says she is Snow Cone, a sad clown, Kurtwood says he is Bongee the Bobby, Paul says he is Tyrannosaurus Mex, Ana says she is Petunia and she is married to Tyrannosaurus Mex. The Weebly Wobbleys are supposed to be a former metal band called "Corpse Stranglers" who converted to kids music and have no experience with children. They are asked to do the Weebley Wobbley song and they make up a little song, then they do a toothbrush song and Dave rings the buzzer.

After the final break it is time for Dave to decide the winner. He says they were real team players in the all in challenge, and then chooses Nicole as the winner.