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  • This show is definately reccomendable under my books!

    Im a big fan of "thank God your here"
    One of the best comedians (im my opinion) of series one is easily Angus Samsun! Series two probibly Reble Wilson she's pretty good! And on series three its definately Hammish Blake! (in my opinion) The judge is resanable but the host is kind of bad no effence or anything.But Hey the show's great! We all know how the show works yeah? The host takes the comidians and shoves them though a door into a whole sinario where they are asked questions and they have to answer them of the top of there heads, its interesting to watch! If you have a family that lkes a laugh i would defiantly recomand this!
  • Tom Gleisner-does he ever give a bad review?

    Thank God Your Here is a TV show were 4 people enter a door, where everyone has a script. Ummm except for them. They come up with hilarious answers on the spot, and I don't know if I've ever heard a serious statement from anyone (The actors/actresses). One fault that I think that they should fix up is the judge Tom Gleisner. He should be replaced for lack of honesty. 10/10 performance. 5 stars. 2 thumbs up. Check it out-I'm right in what I say. Also, and this has nothing to do with thank god your here, but when I see Shane Bourne on both thank god your here and city homicide, I get confused. The same person with two different pesonalitys in the same week- it's mind boggling.
  • funny...

    Thank God You're Here is an unscripted comedy where comedians compete to get a trophy by going through a variety of random "challenges" (I guess you could call them that). Anyways, the show is as funny as the comedians that come on. I find it pretty funny, but it's inconsistent. The host is really annoying though. I can't stand him. The comedian judge is pretty interesting and funny. Basically, I'm not really into comedies. This one is pretty funny, but I wouldn't watch it regularly. It reminds me of Whose Line is it Anyways and it is definately a lot worse than that show. Anyways, ok funny show.
  • After all people are tuning in to Dancing With The Stars to see if Heather Mills is going to kick off her artificial leg. Sounds like a Win-Win to me.

    Never Judge a Show by it’s Pilot: Thank God You're Here. When I first saw NBC’s promo for their new comedy Thank God You're Here I thought that this could either be very funny, or a train wreck. It later occurred to me that some executive at NBC probably thought that people would watch this show because it could either be very funny or a train wreck. After all people are tuning in to Dancing With The Stars to see if Heather Mills is going to kick off her artificial leg. Sounds like a Win-Win to me.

    I have a great deal of respect for performers who would deliberately and professionally go into a nosedive then pull up at the last minute. I also know many actors/comedians (I will not give names) who would never risk looking like a fool on television or anywhere else for that matter. Thank God You’re Here reminds me a lot of the English and American versions of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Only here there are four costumed guest stars that have to demonstrate their improvisational skills along side a supporting cast as they walk into a sketch without a script. When the guest star walks through the set door they hear a cast member say, "Thank God You’re Here!" Maybe the costume will give them a clue as to what will happen... then again maybe not. Producer/Host David Alan Grier leads the guest star to the set’s door and the guest stars are later judged solely by Dave Foley. In the pilot the guest stars were Wayne Knight, Bryan Cranston, Joel McHale and Jennifer Coolidge. I want to be fair to all the performers because they come from different schools of comedy. Some sketches require the contestants, like Bryan Cranston and Joel McHale, to do funny things. Other sketches require the contestants, like Wayne Knight and Jennifer Coolidge, to say funny things (Actually Jennifer Coolidge comes from the school of comedy that comedians say funny things and improv actors say things funny). The show ends with all four actors in a sketch together. Of these four actors, Bryan Cranston, the winner that evening, was the only one who made me laugh out loud. That is not to say that the other actors were not funny, they just did not make me laugh out loud. This looks like a fun summer replacement show but I don’t see this as a weekly series and I would imagine that there are only a small amount of willing contestants. But then I never judge a show by it’s pilot.

    Fortunately another episode followed the pilot.

    The next episode featured Richard Kind, Edie McClurg, Mo'Nique and Kevin Nealon. Of the four Mo’Nique, the winner at the end of the show, was the only one who made me laugh out loud. The one thing that I noticed from both episodes is that the winners took control of the scene where the others became part of the scene. Ironically that is what you learn in improv class. It also looks like the supporting cast Chris Tallman, Maribeth Monroe, Brian Palermo and Nyima Funk delibretally stay away from the spot light except when they are instigating the guest star. I don’t think that the show will be around for the long haul so lets enjoy it for as long as they have willing and or funny contestants.

    To quote the last words of British actor and director Sir Donald Wolfit, "Dying is easy, comedy is hard".

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • This show is about funny comics who are entered on a show which they nothing about except the first line which is "Thank God You're Here". Then out comes the host and the comic and he tells them to go through a door. then they act out the skit. Then vote.

    I never seen a more funny realality show. It is absolutly fab. My fav one was the one with the girl having a party and she was 43. The judge is name is Dave and he tries to act funny which is inpossible. Also my fav one is the one with girl who keeps on kissing everyone it was so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so funny. She even kissed the judge.
  • What is this?

    A "Whose Line Is It Anyway" knock off, that's what. It was absolutly horrible. I could'nt bare to watch it. NBC made a big deal out of it and at first I couldn't wait to see it, I had it written down on my list of things to watch and scratched it off after two minutes. This show was a complete waste of my time. This is the last time I trust NBC for an improve sketch comedy show. I would not recommend this to any one with an I.Q. higher than a dead snail run over by an eighteen wheeler.
  • the last episode was the best if they can actually get good talent like that it will be great.

    The first one I saw actually technically 2 now that I think about it the 1st two were on the same night, they weren't all that good, even with some talented people. I also think they should give David Allen Greer & Dave Foley more to do, they look like a deer in headlights sometimes. Those two are both funny, and have proven it in their past work. They should also allow the skits to go on a bit longer sometimes, I know the show is only so long, but sometimes there is more they can do. They need more improv actors, who are using to doing improv, and are quick thinkers, some of the people so far have been talented, but just aren't that great of improv actors. I think this show has alot of potential, and I hope it gets a fair shot to prove how good it really can be.
  • Horrible!

    An absolute mess. Hey, let's get a bunch of supporting grade B actors, dress them up in silly costumes, and let the hilarity begin. Throw in a comatose David Allen Grier, and a drier than wood Dave Foley, and you have the worst new show of the year. I tried it, and I hated it.
  • It is like Whose Line is it anyway but better. It makes you crake up everyday. I love it, it was my new show.

    They go throw a door in a costume and maybe a prop into the door there is a whole seen that who knows at first what it is the star, who does not know what they are going to do. The other cast does so the stars have to make it up on the spot and make the people laugh. There are four famous actors who do this and the are all in the last seen together.With the judge giving a troph for no darn reason. They perform until the Judge rings this buzzer that makes them stop the scene.
  • This looked really great when the commercials came, but it didn't really get as good as I thought it would.

    Well, this show really reminded me of "Whose Line Is It Anyway" as well. Kinda an over-exaggerated copy cat. I don't know, but I don't think it's as good as it was saying it was gonna be. Not bad, not great, pretty much good for me. What they need is some people that are really good at improvisation. Hopefully this show gets better, or it's gonna go down the drain real fast. Some good acts here and there, but not really great.

    I would say that this is not a kids show. It has some foul language and some offensive material. 14+ only.
  • No "Whose Line is it Anyway" or "MadTV", but still decently funny.

    When I first saw this show was coming on, I was a bit perturbed because it meant the Black Donnelly's (a personal favorite of mine) was definately cancelled. But I decided to watch it anyway. I was actually pleasantly surprised that it was better then I thought it was going to be. It's not exacly improv at it's best, nor is it anywhere near as good as "Whose Line...". But the first episode made me laugh pretty hard (especially with Joel McHale and Bryan Cranstan).

    We have two Dave's permently plopping their butts down on the show. First the host: David Alan Grier and then the judge, Dave Foley (it took me forever to realize he's the guy from Celebrity Poker Showdown). I do have to admit it's kind of fresh seeing just one judge (and not a British one at that!), considering many reality shows now adays rely on 3 judges: One that just says the same thing each week, a complete nutcase no one understands, and a British Guy.

    I honestly think if they carefully choose the guest stars they have each week (Bring back Bryan Cranstan and Joel McHale! Jason Alexander was great too!) this show has a good amount of potential. I wouldn't go as far as to say that it will surpass one season, but if they keep coming up with good guest actors, it might stick around for at least a little bit longer then any of the other new shows on NBC (*clears throat* Studio 60 and the Black Donnellys).
  • Not quite up to par.

    The original series of “thank god you’re here” here in Australia is a little different to the American version and not for the good… What’s with the oath? What’s with host David Grier joining in on the scenes? That’s not what’s in the show here and David Foley doesn’t even look like he wants to do the show? Now I have read a few reviews and I think some of you YANKKS are not quite understanding where this show has comes from… AUSTRALIA… “thank god you’re here” is an Australian saying.. think for a second please..every thing is not about you, there will some things you just don’t understand about Australia. Just like how I don’t understand you. Like what’s with Peanut butter and Jelly? Or is it Jam? Not quite sure?

    What makes this show seem like “who’s line is it anyway” is the twist and changes that NBC have put on the show. Just coz its improv doesn’t mean it’s a rip-off. Which reminds me that the same happened to “who’s line..” when you got it from the UK.

    The show is still very funny and worth watching. I think that show should do well due to the fact that you have more possible Celeb’s to be guests on the show to keep it all fresh and new. They will enjoy it more once they have fast forwarded past the two David’s trying to up stage each other and then the guests.
  • Not Sure about this one.

    Thank God You're Here,
    NBC has been very sucefull with over the seas shows. Such as Deal or No deal. This show is also following that pattern.But I must sadley say NBC luck started to go down with,seemed, Idenity.A simliar show to Whose Line is it Anyway where they people make up as the go along with out props.And to Saturday Night Live were the host usually has no idea what is going on.Add those two shows to gether and u get Thank God You're Here.In the show actors who were famous for one thing or who havent done much of anything come on. They are dressed up in a costum with out knowing what or how it deals with the sketch.And they swore they didnt know anything about the sketch right.I thing the host does bad job with the lonley judge who says he decided when the sketch ends. I didnt think the sketchs were all that good.
  • "Whose Line is it Anyway?" meets "Iron Chef"

    The commercials for the show said it all: Barely famous comics trying to be funny at totally improvised scenes, given subtle directions by the "Not-ready-for-prime-time-players"-like extras, but they end up looking more as if they are constipated.

    Worse, they have to undergo the smarmy remarks of the host, David ("In Living Color") Grier, who must be laughing his head off at humiliating these recognizable, but, ultimately, forgetful, comedians, not to mention the equally smarmy remarks of not-a-funny-bone-in-his-body-and-what-happened-to-his-Bravo-Celebrity-Poker-gig, David Foley who acts as "judge" to the pitiful (and, no, two Daves are not better than one!).

    It must be difficult for comedian/actors, who have long since lost their stand-up abilities (take the N-word spouting Michael ("Seinfeld") Richards as a prime example), to return to their roots, so, in that regard, I feel sorry for them having to be put through this ordeal.

    At one point, the audience was shown a "warm-up" exercise for the ersatz comedians, who, even without an audience, were simply not funny, and still looked as if they desperately needed a bathroom.

    Religious blasphemy aside, the title is a rip-off from the "Whose Line is it Anyway?" sketch series, "Superhero", where one of the characters would invariably say, "Thank G-d you've arrived!", or words to that effect. They could have used a more original line such as "It's about time you showed up!" or "Glad you're here!" or "Is this what your career has come to?" (if you thought that was funny, don't expect anything like it from the show!).

    The actors were clearly uncomfortable onstage (and how much did the producers pay the audience to laugh at incredibly lame jokes? In some instances, they didn't even wait for the joke! Even canned laughter has better timing!).

    While a scant few of "Whose Line..." stars were not up to the fast-paced improvisational style, it is clear that *none* of the "Thank..." stars are. It is ironic that the "extras" seemed more comfortable and appeared livelier than the stars, who often seemed like deer trapped in a car's headlights. Perhaps the cast realized they have nothing to lose, while the stars have nothing to gain!

    So, pass on this show, and, if we're all lucky, we just might say, "Thank G-d that show is off the air!"
  • They've already done this show. It's called "Who's Line Is It Anyway?"

    The first episode was interesting because it's new, but I can't see myself tuning in for this every week. There were a number of times celebrities stumbled coming up with an answer and the answers wind up lame. I feel uncomfortable and embarrassed for them. Although I admire the ones who can pull off improv, the art itself is hard to do and I think the average celebrity/actor can't do it that well. On top of that, a skit that can wander anywhere gets tedious to watch. Give me a well thought-out script with a purpose accompanied with rehearsed, polished acting jobs any day over improv.

    I can't see this series lasting past the end of this season, if that. And it wouldn't surprise me if it's cancelled after a few episodes.
  • "Thank God You're Here" is a improvisational sketch show merging aspects of the far superior "Who Line Is It Anyway" series with Drew Carey with a dose of "American Idol."

    I was a big fan of "Whose Line" and was bitterly hostile when ABC in its exaggerated wisdom canceled it with a lot of its top comedies. To tell the truth, I was a bit confused by the description of the show. I thought it was about taking normal people and testing their improvisation skills with real actors (a show I'd be willing to do), but actually it seems to be more a venue for real comedy actors to flex their comedic muscles and maybe embarrass themselves a bit. Several bigger talents like Jason Alexander, Kevin Nealon and Edie McClurg actually do very well, while others struggle through the concept. On the surface, the show has its goofy aspects, but it actually has more potential if it was coverted from videotape so it didn't look so amateurist. I will definitely be checking the show out and looking for my favorite stars to appear.
  • I have never liked improv and this show didn't change my mind.

    I was expecting this show to be better from the commercials. I like Jason Alexander and I like "Star Trek" so when I saw Jason doing a "Star Trek" parody in the commercials I decided to tune in. So you can imagine I was disappointed when I found that neither of tonight's two episodes contained the sketch that was shown in the commercials.

    I discovered the premise was not what I imagined from the promos. I thought the actor would be lured to the building like someone might be lured for "Candid Camera" and then they'd walk in and someone would says "Thank God You're Here". That would be funny.

    On the good side, I would probably say that of all the improv shows I've seen, this one might be at the top. But that doesn't say much for it. It's just not my thing.
  • Thank God You're Here is the funniest show this season.

    NBC had better keep this show around because it is hilarious and original. They get well-known comedians and put them in a scene without a script. This show is genius. I laughed the whole way through. You get to see who the real comedians are that can act out a funny scene without a script. David Alan Grier is a great host and he's hilarious. Dave Foley is someone I've never heard of but he's a great judge. The extra people in the scenes were great too. This show is so funny without even trying, it has something special that made me fall for it. I just hope it stays around because it is a great show.
  • Thank God, its over....

    My expectations for this show were pretty low to begin with and yet they managed to fall short of that. This show reminds me of those awful Oral Communications courses in college where you have to do one of those impromptu speeches based on some random subject that the instructor hands to you on a piece of paper. It was truly painful to watch. TGYH stole 60 minutes of my life and I want it back!

    This show is a loud, confused, annoying mess with a laugh track - The Black Donnellys may not have been perfect and I really didnt care for it, but its 10 times better than this show.
  • Enjoyable laugh

    I always enjoyed watching "Who's Line Is It Anyway" particularly when they brought in new people. So having an entirely different cast in a show that is closest to "Who's Line" is refreshing and a joy. I look forward to more episodes and hope this show continues and doesn't get cut. Some of the stuff that makes it on tv today can easily be dumped to make room for this show. I particularly enjoy the fact that they have scenery and props to use in the usage. I just don't want it to dump The Black Donnelly's from the lineup.
  • Finally! NBC may have gotten a hit! =) I hope this show lasts a while, I have just fallen in love with it!

    This show is out of this world! I think NBC was finally lucky to develop a show that is creative and just hilarious! To describe Thank God You're Here, I would have to certainly compare it to Saturday Night Live. Think of this show taking some of the traditional skits you'd find on SNL, but instead, the stars have not a clue at all what is going on in the scene...which I have to admit is what makes this show worth watching! All I can say right now is that you have to watch the show to truly understand why this show is great! I certainly recommend this to anyone who likes watching shows such as Saturday Night Live and Who's Line Is It Anyway? Great job on NBC's behalf!
  • check it out its surprisingly funny

    I've never heard of the show until i was on NBC . com looking for some new interesting shows to watch and this came up as a brand new show. i didnt know what to expect form a show that has not script but gave it a chance be cause i love the show like Who's Line Is It Anyway!? in the first episode the actors and actress where Jennifer Coolidge , Bryan Cranston , Wayne Knight , Joel McHale i dont know about you but where i hear those names i think of great TV shows they were on but i dont think of them as Comedians but in this show they had me laughing for days.

    man i cant wait till they get chris rock, dave chappelle dane cook, jim carry, wanyes brothers on there!!11!!11! that show i going to go places if they can get them!!!1!1
  • Is a funny, new and original show. Celebrities improvisation is put to the test producing classical moments.

    This comedy is about a group of celebrities dressed in costumes and put into situations where they have to improvise through a performance. Once all the celebrities have been put through their act, a group routine is performed. In the end a winner will be announced and they will receive the covenant trophy. In Australia this is hugely popular and includes comedians and celebrities. It introduced some new faces while stil comprising some familiar faces. The sets and costumes are funny and detailed and make the show even more risky and random. This is one of my favourite shows and hopefully will include some good celebrities and become popular in the states.