That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 22

2000 Light Years From Home

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 04, 2005 on FOX

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  • Donna is really mad!

    This episode wasn't a tearjerker in the beginning because it all seems to be all fun & games when Red spends his tuition money for college. But he finds a solution when he goes to his guidance counselor, which is creepy cause he stalks Donna. Anyway it's all fun until he announces he's going to Africa to teach, I have never seen Donna or Bob that angry, the thing that really pulled it off, "I think you better leave!" Wow I was totally shocked, I couldn't wait for the next episode! Angie leaving, finally! Which was great cause I really hated her, I like Jackie's attitude toward the situation, calling Angie a whore, which was a bright side, but still wow!
  • Eric leaving? Angie leaving? Hyde manager? Fez perverted? Well, the last one's not too hard to believe.

    This is a big episode, because not only does it reveal that Eric is leaving for Africa for an entire year, but it also has Kelso and Angie breaking up, as well as Hyde becoming whole manager for the record store.

    All the plots were terrific, especially the freaky guidance counsellor, Kelso trying to get advice about how to break up with someone without cheating or solving Fez's problem at the same time.

    As for Eric leaving the show, which is obvious given the storyline, I don't know how the show will cope without him, but as long as the other five idiots are inexplicably using Red's basement, the show should stay strong.