That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 21

2120 So. Michigan Ave.

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman basement, the guys are lying on the floor, and the basement is a wreck, with cushions all over and food thrown around. Hyde stands up and says that it was their best potato chip war ever; Red comes downstairs and is disgusted; Kelso tells him, "We'll clean it up later, dude." Red is even more disgusted, and comments that they never do, and he always has to wonder what he's going to see when he walks into a room, either a mess or one of them doing things to some poor girl. Kelso says that they always mean to clean it up, but then they get distracted and go away, and when they come back, it's already been cleaned. Red tells them that anyone who doesn't live there has to leave; Kelso and Fez go. Kitty comes down with Eric's high school transcript and says that now he can start applying to colleges. Red comments that Eric got an "INC" in Gym Class, and Kitty says that it stands for "INCredible!" Red says that it's incomplete, and Kitty tells him that of course it is, you have to add the "redible!" Eric reads the transcript and says that it means he has to attend the summer session for PE; Hyde just laughs at him. Eric says that it really sucks, and Hyde points out that it only sucks for Eric. [Opening credits.] [Scene change: Eric falls towards the camera, Donna jumps in the air.] At the school gym, Eric walks in with Kitty and Donna; he's wearing his gym t-shirt and shorts, and refers to Gym Class as "The Institute Of Things I Can't Do." Casey Kelso comes over; Donna is shocked and surprised. He compliments Kitty, telling her that she looks younger all the time, and then tells Donna that she looks good too, and that he's sorry that he broke up with her. He says that he has this tendency to... Donna finishes the sentence for him, saying, "Ditch? Bail? Run away?" Kitty asks his why he's there at the gym, and Casey tells them that he's the Gym teacher; Eric comments that it looks like a normal gym, but really it's the mouth of hell. Casey informs them that since he was the best quarterback that Point Place High ever had, the coach called him up to be the summer school teacher, and he agreed since it gave him a chance to check out the cheer leaders practising and see what would be on the market in a few years. Casey tells Eric that if he can do one pull-up, then Casey will pass him in Gym. Eric says that it's no problem, and goes over to the bar, grabs it, and just hangs there; he tries to pull himself up, but can't. He lets go, saying that it's impossible; Casey shows him how it's done, easily doing many pull-ups, while Kitty and Donna watch appreciatively. [Scene change: Fez and Kelso are on swings.] At the apartment, Kelso tells Fez that he's giving himself the better bedroom with the en suite bathroom; they argue over who should have it, but Fez finally agrees that Kelso can have the bedroom, saying that he was in there earlier and he heard voices in there saying "Get out!" but he's sure that they're friendly. They both argue that they don't want the room, and Fez reluctantly agrees to take the room, telling Kelso that he owes him one. Kitty and Red come over with a house warming gift of glass grapes. Kitty starts cleaning up and says that the guys need help unpacking. She tells Red that he's a guest, just the way that Kelso and Fez have been guests in their home for years. Red likes that idea and sits down, changes the channel, starts eating chips and then dumps the bowl on the couch. Kelso asks what kind of animal does that and Red tells him, "I'll clean it later, dude." At the school gym, Eric says that he's going to do it; Casey says that it's not going to happen, but he'll still pass Eric if Eric will just tell him how he got a hot chick like Donna. Eric insults Casey; Casey says that he's lost his pen and so can't sign the transcript, which he was just going to do. He then calls a group of grade 8 kids over and tells them that they're going to play "Target." Eric thinks that sounds like fun, and asks how it's played; he soon finds out - he's the target while all the kids throw balls at him. [Scene change: Kelso crawls across the screen.] At the apartment, Jackie tells Kelso that he deserves the better room; Kelso tells her and Hyde the story that Fez told him about the voices; they can't believe that he bought that, especially since Fez has used that story before on Kelso. Red comes out and tells them that they need to call a plumber because he tried to flush a pillow down the toilet, but it wouldn't go. [Scene change: Eric does push ups while Red looms over him.] In the Forman kitchen, Eric comes in and says that Casey is going to fail him, then says that failing is through no fault of his own. Donna points out that the last time she heard that, it was when he'd run over her cat [Kiss Of Death], but it was completely his fault. Kitty decides that the answer to the problem is for her to put on some lipstick and go talk to Casey. At the apartment, Kelso and Fez argue over who should have the better bedroom, each one telling the other to give back the room. [Scene change: Kelso's face in a close up shot, looking confused.] At the school gym, Donna comes in to talk to Casey about Eric; Casey claims that he doesn't know who "Eric" is until Donna tells hm she means "Foreplay." She asks if he'll just pass Eric; he tells her that he will if she'll go out with him. Casey tells her that he can't figure out why he broke up with such a hot blonde; Donna points out that she was a redhead when they were dating. Casey says that he really should pay more attention to these things. [Scene change: Donna jumps up towards the camera.] In the Forman basement, Donna comes in and tells Eric that Casey said he'd pass Eric if she'd go out with him; she's disgusted by the idea, but Eric looks at her and says, "Thank you!" He then tells her that she'd do it if she really loved him; she tells him to get bent and leaves. [Scene change: Jackie struts towards the camera.] At the apartment, Jackie decides that they'll have a competition for the room, based on the Miss America Pageant. The first part is the talent portion, and Kelso goes first, doing a dramatic interpretation from the movie The Godfather: he turns around and in a bad New York accent says, "There's an entire horse in my bed... why?" He then tells them that the horse says, "Let that be a warning!" Hyde points out that the horse doesn't talk; Kelso says he must have been thinking of Jaws. Fez plays the Flight of the Bumblebee on the xylophone; Hyde decides that Fez wins this round. In the Forman kitchen, Red tells Eric that he ran into Donna; Eric asks if she's going to date Casey. Red tells him that she's not, and she seemed a little angry about it, and tells Eric that when you treat your girlfriend like a prostitute, she often gets cranky. Eric says that PE is the only thing between him and his future; Red orders him to go down to the gym and do a pull-up. Eric decides that Red is right, and that he should be like Luke in Star Wars; he has to believe that he can. He then realizes that the problem is that he just doesn't believe that he can. He asks Red if there's some trick to doing pull-ups; Red tells him that there is; you ~pull~ yourself ~up~. At the school gym, Eric goes in and tells Casey that he's going to pass gym fair and square, on the basis of his own strength. He goes over to the bar and hangs there; Donna tells him he can do it, but Casey says that it's never gonna happen, and calls him Foreplay again. Eric gets angry about that and does the pull-up; once his transcript is signed, he tells Casey to stay away from Donna and calls him "Smellso." Donna hugs him, but Eric can't lift his arms to hug her back. At the apartment, Kitty and Red come in; Kitty tells them that Red is going to fix the toilet that he broke. They continue the competition, skipping the swimsuit competition, since Fez won't promise not to show his weenie, and move on to the interview portion. Kelso says that he deserves the better room, because he can raise his daughter there and watch her grow; Jackie says it's beautiful. Fez tells them a story of a young boy who dreamt of being an American, in a room like that. Jackie votes for both of them, and Hyde says that the only way to determine things is by a foot-race to the room. Kelso and Fez run for the room and Kelso gets there first and says that the room is his; he opens the door and shouts "Gross! Old people sex!" Kitty says that she thought Red locked the door, and Red just says, "Sorry, dude." Kelso tells Fez that the room is his. [End credits: At the school gym, Casey does pull ups and Kitty counts and claps; she tells him that he could do more if that shirt weren't weighing him down. Casey tells her that the only way that it's coming off is if he gets a kiss form the best looking woman in the room, and Kitty moves to kiss him and says "Oh Casey!" but then she wakes up on the sofa in the living room. She's said "Oh Casey" out loud, and Red wants to know what she means by that; she starts singing the Star Spangled Banner but changes the first line to "Oh, Casey you see..." and she says that it was a very patriotic dream, then runs upstairs.]