That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 21

2120 So. Michigan Ave.

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2005 on FOX

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  • Casey returns again.

    Well in a fitting of Eric having nothing to do with his life, in a continuation to the last episode in which he finds out his calling is being a teacher, he realizes he has an INC in PE which means he needs to retake the class, the only catch is the teacher is Casey which makes him suffer. The whole plot was quite silly because it revolves around Eric not trying to do a pull-up. Kind of pathetic. But he does in in the end which is always good. The subplot inn which Kelso & Fez fight over the better bedroom & make a beauty pageant out of it, well that's just good TV!
  • A Miss America pageant for the not-so-haunted better room!

    The competition for the room with ensuite is a hilarious plot for the episode, as is Red getting his revenge on Kelso and Fez's apartment for the years of trashing the basement, and the way it comes together is very funny.

    Eric having to pass gym is also a great plot, as is him trying to whore out Donna to graduate, and his inability to do one pull up is just Forman all over.

    So whether it is a haunted room, a fill in coach or a potato chip war, this episode has all the makings of a fine 70s show instalment.
  • This is one of those episodes in which the side plots (Fez and Kelso's fight over the room, and Red acting like one of the kids) were better than the main plot (Eric flunking PE).

    I love how Red became a guest in Fez and Kelso's apartment and acted just as they did in his home. Dumping chips on the couch! Clogging the toilet! And then having sex in the bedroom! So funny! I love Red and Kitty!

    And the beauty pageant-like competition was great! Especially why they had to nix the swimsuit competition. Ha ha!

    The gym storyline wasn't so funny. It was kind of stupid too. Wouldn't the school have sent all the kids their diplomas after graduation (even though they missed the ceremony)? And wouldn't Eric have noticed that he didn't get one? It seems a bit out there to me. And I'm not sure I like Luke Wilson being so sleazy.

  • Got an F in PE!

    I got to see a taping of this episode it was hilarious and it will always remain a special episode to me. The whole thing with Eric failing P.E. in high school was funny and then going back and trying to get credit for it with Casey Kelso being his instructor. The funniest thing was that Eric couldn't do a single pull up and he had to struggle his way up eventually, since the "force was with him!" Kelso and Fez move into a new apartment and they compete for the big room. As they both compete for the room you can see the actors having fun in their activities. This episode still cracks me up!
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