That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 05, 2004 on FOX

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  • 2nd best episode of Season 6!

    This episode developed amazingly well. Everyone's plots were taken to the next level. First Mitch asks Donna to be his date to his uncle's wedding, until Eric forbids it which makes Donna want to go more so she agrees & takes Fez & Jackie along with her. Which opens up Plot B, Fez pretending to be rich to get in bed with a country club girl, with Jackie's help, he's almost in with her but she wants him to push everyone out of the way so she can get the bouquet, Jackie wants the same, which unfortunately pushes Jackie out of the way so he can get in bed with the rich girl which was the funniest part of the episode. Then Plot C, Red installs cable but only in to the living room so Hyde drills a hole in to the floor so he can watch porn but Red argues with him & they fight over cable throughout the episode. Then an unexpected Plot D opens up, Kelso taking Brooke to baby classes, then Brooke finds out she's not good at taking care of the baby & he consoles her throughout the episode, while Kitty is acting a little nuts toward Brooke & Kelso. Meanwhile Plot A continues, in which Mitch, at the wedding announces in front of everyone that Donna & him are getting married which humiliates her, then Eric jumps in to humiliate him more, the next day Mitch challenges him in to a fight on Friday at coincidentally 5:15. So then when he goes to fight him, Mitch backs out & agrees to do something that will both make them look good, but Eric ends up looking worst in the end which ends the Seth Green episode arc. Lastly the end was also very funny when Kitty is watching the porn & Hyde walks in. An amazing episode, You haven't seen That 70's Show till you see this episode.
  • Mitch Vs Eric in a chicken out contest!

    This episode is okay but isn’t the funniest in the show, with the plots being alright but nothing special .The funniest plot was probably Hyde and Red’s cable war which had some hilarious moments like Red’s philosophy of knowing there are more miserable people out there and the freaky Kitty plot intertwining at the end.

    Kelso and Brooke’s class had some great moments but isn’t one of the best in the pregnancy plot, and while Fez and Jackie also had some brilliant parts, the plot ended suddenly and I was expecting at least a confrontation during the end credits.

    Mitch is a pretty good character but is overused in this case with the chicken miming and more childish personality used too much, but the plot was pretty funny, the fight scene being a bit anticlimactic.

    Overall, all the plots are good but there have been much better episodes.
  • Great episode!

    The first of three storylines....Mitch invites Donna to his brother's wedding and, much to Eric's distaste, she accepts, stating that it will be strictly platonic. Eric is so worried that Mitch will try something, he rearranges his work schedule in order to serve at the wedding to keep an eye on him. In the end, Eric is correct about Mitch, who publicly announces that he and Donna are getting married. Eric then agrees to fight Mitch...

    Kelso takes Brooke to a baby preparation class, and Brooke is dissapointed to discover that putting a diaper on a baby is harder than reading about it. Kitty teaches the class, and Kelso points out that "out in the real world, she's kinda crazy."

    And finally, Red buys cable TV but refuses to hook it up to the basement. Hyde is forced to watch the weather channel with Red, until he finds a way to make it more fun for himself...
  • Porn! That's all you need to know.

    Red gets cable but neglects to get it for the basement so Hyde drills a whole in the living room floor and runs a cable to the basement so that he can steal Red's cable. Unfortunately there's only one remote, and he has to watch whatever Red watches and, and once Red finds out about his scheme he forces Hyde to watch the weather channel. Ha ha! But only Hyde can find a way to make the weather channel fun... by getting high of course. But imagine his surprise when he turns on the TV to see that the porn is back! But Kitty is the culprit! Ha ha ha!

    This was the funniest of the three story lines this episode. Brooke and Kelos taking the baby class was only funny because Kitty was a little crazy (which Kelso points out and is really funny!) And the Donna/Eric/Mitch thing wasn't as funny this week. And I didn't really like the Fez/Jackie/new rich girl (Rachel Bilson) who looks a lot like Jackie. Not as funny. The Hyde/Red/porn story was much better.
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