That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 10

A Legal Matter

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2004 on FOX
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A Legal Matter
Kelso freaks out when Roy suggests that he may be this year's police academy stooge. The only way to know for sure is to check his file, so Kelso decides to break into the police academy with Hyde and Eric. Meanwhile, Fez is expecting to take a final exam at the INS before finally becoming a U.S. citizen. Donna, Kitty, Jackie, and Red all tutor Fez on their versions of American history.moreless

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    All the plots in this episode, I would have to say were fairly average. Wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. Kelso fears of being the stooge at the police academy, so he breaks in with Hyde & Eric to check his records to see if he is the stooge, they end up getting caught. So Kelso messes up his test thinking about how now he is the stooge for real. So he breaks in again with Hyde & Eric to change his test scores. They end up getting caught... again. But Kelso ends up getting off free when he mentions that he is having a baby. An average plot that didn't do much for me, and it hurt the episode's rating since it was the main plot. Fez goes to the INS to officially get his green card and be an official citizen. Red says he has to take a history test. So Jackie, Donna, Kitty & Red all help him study for the test on America. As if they didn't have anything better to do. Red takes over, and I'm pretty sure the most memorable part of this episode is when Fez can't pronounce "America." Classic scene definitely. Kitty is threatened by Donna's knowledge so she makes snarky remarks throughout the episode which were enjoyable. An average episode that had it's moments.moreless
  • Kelso the Stooge!

    Only the 70s gang would be stupid enough to break into the police academy two nights in a row and get caught both times, but if it wasn’t for them, what would our entertainment be?

    Red teaching Fez American history (aswell as how to pronounce “America”) is a hilarious plot aswell, and Fez’s idiocy in signing for the green card is brilliant, getting out of it in a way only Fez could do, breaking down and weeping.

    Kitty being stupid, Fez being stupider, Eric and Hyde being stupidest and Kelso being King Stupid were all classic moments in a fantastic episode.moreless

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    • Kelso: Come on, Eric, we're a team.
      Jackie: Yeah. Michael is the looks, Steven is the brain, and you? Your house has food.

    • Kelso: I can't believe I'm the stooge.
      Jackie: Micheal, it's just the way some people are, okay? Some people are lazy, some peopla are clumsy, some people are stooges.
      Hyde: You're lucky enough to be all three.

    • Roy: I know why they are doing that. I bet you're the stooge.
      Kelso: What?
      Roy: Every year the police academy lets one guy in they know will fail out. They use him to scare the other cadets. I know, because my brother was the stooge. All right, fine.. it was me.

    • (Jackie holds up a history book and points to a picture)
      Jackie: This is George Washington, the father of our country.
      Fez: Well, George and I have one thing in common: we both look good in a powdered white wig.

    • Fez: This could be my last day in the country... we should make love!
      Donna: What?
      Fez: Don't worry, it will be over before you know it.

    • Kitty: Do you think I'm smart?
      Red: Oh, is that what we're going to do today? Fight?

    • Fez: Tell me about Vietnam.
      Donna: Ok, so Vietnam was an illegal war which we lost.
      Red: What the hell are you teaching him? You, come with me! I'll teach you the real American history. First of all, we didn't lose the war, it was a tie!

    • Hyde: What's in here?
      Kelso: That's the canine training room, it's where they keep all the samples to teach the police dogs what to sniff for.
      (cut to Eric stoned in a 360 scene)
      Eric: Oh man, these samples are way better than our samples...

    • Jackie: The three stooges have such bad hair. You know, I wish I could go back in time for just ten minutes and hand out combs and brushes.

    • Kelso: You guys are making a pretty good case that I'm the stooge.
      Hyde: Well if you're not, there's a guy who's about to step on a rake that I really wanna meet.

    • Red: America!
      Fez: Amedica!
      Red: AMERICAAA!
      Fez: AMEDICAAA

      Red: We'll just say the United States
      Fez: The United States....Of Amedica!

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