That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 20

A New Hope

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 1999 on FOX

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  • Great

    Better than star Wars itself
  • question

    season 1 episode 20 what song is playing in the background there in the smoking circle?
  • good


    what i liked- "No way is Star Wars going to be half as good as Planet of the Apes. I mean, those apes were REALLY good actors!", Kelso being obsessed with Star Wars, Red and Kitty seeing Star Wars at the end of the episode, the plot in general, amongst other things.

    ok episode. it's not one of the best or anything but it was an entertaining way to spend a half hour of my time. C+/B- or so as my final grade.

  • Eric and his friends go watch Star Wars at the movies and Eric fantasizes that he's there and all his friends and family too. This was a horrible episode in my opinion. It was so boring. Nothing exciting happened.I fell asleep watching this. haa

    Like I said it sucked rally bad. Nothing exciting happened. It was basically just a filler episode and star wars sucks alot. Worse episode ever.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eric did a bad job at acting. Donna was a biotch and Kelso was being stupid like always. What a waste of time.Jackie was alright and the costumes were corny and unneccassary. It was just a wreack from beginning to end.horrible.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show that 70s show erik and the gang go and see starwars and they really enjoy the movie and his dad thinks he is getting his job back full time and the dad wants erik to spend time with and old person that they knew from grade school and he keeps spending time with donna and erik thinks he is hitting on her turns out that he is and donna does not trust erik then finds out that planet is not opening its closing for good and erik punches him in the nose and eriks family is going to see starwars and they lik it
  • My favorite show + My favorite movie= awesomeness

    I love how they bring up Star Wars. I mean I love Star Wars. If only they made a parody star wars episode in that 70's show like they do in family guy.
    Eric=Luke Skywalker Jackie=Stormtroopers
    Hyde=Han Solo Kitty=using R2-D2 as a vacuumcleaner
    Kelso=Han Solo
    Donna=Princess Leia Red=Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Don't know who Vader was.
    Eric fears that he will lose donna
    Red fears that he will loses his job.
    Where Fez is from?
    Then later on the episode Eric later finds out fromthat the plant will be closing soon and hits david in the face And donna got mad will those 2 break up just watch the next epsiode

    Where Fez is from?
  • The gang discovers Star Wars and thinks an old schoolmate from grade school is hitting on Donna.

    This was a boring episode. It hardly deserves the "7" rating. Eric and the gang discover Star Wars. Kelso may think a lot about it in this episode, but Eric starts the annoying running gag in this episode, after watching Star Wars. Who cares about, aliens or spaceships or whatever? But meanwhile, some guy is coming back to town to reopen the old plant Red once worked at. His son is a guy with scoliosis and asthma that Eric beat up as a kid, but he comes back 100% perfect and Eric beings to suspect he is hitting on Donna. He confides in Donna about it, but she starts getting cranky and says the accusation is ridiculous. But it turns out Eric was right, and the guy admits it. Eric, at first, plans to beat the guy up, but they talk it out and don't after he admits it. Donna? She still gets pissed! Women in Point Place are sure hard to please. But then he says his dad is closing down the plant down, so Eric really beats him up that time. Forget Donna, sometimes it's better to stick up for your ol' man!
  • The start of a running gag for the rest of the series.

    This episode was really good in my opinion, I noticed in the other reviews, that they didn't like the episode but I definitely did. Star Wars was a big thing in the 70s. And it changed Eric's life forever,. I like who there is a plot in a plot. How Donna's new friend is hitting on her. Anyways I also like how Kelso was obsessed in the beginning which leads to Laurie trying to make out with him when she is bored, which lasts a whole season. A really good episode especially when Eric punches that jerk in the face, strangely he never came back. A great episode.
  • Who obducted Eric?

    First of all, Eric did not act like Eric in this episode. Unless, he never really showed his real personality in the past episodes, but this episode featured an Eric we never learned of before. Donna still acted like her self and of course Kelso did aswell. I don't like the idea of Kelso cheating on Donna with Laurie. Just recently, they broke up and now they are most likely going to get into a big fight again? It's really sad how Red is going to lose his job after rejoicing on getting it back.

    Overall it's a good episode, except for Eric. I also liked the Star Wars reference.
  • One episode that will change Erics life. FOREVER.

    This is one of the episodes that will trail along Erics life until the end of the series. The boys go watch Star Wars, and it seems Kelso and Eric are the ones that are most interested. This episode is hiliarious, even a part when Kelso gave up sex to watch Star Wars a second and a third time. And for Eric, after watching Star wars he became a star wars fanatic for the rest of his life. Great episode!
  • left things in the air

    that 70s show is one of my favourite shows with well written characters ranging from strange to stupid to mean to sarcastic to selfinvolved to...wellyou get my drift. a new hope was a very funny episode with good jokes as usual but it had a lot of errors in it. by the look of the opening credits (Ep XV) it was supposed to be the season finale but instead appeared out of order. it seemed that it was to be continued because donna was mad at eric but that was never resolved in later episodes even though they kept going out. it was as if they both forgot. eric also never told red that he was out of a job which red knows in the next season. overall the episode was funny but left a lot of storylines in the air that were never resolved
  • The episode that would change Eric's outlook on life forever!

    This is the famous Star Wars episode with alternative opening credits. It would also start Eric's Star Wars fanaticism which would become a character defining quality and would continue until the 7th season finale (and possibly beyond if he is ever seen on the show again).

    It also shows how Eric, given the right motivation, could defend himself in a fight after an old school rival returns and attempts to get together with Donna.

    It also continues Red's unemployment saga that would continue throughout the rest of the season.