That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2000 on FOX

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  • Donna gossips about how she feels about having sex with Eric, while Kitty gets hooked on a motorcycle Red buys.

    Eric and Donna have just had sex for the first time, and while Eric feels like the happiest man in the world, Donna feels uncomfortable about it, and discusses it with the wrong person, Blabbermouth Jackie. Donna says it felt weird, and Jackie then says that Donna didn't think Eric was good to Kelso. Kelso makes fun of Eric about it to Hyde and Fez, until Jackie tells Eric that Kelso wasn't good their first time either, which appalls Kelso. Eric is mad at Donna though, because he thinks she was talking bad about Eric's abilities in sex. So now they are in an argument. Oh great! *slaps my head* Then Eric comes out with a sensible solution: They should keep having sex! But not because Eric really wants it, but so they can both get better at it, just like they did with just kissing. Meanwhile, Red gets his first paycheck from Pricemart and spends it on his very own motorcycle, which upsets Kitty, at first. Then he takes her on "one last ride", only to return with a very excited Kitty, who just loves the motorcycle more than a fat person likes cake. S
  • What Donna thought.

    Donna reveals to Jackie that she felt awkward, and weird during she and Eric's first time. Then, Jackie tells Kelso about what Donna says, and from Kelso, the news travels on to Eric, and he does what he's best at - he makes everything even worse than it already was. Red buys a motorcycle, Kitty orders him to take it back, he tells her to give the motorcycle a chance, that it will be fun to take a risk, he tries to convince her that it will be okay, and that motorcycles are alright.

    What a great episode. I liked it a lot.

  • The episode after the first time.

    I love this episode because it's sort of like Part 2 of the first time, like it picks up where it left off, it shows Donna & Eric dressing, I like how Eric says It was more than a minute, I also like the pen that wrote on their face. I HAD SEX! GUILTY. Then Jackie talks to Donna about it, Eric is lame in the sack! I love how Kelso spilled the beans, the B plot was okay, the first pay check arrives & Kitty & Red don't know what to do with the money, perfect solution, motorcycle! A great aftermath episode.
  • Donna's reaction to their first time.

    This episode is so funny and is really realistic at the same time as Eric is overly impressed with his first time performance and Donna is left wanting more. The mocking he receives from the guys is good as well. I love when Fez turns them all into cartoon characters like Scooby Doo which is done in the circle the perfect place for Shaggy to be. Jackie's revelation to Kelso was great as well, a regular Apollo rocket of love line is great and when she tells Eric it is great. Then at the end Donna decides to give Eric another chance.
  • Red buys a motorcycle

    This episode was hilarious especially everyone's reaction to the news that Donna and Eric's first time was not exactly good for Donna.

    Jackie assuming that it was Eric that wasn't good was hilarious but not as good as Kelso's hilarious decision to tell Eric in front of the whole gang to seriously burn him.

    Eric obviously regretting his decision to never have sex with Donna again was fantastic and really was very funny.

    Red buying the motorcycle was a great plot with Kitty being against it but after one ride, changing her mind completely.

    Overall, this episode was a hilarious follow up from the previous episode but was very risky.