That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2004 on FOX
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Things are going well for Hyde at work, until he meets his new sister, Angie, and finds that she's not as nice as she seems. She attempts to get Hyde fired, causing him to use his biggest weapon against her; Jackie. Eric tells the gang that he's studying Spanish, but Kitty lets it slip to Fez what Eric really does on Wednesday nights, and Fez just can't keep the secret to himself.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • I'm not too crazy about Hyde's sister.

    Like Donna said, Hyde hit the orphan lottery. First more than one dad, but now a sister, and even more interesting. She's black. Not being racist, but as Angie says, the chances of Hyde having a black sister was over 2,500 to 1. Then she calls herself a math major.

    While Kelso falls for her, Angie turns out not to be a little angel. In fact, she plots to get Hyde fired from the company his dad runs. The evening that Hyde realizes this, he knows he won't snoop to Angie's level. But he knows Jackie can. And the next morning, Jackie is found gossiping to the other workers that Angie stripped through college, and liked it. Turns out their dad establishes another record store in Point Place and leaves Hyde and Angie in charge.

    Meanwhile Kitty accidentally spills the fact that Eric goes roller disco-ing every Wednesday night instead of studying Spanish to Fez at the hair salon. We all know Fez. He cannot keep any sort of secret, even if his life depended on it. He shows Donna and Kelso, and then the whole gang, even Kitty and Red, go to the Roller Disco and watch Eric. I doubt Eric really wanted to do this in real life, and I hate how when Eric has the major part in an episode, he always humiliates himself somehow.

    "Nice shorts." That is the line that first comes out of Red's mouth after watching Eric. His shorts were noticably short and I wouldn't be caught in public wearing those things. Revealing episode, unfortunately for Eric.moreless
  • Eric's in to Roller Disco!

    A very strange episode I would say but another person with a different race joins the cast. My favorite scenes are when Eric is in the office enjoying his stolen dollar bill, Jackie is explaining the crew, Jackie explaining to everyone how Angie was a stripper, Eric doing roller disco & ending up getting caught, Eric throwing away his skates, Donna laughing at him for being in Roller Disco. Yeah there was a lot of highlights in this episode, the whole war between Hyde & Angie was absolutely hilarious, this episode really shows what a B**** Angie can be but it shows a bond between brother & sister, which makes this episode amazing.moreless
  • Hyde has a sister.

    With Hyde almost being the central character of the season, the plots work very well, including this one where Hyde's sister is introduced in a naturally hilarious way. Hyde and Angie's war was very funny, as was Kelso's "I'm too good looking" running joke.

    Eric's plot was also very funny, though Eric seems to be getting more pathetic as the show goes on. The roller disco plot has been done before however, and this was nowhere near as good as the previous one. The reactions of the gang and Red were very funny however, and overall the episode is, as always, a riot from both plots.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • (to Fez, about Eric's roller disco hobby)
      Kitty: You can't tell anyone. I promised Eric I'd keep it a secret. Besides, you used to roller disco with Jackie.

      Fez and Jackie won the roller disco contest in Kenosha in the third season episode Roller Disco.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Hyde: Listen, Sis, about the whole job thing... I thought about going head to head with you but I decided that I just can't stoop to your level.
      Angie: Well, good.
      Hyde: But she can. (points to Jackie who is whispering to other employees) Right now, she's telling everybody we work with that you stripped your way through college.
      Angie: Please, like anybody's gonna believe her. My dad's rich.
      Hyde: Oh, no no no. You didn't strip because you needed the money. Word around the water cooler is you stripped because you liked it.

    • Jackie: This is my company at stake.
      Hyde: Jackie, would you stop saying that everything that's mine is yours.
      Jackie: Okay Steven, last Valentine's Day I gave you a card that said "Be Mine" and you said "yes"... and by saying "yes" you agreed that everything you had, have, or will have, from now on till the end of time, is mine as well. Read the fine print, Steven!

    • Angie: My dad said that if I did well in college, someday the business would be mine, and I did my part, so there's no way I'm gonna share everything with some frizzy haired kid fresh out of juvie.
      Hyde: Okay, I'm working at that company because our dad wants me there. And don't insult me with that "juvie" crap. I'm over 18, if I get pinched I'm doing big boy time.

    • Jackie: Who does Angie think she is anyway? She can't just walk in here and pull your strings like you're some kind of puppet! That's my job!

    • Hyde (to Angie): Hey, believe me. This is the easiest job I ever had.
      Kelso (to Hyde): Wait, what about the time you got paid 2 bucks to eat everything out of the Forman's fridge, and you threw up all over the place?
      Hyde: That was you.
      Kelso: Oh yeah! That was awesome!

    • Fez: Did you know that I'm a shampoo boy down at the beauty salon? Yes, ladies come from miles around to be touched by these magic hands.
      Angie: Is that why they're all dry and chapped?
      Fez: No, that's from my day off.

    • (after Jackie takes a cupcake Kelso was going to take)
      Kelso: What are you doing? You knew I was gonna take that one!
      Jackie: Oh well, too late.
      Kelso: You know, you're always doing that. That is the reason why we broke up!
      Jackie (angrily): We broke up because you were always cheating on me!
      Kelso: That and the cupcake thing!

    • Kelso: You know what your problem is, Eric? I'm too good looking.

    • Hyde: I used to play this one game called Stoop. What you do is you sit in a stoop and you chuck things at passersby. I was a pro.
      Eric: I was a passerby.

    • Hyde: Jackie, if there's ever a gameshow called "Make That Girl Cry", I'd go on with you.
      Jackie: Oh, we'd so win the car.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Vince Rohr (Sound Mixer), Charlie McDaniel (Re-Recording Mixer), and Craig Porter (Re-Recording Mixer - laughs) were nominated for an Emmy for "Outstanding Multi-Camera Sound Mixing for a Series or Special" for their work on this episode.

    • Michael Karlich (Editor) was nominated for an Emmy for "Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Series" for his work on this episode.

    • Garvin Eddy (Production Designer) and Tara Stephenson (Set Decorator) were nominated for an Emmy for "Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series" for their work on this episode.

    • Napiera Danielle originally was set to play Angie.


    • Eric: I saw these pair of roller skates and when I tried them on, it was like the first time Joe Namath laid his hands on a baseball bat.

      Joe Namath was a famous football player who played from 1965 to 1978. He was most famous for playing for the New York Jets, and he played quarterback. He won Super Bowl III for the Jets in 1968. He never played baseball.