That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2004 on FOX

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  • I'm not too crazy about Hyde's sister.

    Like Donna said, Hyde hit the orphan lottery. First more than one dad, but now a sister, and even more interesting. She's black. Not being racist, but as Angie says, the chances of Hyde having a black sister was over 2,500 to 1. Then she calls herself a math major.

    While Kelso falls for her, Angie turns out not to be a little angel. In fact, she plots to get Hyde fired from the company his dad runs. The evening that Hyde realizes this, he knows he won't snoop to Angie's level. But he knows Jackie can. And the next morning, Jackie is found gossiping to the other workers that Angie stripped through college, and liked it. Turns out their dad establishes another record store in Point Place and leaves Hyde and Angie in charge.

    Meanwhile Kitty accidentally spills the fact that Eric goes roller disco-ing every Wednesday night instead of studying Spanish to Fez at the hair salon. We all know Fez. He cannot keep any sort of secret, even if his life depended on it. He shows Donna and Kelso, and then the whole gang, even Kitty and Red, go to the Roller Disco and watch Eric. I doubt Eric really wanted to do this in real life, and I hate how when Eric has the major part in an episode, he always humiliates himself somehow.

    "Nice shorts." That is the line that first comes out of Red's mouth after watching Eric. His shorts were noticably short and I wouldn't be caught in public wearing those things. Revealing episode, unfortunately for Eric.