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That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 14

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (a.k.a. Valentine's Day)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2003 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (a.k.a. Valentine's Day)
Hyde's depressed that Jackie still seems to have feelings for Michael. Annette's not happy either, because Kelso seems to still be attached to Jackie. And Kitty takes to her bed, because she feels her mother doesn't love her.

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  • A continuity of the "Get Off My Boyfriend" disaster.

    Wow, what's really unexpected of this episode is that Hyde breaks up with Jackie, like I said in the last review, all about relationships. The acting was exceptionally good in this episode. Valentines Day is a perfect way to fit this episode in. Ugh I HATE KITTY'S MOTHER! Anyways I hate how she didn't say I love you to Kitty but to Eric she did. And she thought Donna wasn't good enough, grandma burn! I like how Hyde & Jackie get back together in the end though & Kelso ends up alone which ends the Jessica Simpson arc. So sad at the end.moreless
  • The b!tch is back!

    After the “get off my boyfriend” end to the last episode, this one is even better, in both hilarity and twists. Hyde breaking up with Jackie, Kitty’s domineering mother to both Kitty and Donna, Annette, Jackie, and Kelso’s jealousy triangle and the aftermath of the funeral are all plots that provide laughs and a bit of drama.

    While I prefer the Kelso/Jackie relationship as it’s both funnier and more relatable than Hyde/Jackie, the relationship does have its advantages and this one was definitely planned. Eric and Donna’s secret engagement still going on, which won’t last long and Hyde and Jackie happy which won’t last long either, are all great recurring plot points throughout the season and overall, this episode is both revealing and hilarious.moreless
  • He didn't have to say it back!

    That's what I love about Hyde. He's consistent. He tries to conceal his feelings, but we all know he's not as stony as he tries to be. He didn't have to say it back, and the fact that Jackie didn't care, or mind, that he didn't was very maturing for her character. Stupid Kelso! Dumb meathead cheater man-whore jerk! Trying to break up Hyde and Jackie AND using Annette in the process. Ugh! It's a wonder he hasn't DIED from a venereal disease! Blecch!

    Okay, I've had my vent. And poor Kitty. Her mom's worse than mine. I feel for her losing her dad. So sad.

    This was a FANTASTIC episode!moreless
  • She knows it, he knows it

    Hyde's reaction to Jackie's confession was awesome! She admits still having affection for the big dufus (Kelso :P Yuk!), but she's not going to let them get in the way of her love for Hyde. Hyde couldn't fool anyone. That long pause said everything, and his follow-up of not saying it back, so apparent. It was really mature (WOAH) of Jackie not to mind him not saying it back. I never really liked Jessica Simpson, so her appearance in the show was a bit of a drag. I'm glad Kelso is alone and unhappy again. HATE KELSO! Lying cheating scumbag! He doesn't deserve happiness! (ahem) Sorry...NO I'M NOT!moreless
  • This episode is slightly different from the majority of the rest of the episodes. There are more serious lines written in this one, such as Jackie's confession to Hyde. Jackie and Hyde make an awesome couple. Mila and Danny look great in real life, too.moreless

    This episode is slightly different from the majority of the rest of the episodes. There are more serious lines written in this one, such as Jackie's confession to Hyde after she admits in possibly still having feelings for Kelso. She is right about one thing, though, that everyone might possibly have some left-over feelings for their first boyfriends or girlfriends. First love never really completely goes away, but in the best case scenarios, they develop into platonic, unique friendships that no one else in the world could share. It doesn't mean that we would never move on. Instead, I think it means that we would know how to love better when the right ones come along in the future. I must say Jackie and Hyde make an awesome couple. Mila and Danny look great in real life, too. I heard they are actually datng, but we don't know if it's true. I hope it is, however.moreless
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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Kelso: Man it feels good to be under someone's thumb again!
      Fez: What did your mother do to you?

    • (watching Jackie go off to dance with Hyde)
      Kelso: How can she be with him when she's so clearly not over me?
      Annette: I think the question is, how can you be with me when you're so clearly not over her?
      Kelso: Wait, is this a riddle? Start over.

    • Hyde: Well, I'm done with Jackie and I feel like a guy who had a 95 pound mole removed. A 95-pound, Donny-Osmond-loving, shoe-shopping, ice-capade-attending mole.

    • Jackie: Steven! I called three times within the last half hour!
      Hyde: Yeah, I figured it was you because all the calls came during the commercials for "The Newlywed Game".

    • Jackie: Maybe I do have feelings for Michael. But what am I supposed to do? He was my first boyfriend! And you know what? You're gonna have to learn to deal with it. And if you can't, and you're gonna have to break up with me because of that then I can't stop you. But I think it's a real waste because I love you!
      (Hyde stares at her silently)
      Hyde: I'm not saying it back!
      Jackie: I don't care.
      Hyde: DAMN IT! (long pause) So, are we gonna go to the dance or what?

    • (discussing the incident where Jackie told Annette to get off her boyfriend)
      Kelso: Hyde, it's really embarrassing. I mean I told a lot of people and they all thought it was really embarrassing!
      Hyde: I'm gonna kick your ass! Forman hold my popsicle!

    • Eric: And you know what, even if she is not on our side, the minute Grandma thinks it's a bad idea, my mom will be booking the big room at the Holiday Inn just out of spite.
      Donna: So it's a win-win.
      Eric: Yeah... We're gonna do what Luke Skywalker was too afraid to do: use the dark side to our advantage.
      Donna: Eric, if we're gonna be married you really have to ease up on the Star Wars stuff. ...All right? It doesn't apply to everything.
      Eric: I'll have to rewrite my vows.

    • Jackie: Like once, I made my dad buy me a pet rat because my cousin had one. But then the rat got so disgusting, I made my kitty cat hunt it.
      Hyde: I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Who's the rat? Am I the rat?

    • Jackie: Oh! It's you... didn't know they let slut-balls in here!
      Annette: Well, I've seen you here so I figured it was okay!
      Jackie: Oh, you don't know it but you just burnt yourself!
      Annette: Oh, I know it! The question is do you?
      Jackie: I just said I do.
      Annette: So do I, so you are too!
      Eric: Donna, are you following this?
      Donna: Um, I think one of them is a slut-ball and one of them knows it.

    • Donna: Your mother is a nutbag!
      Kitty: What'd she do? That thing where she's pretending to be nice but she's really insulting you?
      Donna: Yes!
      Kitty: Frigid witch!
      Red: I'll get the bed ready!

    • Eric: Yeah, I'm just glad it's in the gym. There's nothing like celebrating the most romantic day in your life in a room where I got my first wedgie.
      Donna: It meant I liked you, Eric!

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    • Donna: How could [Bea Sigurdson] not like me?
      Kitty: How could she not like me?
      Donna: You know what, maybe she just can't handle strong, healthy women!
      Kitty: And I am strong and healthy. I bring home the bacon, I fry it up in a pan, and... I never, ever let Red forget he's a man.

      Kitty is quoting the lyrics from a commercial for Enjoli perfume; the commercial was a take-off on the song "I'm A Woman" (1962) by Peggy Lee.

    • (after being insulted by Bea)
      Kitty: I'm going to go to bed for a few days.
      Red (to Eric): Oh no, she hasn't done this since Elvis died on the crapper.

      Red is referring to the death of Elvis Presley, which happened on August 16, 1977.