That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 14

Baby Don't You Do It

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 2004 on FOX

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    I thought this wasn't going to be that great since That 70s Show isn't the best with two parters, but this episode managed to be almost just as good as the last episode. It managed to be relatable to the last episode without having anything to do with it, which made this episode fresh. There was a lot of laughs in this episode as well and it contributed to the on going arc this season which was of Eric & Donna's engagement, and Kelso & Brooke's relationship.

    All the plots were hysterical and they contained development in all sense of the word. After Eric & Donna's recent pregnancy scare, Kitty, Red, Bob & Hyde think that they should go to pre-marital counseling. They end up lying to the counselor that they have never had sex before, and that they were saving themselves for marriage. They end up being upstaged by the priest in front of the whole church, as far as the church knows, Eric & Donna are virgins. They end up confessing that they aren't virgins, and here comes the development: After the recent revelation, Donna thinks that Eric & her should be celibate until they get married. Eric reluctantly has to agree. This becomes a running gag throughout the rest of the season, and it brought the possibility of many hilarious plots this season. Kelso continues to lie to Brooke about his grades, the lies blow up literally when he sets fire the police academy on flare day. Another hilarious plot that surprisingly brought development. After walking around eggshells when around Brooke, Kelso finally admits to the truth. Now Brooke can trust him, and they start a relationship. I like Brooke & Kelso together and this was a perfect setting stone in their relationship. Bottom line: Although not as good as the first part, this episode brought hilarity, development, and just fun in general. I really enjoyed this installment.
  • Let the celibacy begin!

    I’ve lost track of the amount of times Kelso has started a fire, but they never get any less funny. The flare accident that continues to get stupider is a great Kelso act, and the test scores are brilliant aswell. The ending was particularly funny, where he tries to pretend that he got four As rather than Bs (rather than Ds).

    Eric and Donna in couple counselling is a great start to their plot and the startling revelation in church that they are in fact virgins is quite shocking, especially since they’ve done it quite a lot. Overall, this is a great episode and has some terrific moments from all the characters and an entertaining instalment in the sixth season.
  • T.V. Announcer: You're seeing pictures of what's left of the Point Place police academy auditorium, where a fire broke out today. Fez: I hope Kelso's okay. Hyde: Yeah, I know he's there, 'cause today was flare day.

    KELSO: Oh, relax, Eric. It's not a gun. It's a flare gun. Yeah, tomorrow's flare day at the academy, so we're learning how to use these. Besides, they're totally safe. All they do is shoot balls of fire. FEZ (wearing Hyde’s glasses): Kelso, I don't think you should be playing with fire when we're all...(explosion and the room lights up) never mind. HYDE: Man, I gotta stop hitting two circles in one day. I could swear I just saw a ball of fire shoot through this room (he rubs his eyes) Zowie! This is my favorite scene from the episode, I mean how toasted do you gotta be to not realize that you actually did just see a ball of fire shoot through the air.
    But the funniest part of the episode is that Blank-O practicly burns down the police academy! Come on, Kelso with a flair gun!!! Are you kidding me, I'm surprised he didn't burn down a couple more buildings!

    KELSO: Okay, fine. I was at the academy when the auditorium burned down, but it totally wasn't my fault. See, I got there early to practice with my flare gun 'cause I wanted to show Brooke an actual "B" for a change. FEZ: Okay, so far zero percent your fault. KELSO: All right, so I accidentally shot off a flare, and it went all...(makes hissing sound) like right underneath the bleachers. HYDE: Well, we've just jumped up to about sixty percent your fault. KELSO: Okay, so then I shot off another flare at the first flare 'cause you know what they say. You gotta fight fire with fire. JACKIE: Yeah, this is now like ninety-nine percent your fault. KELSO: So then I shot off another flare to warn people about the fire. But that one just went right up and on the roof, and that's why I just got the hell out of there. I really got say that third flair was just pretty unecessary seeing as the fire was a pretty big warning itself!
  • A very funny episode.

    A funny episode in which Eric and Donna lie in church. I love when Red calls them dumbasses and Kitty calls herself a virgin, "I said it so it must be true!" So funny!

    I also loved how Fez kept laughing at the word "penal" It is kind of a funny word. But it was made funnier by Fez' laughing.

    And then of course there is Kelso who is such an idiot. But Brooke may be dumb too since she believed that Kelso was getting B's in the police academy (and she slept with him in the first pace...).

    Overall a fun episode.