That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 7

Baby Fever

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2000 on FOX

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    A lot of funny moments on tonight's That 70s Show. From Donna's strip tease and then a kick in the face to Eric to Donna smacking Eric with a Hostess Cupcake in the circle. Season 3 was probably the best season of this show. This episode was an example how good this show is. It's good with development, comedy, and seriousness.

    Donna and Eric have another bump in the road when Eric expects Donna to be a stay at home mom. Of course, none of that matters in the end, when finally someone put them to their senses! They're lucky they're even still together, why should they be arguing about the future? Which of course was PERFECT build up for this season's finale. Jackie and Kelso try to figure out who owes who money with the help of Fez and Hyde. Turns out Kelso owes a lot more than he thought he did. That was a hilarious plot, a nice break from the Eric and Donna drama.

    Kitty wanting to have another baby was also a nice touch to this episode. Laurie taking care of a baby was the cherry on top to this wonderful funny episode, with good buildup and development.
  • Laurie babysits for the first time ever, making Kitty realize she wants another kid, while Eric falsely assumes that Donna'll be a housewife when they get married and have children.

    I wasn't a great fan of this episode. Laurie babysits a cute baby, Marisa, I believe. Laurie's never babysat before, and even though she's not an expert on it, she discovers that she actually likes babies, even though she doesn't think she's going to have one anytime soon. While Kitty looks on at the baby, she decides she wants another child, but Red gets headaches just at the thought of another kid running around the house. When Red doesn't want children, Kitty gets upset, and complains about it constantly while sitting in bed with Red, but he brings up the fact she'll still have grandchildren one day. That cheers her up immediately. She forgot about grandchildren! So did Red, he grumbles. Kitty then encourages Laurie to get pregnant! Not exactly encourage her to get pregnant, but questions on when she's going to have a family, and how many children she's going to have. Meanwhile, after Donna cleans Marisa's diaper prior to all of this occuring, Eric discovers how good Donna is with children, and claims that she's going to be great staying home with their kids when they grow old. This sparks quite an argument, but as usual, they finally resolve things, but that's another episode where Eric and Donna get into an argument. I swear there are more episodes with them fighting than there are them getting along.
  • Kitty wants another baby.

    Laurie gets a babysitting job, and it makes Kitty think about having a third child since her nest is nearly empty. When Donna changes the baby's diaper when Laurie can't Eric accidentally lets it slip that he thinks that she will be a great stay - at - home mother to their children when they are adults and when they get married. It makes Donna mad.

    This episode was pretty good, it could be pretty funny at some parts of it. It was not perfect, but it was pretty good, the rating does not make it to an eight.

    Good, I say.

  • Baby fever spreads around Point Place

    This episode is hilarious from Eric and Donna’s conflicting versions of their future to Laurie taking on a motherly role but saving her hair dryer to give up the baby.

    My favourite plot would have to be Jackie and Kelso’s “divorce” after Jackie crashes Kelso’s van and Kelso wants reimbursement, not counting on the fact that he would owe Jackie over eight grand.

    One of the funniest moments in the episode is where Red is convincing Kitty not to have a baby, reminding her that they could have grandchildren, then realising that he’d forgotten about grandkids too.

    Overall, the episode has great plots and brilliant jokes the whole way through.
  • Jackie wrecks Kelso's van and a baby visits the Foreman's.....

    Kelso is trying to get back on Jackie's good side, so he loans her his van.....unaware that she is using it to haul a band and their equipment. She manages to wreck it and Kelso wants her to pay for it. Jackie begs to differ since he got the van free to begin with. So Hyde suggests a divorce, and Kelso is soon left without the shirt on his back....literally.
    Meanwhile Laurie has to care for a baby...something she only agreed to when she was drunk. When Donna pitches in and changes a diaper, it prompt her and Eric to think about their future lives, with very different outlooks.

    This one has a great 360 with Eric, Donna, Hyde and Jackie. Eric being a dillhole is the topic, and Donna smashes a Hostess cupcake into Eric's face.