That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 24

Backstage Pass

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 15, 2001 on FOX

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  • Backstage Pass

    "The Motor City Madman" Ted Nugent guest starred in this somewhat funny, but mostly forgettable, episode of That 70's Show. There was also an early appearance by Leslie David Baker, who would go on to play Stanley Hudson on The Office.

    The episode had some good gags, like the misspelling of Ted as Tad, but I did not consistently laugh the first time I saw it, or the 15th time I saw it, while watching repeats on Teen Nick.

    Plus, this episode came right before the best episode in That 70's Show history in the Canadian episode, so it is hard to really like it in comparison.
  • Tad Nugent?

    This episode is flawless. I love the C plot the best, how Kitty & Red are trying to find out how they met & when they find out it was a bad way to meet so they go with the fake story. I love the flashbacks. I liked the A plot the second best, when Donna is all loopy cause she gets to meet Ted Nugent. And Eric feels all left out. I love the C plot where Michael & Jackie try to have their 2nd first time special. And Jackie can't wait to do it. Kelso gets all upset. Finally the D plot, when Fez & Hyde get arrested but it's not against the law cause it is spelled wrong Awesome episode!
  • Ted Nugent Concert

    Although there are episodes before this one that explores the tension between Eric and Donna, this is the biggest so far with their biggest fight yet which gives hints to what the season finale may be.

    Hyde and Fez selling “Tad Nugent” T-shirts thanks to Fez’s ignorance of American youth culture was hilarious as was the fact that they got arrested but then let go because the T-shirts were misspelled.

    Kelso and Jackie’s magical week was a very good plot as was the fact that this clashed into Eric’s crappy day in that Jackie and Kelso were doing it in his car after Jackie couldn’t take it any longer.

    Red and Kitty forgetting how they met was also a great plot, especially when they realise how they actually met and decided they preferred the story where Kitty was sober and didn’t run into Red’s butt.

    Overall, this episode is very entertaining and is both memorable and important to the episode that follows.