That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 4

Battle of the Sexists

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 1998 on FOX

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  • Man,Eric was really a wimp back then

    But I still think it dragged a bit.
  • Donna beats Eric at basketball as she shows her dominance over him

    A great episode where Donna beats Eric at basketball and all other games that they compete at together. It was great to see Eric in a dress as Donna beat him at air hockey. this was the first episode that began to shape the relationship that donna and eric would have together as they start seeing each other as more than just friends. The making fun of the relationship of kelso is jackie is hilarious as the guys make fun of him for being pig whipped. it shows that difference between their relationship and eric and donna's but at the same time both donna and jackie run their respective relationships
  • Eric gets teased when the guys find out Donna beats him in a game of basketball.

    Every show has at least one of these kind of episodes: episodes about women doing anything a man can do, and sometimes, even better; I can understand. I mean, sometimes I'm sexist, as if only men can do some kind of things; Maybe like some kind of electrical work or outside work, but I do understand that women do deserve credit. I've noticed that the WNBA is underrated, and that there are some great girl basketball players out there; maybe Donna is one of them. (even though none of the characters use any real professional moves when they play basketball throughout the show) I say: So what if Eric loses to Donna in a basketball game? That's what Donna and Eric think after the whole incident. But Jackie tells Donna that Eric will never let her be his girlfriend if she keeps beating him in basketball games. Hyde, Kelso and Fez just tell Eric that he's a wuss for letting a girl beat him in basketball. All of them are wrong. Donna and Eric should just shrug it off, in my opinion. But they don't, and Eric is determined to beat her in something, only to lose to her badly in a game of air hockey at The Hub. Then he finds himself in a dress, growing boobs bigger than Jackie's. (which really isn't saying anything) He gets a good talk from his mom and then makes up with Donna. They play a basketball game just for fun, not keeping up with the score; then Donna leaves, and Red appears from the garage, disgracefully saying that Eric lost. Ha. He 'trains' Eric to play basketball, but after a hundred whatever-they-are-called, Eric can't get up and the show ends. Not yet. Before the scene ends, Red shoots a lay-up from not even a yard away from the basket and misses. If only Eric had seen that to tell him off!
  • Woman empowerment!

    Well this episode showed an issue in the 70's, no equal rights, and just around the 60s/70s was the woman empowerment. And when Donna beats Eric at basketball, it basically compares it to it. So what made this episode a classic, is that they dealt with an issue that was in the 70s. Also an annoying girlfriend, and Jackie lands in to that prospect, her always controlling Michael which could also fall in to the woman empowerment. I love the end in which Jackie is actually talking to Fez translating in to Kelso. Anyways this episode was a great classic which would be remembered for ages & Eric dressing up like a girl & the chest in that fantasy, hilarious! Also a powerful scene in which at the end when Donna jumps on Eric's back & they fall back in to each other, a great Eric/Donna moment!
  • Could have been funnier

    This episode focuses on Eric and Donna playing a game, that everyone loves to call, basketball. Donna crushes Eric in a one-on-one game of good old fashioned basketball. Hyde and the other guys give Eric a good laugh and Kelso realizes that his relationship with Jackie kind of takes away his manlyhood aswell. When it came down to it, he couldn't find it in himself to break-up with Jackie. Jackie on the other hand had more productive things to do than listen to Kelso. She gave Donna tips, like how she should lose so that Eric feels like he is in control and Eric can look at Donna like she is fragile. Donna's mother gives her the same advice. At the end it was just a friendly game of having fun.
  • Cool episode!

    Eric gets mad at Donna because she is always beating him at every game, from basketball to mini hockey, and they recieve help from both of them mothers, while one tells Donna that woman rule the world and Kitty tries to talk Eric about not being a friend to Donna. Since Red has less hours to work on the plant, he begins to fix minor details of the house from a table to the refrigator, and the guys make fun of Kelso because he always surrenders to Jackie. Great episode!
  • Eric Vs Donna

    This episode has some terrific lines, especially from Kelso when he objects that he's not Jackie's "lapdog".

    The plot was good in this episode though the series did get off to a fairly weak start and it is not quite at the hilarity level that it is today.

    Some great scenes is where Eric is portrayed as a girl and Red thinking that Eric's playing was pathetic, declaring that Donna would havebeen keeping score.

    Overall, the episode did have some lacking parts but was funny.
  • Some great one liners.

    Emasculation has been around since god knows how long, and this episode is a perfect example, as Eric feels like less of a man due to Donna's superior skills in pretty much everything they play.

    The end part where Red forces Eric into squat thrusts is great, and the premise of the guys relating to Kelso the oh so obvious fact that Jackie treats him like a personal lapdog is good stuff, you almost WANT to see him cheat on Jackie at this point.
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