That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 4

Beast of Burden

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2004 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Red's new muffler shop is about to open and he asks Hyde to work for him. This really offends Eric since the shop is called "Forman & Son" and Red didn't even think to ask him. But Hyde has his own dilemma when his dad offers him a job at his record company. Fez is also on a job hunt after quitting the DMV, so Donna helps him apply for work as a shampoo boy.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Fez, the shampoo boy!

    Everyone seems like they are getting jobs in this episode, this episode was another okay episode, because hardly any plot development, yet good jokes & has it's moments. Like all those puns about Fez's shampooing was hilarious! How Fez had "15 fingers" and the whole thing about having the pepper spray just in case. I didn't like how Eric was nagging the whole episode. But I like how Jackie was also taking those pictures another episode with Jackie's giddiness that made me smile. The end Eric rejects the job which really makes me want to hate him. And Hyde gets a job with his father! An okay episode.moreless
  • Jobs galore!

    With people quitting and getting jobs left, right and centre this episode, whether it's Red's new muffler shop, Fez quitting the DMV and becoming a hairdresser, Eric and Hyde having left the restaurant, and Hyde immediately being offered two jobs, not to mention Eric's hobby of butterfly chasing, rather than a paying job, the episode seems a little like everything happening all at once, but it does change a lot of the character careers and gets them out of the way for the season.

    The episode is very good, especially Hyde's plot, with the famous ass-foot jokes coming in towards the end.

    Eric's jealousy over not being the "son" in "father and son" was great, though the butterfly thing exaggerated him a little.

    Overall, the episode seemed to pack too much in, but was still very funny, and worthy of several viewings.moreless
  • This wasn't my favorite one, but it was still ok.

    Red has finally gotten back on his feet after being laid-off at Pricemart, and now he's opening his own shop. A shop called "Foreman and Son"-naturally, he invites Eric's FRIEND Hyde to join him in the business. Eric is extremely upset about this, and only after Hyde takes an offer to work with his father in the rec biz does Red offer Eric the job, which he refuses (after he remembers he knows nothing about cars). Fez is on a mission to find his work goal, and Donna decides he'd be perfect as a shampoo boy. One of the funniest scenes in this episode is when Fez is coming Donna's hair and sniffing it at the same time. He's always the consumate perv!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Bob: So, Red, we got your muffler store flyer, and I'm a little hurt. You know, you never asked for my input. I mean, I had a business of my own.
      Red: Bob, your business went under.

      Bob owned "Bargain Bob's Appliances" which went bankrupt shortly after the third season episode, Jackie Bags Hyde.

    • Eric: Man, [Red] didn't even think about offering me the job, did he?
      Kitty: Oh, well, honey, he just didn't think you were a good fit.
      Eric (pointing at window sign): It's called "Forman & Son"!
      Kitty: It doesn't say whose son.

      Eric points to the stencilled sign on the window, which can be read from the inside of the shop as saying "Forman & Son." However, this is a goof, as a stencilled window sign should be backwards from the inside, so that it can be read ~outside~ from the street, as it was in the previous episode, (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, when it was "Wilson & Son".

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Eric: There's a butterfly in the backyard... I'm on it!

    • Donna: Jackie, Fez shampooed my hair!
      Jackie: And you were able to untie yourself and get away?

    • Red: I hope there's another job out there for you, because you're fired.
      Hyde: My dad told you he offered me a job, didn't he?
      Red: What? No. What?
      Hyde: 'Cause I've heard you fire a lot of people, and I've never heard you say, "I hope there's another job out there for you." You say, "I hope my foot doesn't get stuck in your ass," or, "Don't let my foot get stuck in your ass on the way out the door." Or the classic, "I'm gonna stick my foot in your ass."
      Red: Just... get out of here.

    • Hyde: I thought I was cool flipping burgers. Then I met the night shift guy who's been doing it for thirty years. He's got no eyebrows and lives in his own car. I don't want to be that guy.
      Jackie: And you won't be if you follow the plan I gave you. Ok? We get a job as a local weather team, then go national as morning talk show hosts and then star in our own ice capades!
      Hyde: Jackie I've told you. I don't capade.

    • Fez: I've never been to a beauty salon. I'm excited to see how they make people beautiful. Especially that lady over there, that's gonna take some work!

  • NOTES (1)


    • W.B.: Led Zeppelin's cool. I caught them back in '69. Front row.
      Hyde: Whoa!
      W.B.: I did well with the ladies that night. They probably thought I was Jimi Hendrix. (he laughs) I told them I was Jimi Hendrix.

      Jimi Hendrix (1942 - 1970) was an American musician, singer, guitarist and rock icon, considered by many to be the most talented rock guitarist in history. He was a headliner at the Woodstock festival, and died in 1970 of a drug overdose.

    • Eric : I thought we established that Hyde doesn't have a heart. It was (pointing to Hyde) no heart, (pointing to Kelso) no brain, (pointing to himself) no courage.
      Kelso : Wait, I'm the scarecrow? He's the one who gets set on fire!

      This is an allusion to Dorothy's three friends, the tinman (no heart), the scarecrow (no brains) and the cowardly lion (no courage), in the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz.

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