That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 1

Bohemian Rhapsody

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2005 on FOX

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  • Great season premiere, guys! This hour-long episode was filled with funny moments, but I do miss Eric. Highlights of the episode: Jackie:What's a "boob's out"?... AHHHHH! Also- the entire stripper storyline was great.

    Great season premiere, guys! This hour-long episode was filled with funny moments, but I do miss Eric. Highlights of the episode:
    Jackie: What's a "boob's out"?... AHHHHH!
    Also- the entire stripper storyline was great.

    I laughed a lot at this episode, and really enjoyed it. I hope the series continues to make great episodes.
  • "Funny." Hyde married a stripper. Kelso falls off the water tower. Jackie's boob is exposed. Eric is still in Africa. And kitty gets stoned.

    This is a good way to start a season. There were tons of funny moments in this extremly funny episode. Kitty is making a tape to sent to Eric, and catch him up on whats been going on, and to catch us up as well. Kitty and Red raid the gangs stash, and Kitty "wants to see what the fuss is about" so she gets high. She is then givin a hilariously stern talking to by Red. Hyde returns and punches Kelso in the face. "It was a good one too. I peed myself a little on the way down. I better go change." Then hyde's stripper wife, that he apparently married in vegas, shows up, and sends Jackie running. I only have one thing to say about that, "the Simpsons did it". Leo has turned the record store into a hippy hang out, but hyde is unable to fire him, because he's so great. Jackie goes out with Donna and Fez in an attempt to get over hyde. But her plan to be a tease back fires when Donna get more attention than her. She then recieves unwanted attention when in the middle of a rant, about how she is the prize catch in Point Place, her boob comes out. "Whats a boob out..." Overall this is not the best episode of That 70's Show ever, but it is pretty darn funny. Kelso is hilarious from start to finish. Fez had his moments. Also, Kitty stoned and Jackie's "boob out" were fall out funny moments. It was weird to see a episode without Eric, but I don't think he was missed much at all.
  • Not dead show, yet!

    It took me almost the entire episode to relise, Hey where is eric? And that is great because that means that I didnt really miss him at all! The entire cast did a great job in "keeping up the slack!" I am so glad that they killed off Charlie, I did not like him and I don't think he fit in at all.
  • “Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.” Excellent season opener! The writers are to be commended for their choice of using Queen songs as episode titles for this season, because so f

    The show opening with Kitty making a tape recording for Eric (who's in Africa) to catch him up on events since his departure was a great way for the audience to get caught up as well. Kudos to the writers again!

    Seeing Kitty stoned was hysterical. I had always thought that perhaps she and Red were partiers in their day, but clearly Kitty is the partier of the two. Although if anyone needed to get stoned, it was Red. I hope the writers explore that and have him get stoned before the season's end. He would be even more hysterical stoned than Kitty.

    Having Hyde come back married and not remember he was married at all was good too. Having him married to a Vegas stipper is even better, and is a great premise that will make for a good season. It already made for a good ep last night, with Samantha (dressed scantily I might add) painting her toenails on the kitchen table, or showing Red her thong, or Red walking in as Samantha is telling Kitty about her dance to Taps concluding with a smack on her cheek! Priceless.

    It's going to be interesting (and potentially annoying!) as Jackie contends with the fact that Hyde is now married to a rather attractive woman with a killer body, and that Donna is now being viewed as more attractive than she!

    Thoughts and observations:

    Ashton Kutcher being with Demi Moore has obviously paid off. He was sporting a pretty buff bod. You go boy!

    Laura Prepon (Donna)is great as a blonde.

    My favorite line:

    Samantha: “It holds dollar bills better than anything I own.”
    Red: “I’m going upstairs to find you a wallet!”
  • Better than what our local entertainment editor of our local newspaper wrote about this Season 8 opener!

    Loved seeing the vets back in action! Everyone acted true to form, and the episode (considering Topher was gone) was much better than what I was expecting. It seemed as if they just picked right on up from the very last epi from last season, as well as they could considering the two key characters that did not sign up for full season appearances.

    I felt as if I was "back home" again! I taped it, of course, and plan to watch it again just to pick up on what I missed the first time.

    The character of the stripper being married to Hyde struck me a little as "jumping the shark" for the show. I do hope TPTB will either annul this union, flesh it out a little (no---not in THAT way! :) or do something to make that little "side-story" a little more plausible. I mean, Red and Kitty allowing a perfect stranger to just move right on in to their house?!

    But LOVED the "gettin' high" scenes with Kitty!

    Ashton Kutcher looked buff--alot more so from last year. HOT :)

    Too much "I'm-horny-need-some-action" talk from Fez. Let's get him into a serious, but interesting, relationship!

    Did Kelso and Jackie really have sex or no?!?!?
  • **Combo review for Episodes 8-1 and 8-2 since they were aired togeter** It's not as terminal as I thought but enjoy it will you still can.

    I'll admit I've always been a sucker for "That 70's Show". There have been plenty of times where I have wanted to give up on it. Whether it be the almost inexcusable gaps in temporal logic (if it's 1979 in Season 8 how could Season 1 have been 1976 especially considering that the TV seasons usually have weather seasons--its winter during Christmas and warming up towards the episodes that air in April and May) or the "Happy Days" syndrome in which every character has become a caricature of his or herself (Kelso is Stupid, Red is hard ass, Fez is horny: ok, ok Fez has always been horny), I have stuck it out. But when it was announced that Topher Grace was leaving the show as well as Ashton Kutcher I was prepared to jump ship altogether.

    Eric has been the center of the show since he got beer for Hyde and Kelso from his parent’s party way back in the pilot. To lose him was akin to bringing in Cousin Roger on "Happy Days", replacing Bo and Luke Duke with Coy and Vance Duke or putting Officer Nelson on Officer Jon Baker's bike on "CHiPs"--you just know it's not going to work. In my mind last summer the show was done and written off. But I am a true TV addict and I needed That 70's Fix and was curious to see just how quickly and horribly the building was going to burn to the ground.

    Settling in for the 8th season premiere I was prepared to watch maybe 3 or 4 episodes that I knew were going to be so bad that I couldn’t watch anymore. I did not want to see my “friends” in Point Place treated that way. As it turned out, it wasn’t the school bus wreck I was expecting. Granted, there were some pointedly awful moments. They would have to find someway to invoke the spirit of Topher and having Kitty tape messages to send him in Africa is about as basic as it gets but it gets the job done. Though it made an excuse for one of the episode’s worst jokes: having Fez do a Porky Pig impression which wasn’t even funny in a Fez sort of way. (Though him singing “Doooo Iiiiit” was as good a Fez is a hornball joke as you could expect 8 seasons in.) Equally bad is the embarrassing new opening credits that has all the cast members mugging directly into the camera singing along to “In The Street” which, come to think of it, was already a bastardization of that tune even by Season 2. The lone exception is Red not singing along at all: his character defined.

    The idea of Kitty getting stoned is a funny one and usually Debra Jo Rupp knows when to go over the top and when to rein it in for a laugh but her performance was a little too cornball for me though I am sure many thought it inspired. Not to mention, that this is the second time Kitty has been stoned in a season opener and seeing her as such only made me think of Red singing “Hippity hoppity, Easter’s on its way!” moments before he sold The Vista Cruiser in a happier time. One other small complaint: did anyone ever really buy Kelso as a cop even in a broad comedy situation? And do you think they will reference his daughter and his apartment with Fez ever again now that he is leaving too?

    So where are the good nuggets in the steamy pile of faux 70’s nostalgia? There were actually more decent than dreadful moments in these 2 episodes. Congratulations on a network show making the death of a character a joke in the show. I was not expecting Charlie to shuffle off this mortal coil when he fell from the water tower but not only did he bite it but there were laughs too. Now, I’m not saying that death is always good for a chuckle but at least it’s maybe indicative of the fact that the writers of the show aren’t afraid to push a few buttons for laughs this year and without Grace around to turn any line into snarky comic gold they’re going to need as many laughs as they can get. Which is why it was wise to bring in (finally!) Tommy Chong full time as Leo. His rapport with Steven and the gang has always been entertaining but as the focus of the show moves away from the basement and likely toward the record store it’s going to be essential if the show runners are going to continue to hold an audience. The departure of Grace and Kutcher will also force the writers to rely even more on Kitty and Red who have, in the past few seasons, been underwritten. Hopefully, they will now get more airtime and the writing will reignite the effective dynamic they had in the first few seasons.

    Danny Masterson, is now left the unspoken leader of the Point Place crew and will need to move beyond the bad attitude sonata he’s been playing thus far. The addition of Judy Taylor as Hyde’s stripper girlfriend could provide some interesting tension between her, Hyde and Jackie if they let it fester a little but more likely than not she will be cleverly dispatched of by episode 7 or 8 of this season. This leaves Fez, Donna and new guy Randy. Once again, Fez remains hapless and undersexed and I think that perhaps his character could use a shake up and they should give him a girlfriend for more than a 3 episode arc, if anything to keep Wilmer from trying to steal every scene he is in with diminishing returns. Donna will be difficult to keep fresh until the show completely lets go of the memory of Eric (which is virtually impossible). Even her struggling with other guys asking her out can only last for so long. Without Grace around as her foil there will be little for her to do without total character revolution. Finally, we come to Randy who as introduced seems like a contender for the spot in the group left open and if the second episode is any indicator is going to be the new snappy jelly to Hyde’s acerbic peanut butter. But with 2 short appearances under his belt it remains to be seen if he can effectively help bail water out of a boat, that no matter how sporadically funny, is well on its way to the bottom of sitcom sea.

    Several other reviews have mentioned that this was the season that “That 70’s Show” has jumped the shark. In truth, it’s already jumped it a few times: Kelso becomes a cop, Kelso has a baby, Donna goes blonde, Hyde and Jackie get together, the list goes on. Season 8 finds the show in the water with the sharks circling so let’s enjoy hangin’ out for as long as we can before 1980 pokes it’s head in the Forman’s front door and they trade their bell bottoms in for Jordache jeans and Izod polo shirts. Until then I say good day.

    I said good day!
  • This was, what it should have been!

    I love this show and as a reward I got a fantastic 8th season opener! I kind of guessed what will happen with Jackie and Hyde, butt still it was so exciting. With Eric still in Africa, there will allways be the question "When\Is is Eric coming back?".Kitty's dope voyage was awesome.It was really funny! I kind of hope that the stripper stays, because she really fits in the hole crazy-foreman-house. On the other hand I'm sure that Jackie and Hyde are gonna be together again.
    The new guy I don't like so much, but I also don't think he is going to last...or am I wrong?
    So happy and looking forward to the next episode! :)
  • A great start even without Eric

    A really great episode, that has many twist. Hyde got married, Jackie flashed, Kittie made a tape for Eric, FEZ meet a women that was did Donna, and Kelso was stupid like Kelso always is.

    There was alot of intresting things that happend in this. I belive that even though Eric, and Kelso eventually will leave, left. This show is holding its weight.

    The story about Hyde, Jackie, Kelso, and Samantha, Hydes new stripper wife, and that hole triangle of love, hate, sex and marrage. Well actually there were four of them so it was a love square.

    Well i will still watch this untill they jump the shark. Also this was a two parter with Somebody to Love that aired at the same time so this will be on both.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • Who says this show is Dead?

    Even without Topher Grace and with Ashton Kutcher leaving soon, That 70's show is well and truly alive and kicking.

    Kitty makes a tape for Eric and tells him about all the stuff he has already missed.

    Red and both found hidden stash in the basement and Kitty is al set to chuck them down the toilet, but she changes her mind with hilarious circumstances. This is the 1st time she has done it intentionally.

    Hyde makes up with Kelso with One good Punch! and it looks like hes about to make up with Jackie, but then when his Vegas stripper wife shows up things take another twist. (Of course he doesn't remember a thing.)

    We also say goodbye to Charlie, who fell of the water tower and unlike the others he landed awkwardly. I thought he would have been the ideal ereplacement for Eric so I'm kinda sad that he's gone.
    Its seems that Randy is Eric's relacement. he shows up in "Somebody to Love".
  • I miss Eric.

    The writing was sort of weak in this episode. I didn't think losing Eric would have THAT big of an effect on the show, but I was not impressed with "Bohemian Rhapsody." The only really funny part was when Kitty got high. Fez has just gotten annoying. He's a little too over-the-top. I guess it just wasn't as noticeable when he didn't have as much screen time. I'm hoping it will get better.
  • Kitty smoking pot is weird.

    This episode is highly funny. When Red caught Kitty in the bathroom smoking pot, I couldn't stop laughing. Also, when Kelso told Hyde he didn't know what to say (because he slept with Jackie), and Hyde said "How about "Ow", then when Kelso asked why he would say that, Hyde punches him, that's was so funny. I must say, even without Eric, the show hasn't lost its comedy.
  • An amazing start to the worst season ever...

    That 70\'s Show has been one of the most original and consistantly hilarious comedy series on television for many great seasons. The end of season 7 marked the last appearance of the show\'s main character Eric Foreman as played by Topher Grace. This was a huge blow to the show and a slap in the face to the fans, who by the way are the people that made Topher famous. Many, including myself, had all but given up on the future of the series. As I tuned into the premiere I was expecting to see a very empty version of a once great sitcom. Not the case, at least not for the premiere anyway. This episode was shockingly well written and executed. The energy was very high as usual with 70\'s premieres and the jokes were non-stop. The main reason for this, was because the other actors stepped up and gave their best as their characters and made up for the loss of Foreman.
    The episode starts as Kitty, Donna and Fez are in the Foreman kitchen recording a cassete to send to Eric in Africa. They proceed to flash back to all the events that have taken place since his departure: Kitty dipping in to Hyde\'s stash is the first. When you consider Kitty\'s earlier reactions them having a stash, it doesn\'t really add up but it is very funny as we see her lectured by a furious Red and a wise cracking Hyde. We also see Charlie written off the show, which was a wise choice considering he nearly ruined the end of season 7; very annoying character. We also pick up right after the shocker of season 7\'s finale: Kelso has sex with Jackie (Hyde\'s girlfriend at the time). Hyde was apparently so upset that he ran off to Las Vegas. When he returns, he has a brief and hilarious confrontation with Kelso, but ends up forgiving him a very quickly (didn\'t really make sense but worked out good for the episode). The whole storyline introduced at the end of season 7 with Jackie and Hyde and marriage and Chicago was very hokey anyway, glad to see it over with; the only reason for it was to take attention away from Foreman going to Africa.
    There are also some great scenes with Red, as he reacts to life without his son. Having him dancing around the basement celebrating as he throws out Eric\'s Star War\'s toys was brilliant. The highlight of this episode though, has got to be Kelso without a doubt. Ashton Kutcher is in top form in this episode. His comment about eating salt was one of the funniest things he has ever said.
    So basicaly this was a very promising episode (we are even treated to a great new theme sequence), but sadly it will end up being one of the last great episodes in this great show\'s run. The show begins a steady decline from here on out as Kelso is written off, the other characters are sold out and a horrible character is written in. It\'s a real shame this show had to end so prematurely, it could have had at least a few more amazing seasons. If there is ANY justice in the world of TV, Topher and Ashton will return for a 9th season and give there fans what they deserve.
  • I have to admit, not bad for an episode without Topher. Made me laugh a good amount.

    Kitty is distraught over the fact that she now has an empty nest, she wants someone to care about, only to find out that just because Eric is gone, doesen't stop the gang from making themselves at home at the Formans. Kitty and Donna make a documentary of whats been going on in Point Place to send to Eric. Hyde came home from Las Vegas and to Jackies displeasure, he was completely over her. When Hyde finally sees Kelso, he punches him in the face and tells him he got everything that he wanted to say all in that one punch. Jackie still tries to win back Hyde once she finds out that his intentions were to marry her. Although, while Hyde was in Vegas, he accidentally married a stripper, Samantha. While making Eric his Documentary, the flashbacks reveal that after finding the gangs stash, Kitty decides to have her fair share of some of the gangs stash.
  • The eighth season picks up with Kitty and Red discovering their empty nest isn't very empty, even with Eric in Africa. Hyde returns from Las Vegas, where he went to clear his mind.Hyde surprises the crew when the find out he got married to a stripper name

    This episode was a great way to start the season off. This one as one of my favorites. i can not believe Hyde as a wife and he did not even remember. What a total mind blower. Jackie also has an embarassing accident which makes her very upset. Jackie also says that she is done with men which the viewers no isnt going to happen. This episode also tells the us, the viewer, what has happened between the Season 7 finale and this fantastic new episode. I was also very surprised when Hyde hit Kelso. this episode was truly amazing and very exciting.
  • Hyde marries a stripper in Vegas. Eric is gone and Kitty expieriments with the gang's "Stash."

    I thought it was hilarious and I did not expect the whole Hyde marrying a striper thing, but it was a great start to an ok season.I thought the part where Kitty was caught smoking in the bathroom was very funny and the part where Jackie and Donna are at the bar and jackie says, "I don't have a hot friend." The "Boobs Out" part was funny too.
  • Season 8 begins, leaving Eric behind

    This is a hilarious opener to the seventh season, and while it doesn't have the exact same charm as previous seasons, the episode is nonetheless entertaining, particularly the old water tower joke, that never gets old no matter how many times it's happened over the series. The fact that it seems to start off as an initiation for Charlie to go through to be one of the gang (with Fez saving the beer rather than Charlie) and turns out to be a deadly end for the new character is funny and seems to show that the season will continue with the existing characters.

    Jackie and Hyde is a relationship that's gone on too long, and the Kelso/Jackie relationship was much funnier, but the plot was very well driven in the episode, and the twist that Hyde did get married, but not to who he assumed he'd be forced to eventually, but rather a drunken elope with a stripper, is just hilarious, and is bound to set up some good conflict.

    This episode was consistently funny, especially Eric's tape and Kelso being dumber than ever, and is a good start to what is hopefully a satisfying season.
  • Well, the eighth season is here, and even without Eric, it starts with a bang.

    Eric's in Africa, and for continuity sakes, Fez, Kitty and Donna are making an audio tape to send to him. They describe Red's "downheartedness" and Kitty's first voluntary experience with their "secret stash" (The first actual time is with the brownies back in the season 2 opener "Garage Sale"), which resulted in Kitty experiencing a slew of hallucinations, each funnier than the previous. She also attempts to get Red to reveal to Eric how much he misses him, but all he does is make fun of Eric's toys and his disappointment in Eric's lack of sport interest. But Kitty, always one step ahead of her husband, tricks a confession out of him, revealing her potential to be an FBI agent.

    Also, Kelso is desperately trying to avoid Hyde after being caught with Jackie in a motel. Only to find out that Hyde simply wanted to deck him one, before constantly **** at Jackie for the supposed betrayal.

    After that's settled, Jackie learns from Kelso himself that Hyde went to see her in an attempt to ask her to marry him. But after the insanity from the motel, Hyde reveals that it was an attempt for him and Jackie to stay together, and that he's not ready to get married...yet. Of course, this backfires severely when an exotic dancer shows up at the house, revealing that when Hyde was drowning his sorrows in Las Vegas, she and Hyde got married!

    This results in Jackie going off the bend and attempts to start breaking guys hearts again. She, Donna and Fez head out to a local bar, attempting to seduce men and then cast them aside, but it backfires when the first guys she hits on is interested in Donna, and another girl hits on Fez, resulting in Jackie being the fifth wheel.

    Jackie, of course, does not take the rejection well (then again, when did she?) and gets a tad snockered (Jerkie Backhart, LOL!), and after an unforeseen wardrobe malfunction, she locks herself in the bathroom for the rest of the night, although if she stayed out, she would have seen that the two hitting on Donna and Fez are actually married and hit on other people in order to make the other jealous and the sex at home great. Jackie eventually swears off men (and every gender, you pervs).

    Also, Leo, while left in charge of the record store, ends up turning it into a stoner circle for him and his hippie friends. But when Hyde tries to fire him in a circle of his own, he instead ends up hiring a new guy, Randy (you may recognize him from MadTV) and Leo keeps his job.

    Oh, and whatever happened to Charlie you ask? Well, during one night on the water tower, Charlie falls off (Ala Kelso, Hyde, Fez and Eric) but apparently he isn't made of sterner stuff, and thus the tower was named after him, cause, you know, he DIED!!!

    Lots of interesting developments during this opener, Surprise marriages, death, new guys, wardrobe malfunctions, and the first episode where there is no Eric whatsoever. An interesting start to a highly skeptical season.
  • Poor Eric is off, but, still, a rocky start to a final season.

    Recording a lot in weeks gets pretty exciting. I really think killing off Charlie was pretty bad. And, I didn't like who Hyde married. Ugh.

    But, this episode surrounds moraly, the cahracters comeing BACK to character. Donna is still a maiden of distress, Fez is still funny. Kelso has been funnier, Hyde is the bad boy, and Jackie is still selfish.

    What I still like was that Red was doing what he has always dreamed of; throwing away Eric's stuff!
    And, you gotta love the recording tape Eric will recieve!

    But, still, I hate 3 things about this episode;

    1. Sam.
    2. Charlie dying. I mean, no one dies but him.
    3. Eric leaving. But, that's the least of Season 8's problems.

    Overall, this episode gets 8.1, for being a good and rocky start down the road of the last season of a great series.
  • season 8

    after eric has leave point place and hyde is gone Kitty, Fez and Donna record a tape for Eric telling him things that had happened since he left first kitty did her own circle and jackie left everything of her dream to look for Hyde and too think that the gang's new friend Charlie fell off the water towner and he dies and Hyde came back and i think it's so annoying that Jackie keeps bring up lets get married are we going to get married and Hyde had married a stripper and kelso fell out of the water towner and lives
  • 801

    Solid season premiere that caught us up on last season's finale, and resolves some of the ongoing plots while opening up some new ones. In quality, this was a good season opener. This was probably the only episode in season eight where I didn't feel like they were trying to fill the void of Eric leaving. This episode was focused more on what happened after Eric left. Everything that happens is surprisingly eventful and funny.

    Donna, Kitty, and Fez sitting around recording things for Eric got tiresome after a while. Kitty getting high is definitely the highlight of this episode. Jackie & Hyde's relationship starts to fall apart once they start to rehash what happened in Chicago. It only gets worse, when we learn Hyde married a stripper. I felt like the writers were trying to mess their relationship up. It was at a point, where it could have been fixed, but then it just got a whole lot worse. Kelso being in the first couple episodes this season was smart of the show runners. It didn't feel strange watching this episode, even though Eric wasn't in it. So a solid opener.
  • superb

    Kitty tapes her voice and everyone else's to give Eric a taste of what he has been missing ever since he left.

    Hyde punches Kelso in the aftermath of the previous season finale, and Jackie tries to explain what happened, and Hyde reveals he is not ready to get married- yet. Then, a stripper comes in, and we learn Hyde, who had been gone for a month in Vegas, married this stripper. And on this note, the episode ends.

    Great episode. It was funny. I loved Kitty taping Red saying he missed Eric, and I loved Kelso, after being punched in the mouth (I get it!). The delivery of that line had me laughing. And I liked the ending to it. But the show isn't really the same without Eric. I dunno. Overall grade- A-
  • With Eric and (later on) Kelso gone all Season 8 long, "That 70s Show" will never be the same

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "That 70s Show". With Eric and (later on) Kelso being gone all Season 8 long, this show will never be the same. Even though Season 8 is my least favorite season of the show, it really is not that bad and I don't see why everyone says Season 8 is unwatchable. Sure, the episodes aren't as funny as the first 7 seasons were but it's still funny and pretty good. The first episode of were Eric is gone for the Season 8 premiere and Kitty video taping what things have happened since Eric was gone. Kitty telling Eric the story about how she and Red found the bad of weed in the basement was absolutely hilarious. Kitty doing weed in the bathroom and getting high was hilarious. Fez doing his "Porky Pig" impression was funny. Also, Kitty video taping Red about how Red misses Eric towards the end of the episode was hilarious. It was hilarious Kitty was video taping Hyde and Jackie's argument. My score was a little low because a few scenes were a little dragged. Overall, a superb episode of "That 70s Show" and a superb start for Season 8. 9/10