That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 1

Bohemian Rhapsody

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2005 on FOX

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  • Well, the eighth season is here, and even without Eric, it starts with a bang.

    Eric's in Africa, and for continuity sakes, Fez, Kitty and Donna are making an audio tape to send to him. They describe Red's "downheartedness" and Kitty's first voluntary experience with their "secret stash" (The first actual time is with the brownies back in the season 2 opener "Garage Sale"), which resulted in Kitty experiencing a slew of hallucinations, each funnier than the previous. She also attempts to get Red to reveal to Eric how much he misses him, but all he does is make fun of Eric's toys and his disappointment in Eric's lack of sport interest. But Kitty, always one step ahead of her husband, tricks a confession out of him, revealing her potential to be an FBI agent.

    Also, Kelso is desperately trying to avoid Hyde after being caught with Jackie in a motel. Only to find out that Hyde simply wanted to deck him one, before constantly **** at Jackie for the supposed betrayal.

    After that's settled, Jackie learns from Kelso himself that Hyde went to see her in an attempt to ask her to marry him. But after the insanity from the motel, Hyde reveals that it was an attempt for him and Jackie to stay together, and that he's not ready to get married...yet. Of course, this backfires severely when an exotic dancer shows up at the house, revealing that when Hyde was drowning his sorrows in Las Vegas, she and Hyde got married!

    This results in Jackie going off the bend and attempts to start breaking guys hearts again. She, Donna and Fez head out to a local bar, attempting to seduce men and then cast them aside, but it backfires when the first guys she hits on is interested in Donna, and another girl hits on Fez, resulting in Jackie being the fifth wheel.

    Jackie, of course, does not take the rejection well (then again, when did she?) and gets a tad snockered (Jerkie Backhart, LOL!), and after an unforeseen wardrobe malfunction, she locks herself in the bathroom for the rest of the night, although if she stayed out, she would have seen that the two hitting on Donna and Fez are actually married and hit on other people in order to make the other jealous and the sex at home great. Jackie eventually swears off men (and every gender, you pervs).

    Also, Leo, while left in charge of the record store, ends up turning it into a stoner circle for him and his hippie friends. But when Hyde tries to fire him in a circle of his own, he instead ends up hiring a new guy, Randy (you may recognize him from MadTV) and Leo keeps his job.

    Oh, and whatever happened to Charlie you ask? Well, during one night on the water tower, Charlie falls off (Ala Kelso, Hyde, Fez and Eric) but apparently he isn't made of sterner stuff, and thus the tower was named after him, cause, you know, he DIED!!!

    Lots of interesting developments during this opener, Surprise marriages, death, new guys, wardrobe malfunctions, and the first episode where there is no Eric whatsoever. An interesting start to a highly skeptical season.