That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 1

Bohemian Rhapsody

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2005 on FOX

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  • An amazing start to the worst season ever...

    That 70\'s Show has been one of the most original and consistantly hilarious comedy series on television for many great seasons. The end of season 7 marked the last appearance of the show\'s main character Eric Foreman as played by Topher Grace. This was a huge blow to the show and a slap in the face to the fans, who by the way are the people that made Topher famous. Many, including myself, had all but given up on the future of the series. As I tuned into the premiere I was expecting to see a very empty version of a once great sitcom. Not the case, at least not for the premiere anyway. This episode was shockingly well written and executed. The energy was very high as usual with 70\'s premieres and the jokes were non-stop. The main reason for this, was because the other actors stepped up and gave their best as their characters and made up for the loss of Foreman.
    The episode starts as Kitty, Donna and Fez are in the Foreman kitchen recording a cassete to send to Eric in Africa. They proceed to flash back to all the events that have taken place since his departure: Kitty dipping in to Hyde\'s stash is the first. When you consider Kitty\'s earlier reactions them having a stash, it doesn\'t really add up but it is very funny as we see her lectured by a furious Red and a wise cracking Hyde. We also see Charlie written off the show, which was a wise choice considering he nearly ruined the end of season 7; very annoying character. We also pick up right after the shocker of season 7\'s finale: Kelso has sex with Jackie (Hyde\'s girlfriend at the time). Hyde was apparently so upset that he ran off to Las Vegas. When he returns, he has a brief and hilarious confrontation with Kelso, but ends up forgiving him a very quickly (didn\'t really make sense but worked out good for the episode). The whole storyline introduced at the end of season 7 with Jackie and Hyde and marriage and Chicago was very hokey anyway, glad to see it over with; the only reason for it was to take attention away from Foreman going to Africa.
    There are also some great scenes with Red, as he reacts to life without his son. Having him dancing around the basement celebrating as he throws out Eric\'s Star War\'s toys was brilliant. The highlight of this episode though, has got to be Kelso without a doubt. Ashton Kutcher is in top form in this episode. His comment about eating salt was one of the funniest things he has ever said.
    So basicaly this was a very promising episode (we are even treated to a great new theme sequence), but sadly it will end up being one of the last great episodes in this great show\'s run. The show begins a steady decline from here on out as Kelso is written off, the other characters are sold out and a horrible character is written in. It\'s a real shame this show had to end so prematurely, it could have had at least a few more amazing seasons. If there is ANY justice in the world of TV, Topher and Ashton will return for a 9th season and give there fans what they deserve.
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