That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 1

Bohemian Rhapsody

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2005 on FOX

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  • Poor Eric is off, but, still, a rocky start to a final season.

    Recording a lot in weeks gets pretty exciting. I really think killing off Charlie was pretty bad. And, I didn't like who Hyde married. Ugh.

    But, this episode surrounds moraly, the cahracters comeing BACK to character. Donna is still a maiden of distress, Fez is still funny. Kelso has been funnier, Hyde is the bad boy, and Jackie is still selfish.

    What I still like was that Red was doing what he has always dreamed of; throwing away Eric's stuff!
    And, you gotta love the recording tape Eric will recieve!

    But, still, I hate 3 things about this episode;

    1. Sam.
    2. Charlie dying. I mean, no one dies but him.
    3. Eric leaving. But, that's the least of Season 8's problems.

    Overall, this episode gets 8.1, for being a good and rocky start down the road of the last season of a great series.