That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 15

Burning Down the House

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2000 on FOX

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  • Jackie throws a small and classy dinner party until Kelso invited more people and turned it into a fun party

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". It was so freakin' hilarious and it was well written. Also, the beautiful Amy Adams guest stars as Kat Peterson (the popular girl that was having sex with Hyde). Kelso turning Jackie's classy dinner party into a fun party was also very funny. Fez was absolutely hilarious... every line he said in this episode made me laugh non-stop. The subplot was also hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing. The subplot was that Red came to Bob and Midge's home and Red saw that Bob was bald who had hair to cover his baldness the whole time and it was hilarious. It was hilarious when Red, Kitty, Bob, and Midge were playing the "Scribbles" game and Red's scribble said "Balding", Kitty's scribble said "A Bad Rug" and Bob's scribble said "Shoot Me"... that part really made me laugh so hard. Kelso almost catching Jackie's on fire was also very funny. Jackie told Kelso that she had alot of thinking to do and that's when their relationship is on the rock. That guy who was missing his pants was also hilarious. Overall, an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". 10/10
  • Jackie attempts to throw a small, classy dinner party but Kelso, her beloved boyfriend, ruins it. Red runs in on Bob removing his toupee.

    Jackie dreams of throwing small, classy dinner parties later in her life with Michael Kelso as her handsome, but also smart and classy husband. Donna laughs at these fantasies, saying that Jackie expects too much out of Kelso. She wants him to do things that he probably doesn't even know how to do. I agree with this point made by Donna, but also say that she herself expects too much out of Eric, although he has his share of mess-up's too, just like Kelso does. Anyways, Kelso invites Hyde and Fez, which is already horrible enough, because Jackie doesn't want them there. He also invites about thirty other people, innocently thinking that a bigger and more fun party will make Jackie happier. But it doesn't, and she storms off with Donna to her bedroom to rant about how immature Kelso is and everything she expects out of him. While she and Donna are having an important conversation, Kelso is actually, seriously, worried about his situation in his relationship with Jackie. He unknowingly throws a cigar in a trash bin and doesn't realize it's on fire until it's too late. The whole house doesn't burn down, like some people think, but it does a significant amount of damage to the living room. Actually, it just destroyed the bin. The messiness of the room is more of a result from all the chaos from the other people at the party, including that guy who we see every once in a while trying to get attention from people. This time, he took off his pants while proudly saying, "Hey guys, I'm gonna take my pants off!" Kelso tries to put the fire out with some alcohol, lots of different kinds of it. When he finally realizes that alcohol is flammable, he tries putting the fire out with a pillow, as you see feathers flying out from the cushion, making things even a bigger mess. That is when Jackie and Donna re-enter the room. Jackie gives a big scolding to Kelso, then leaves after saying the words, "I have a lot of things to think about." You know what I realized? Jackie is already a grade behind the rest of the gang in Eric, Donna, Hyde, Kelso, and Fez. But also in the Halloween episode, Kelso admits that he had to repeat a grade, so he's all sad about a girl two years younger than him that he lost. I think he can do better, older, taller, and hotter. Meanwhile, Red and Kitty have to play an uncomfortable game of Scrabble the same day that Red walked in on Bob removing his toupee in his kitchen sink. There's awkward silence the whole game until Bob finally admits it to the whole gang. He says he's ashamed of himself, and decides that he's done living a lie. He takes the toupee off, but less than a minute later, Red, Kitty, and I burst out laughing and Red determines that yes, Bob really needs the toupee! Great episode, but I'm not really a fan of Kelso chasing after Jackie. I like her better with Hyde.
  • Hahahahahahaha

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    Excuse that :P. This episode was really funny. Jackie wanted to throw a sophisticated party, but Kelso wanted to throw the most out of control party of the year.

  • Kelso burns down Jackie's house, a perfect ingredient to a perfect episode.

    This episode is he he he hilarious! Especially when Jackie starts reminiscing what the lush life will be like. Fez is obviously the waiter, that cracked me up. Oh, the disaster party was insanity. It was hilarious how Kelso puts wine in the trashcan to put the fire out. That really makes me think Kelso is retarded. I hated Eric's cockiness though, Donna should be mad at him. I also like how Jackie got serious for once & told everyone to get out as she wanted to take a break from Kelso. Typical Jackie, Typical Kelso in a typical episode. yea.
  • With her parents away, Jackie plans on throwing a small, classy dinner party. Kelso tries to turn it into a fun party, and invites everyone he knows; Kelso ends up making them worse. Hyde makes it with a snobby girl from school.

    With her parents away, Jackie plans on throwing a small, classy dinner party. Kelso tries to turn it into a fun party, and invites everyone he knows; Jackie is upset, and when Kelso tries to fix things, he only ends up making them worse. Hyde makes it with a snobby girl from school, but the guys don't believe him. Red finds out that Bob wears a toupee, and then has to spend an uncomfortable evening not talking about it.
  • Bob bald?

    This episode really has fun with Kelso's character because there are so many hilarious idiotic quotes that come out of his mouth.

    Bob being bald was revealing and very entertaining, especially the scrabble game where Red and Kitty have words such as "Balding", "A Bad Rug" and "Cueball".

    The title of this episode really sums up the main scene in the episode with Kelso stupidly trying to put out the flames with alcohol.

    Eric drunk was also a great out-of-character trait when before he couldn't stand it that the kids weren't using coasters.

    Fez not believing that Hyde and Kat Peterson could be dating was a hilarious plot as was his tuxedo shirt.

    Overall, the episode is one of the funniest in season 2.