That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 15

Burning Down the House

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2000 on FOX



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    • Jackie: The attire is semi-formal-casual.
      Fez: Ah, finally I can wear my tuxedo T-shirt!
      Jackie: Uh sorry, Fez, I forgot to invite you and Hyde.
      Fez: Oh, but it's never too late.
      Jackie: Okay, bye! (she leaves)
      Kelso: Don't worry, Fez, I'm sure you and Hyde can come.
      (Jackie reenters)
      Jackie: No Michael, they can't!

    • (Eric picks up a beer can that Donna put on the piano, and puts it on a coaster)
      Eric: Hey, hey, would it kill you to use a coaster? Bunch of wild hooligans here.
      Donna: Oh, sorry, Red.
      Eric: Well, you know, it was gonna leave a ring.
      Donna: That's so true, Kitty. Eric, look, this isn't your house. You aren't going to get in trouble for any of this so loosen up.
      Eric: Yeah, I guess I could do that. (he moves the beer can off the coaster) Oh my God, it's like I'm seeing colors I've never seen before!

    • Kelso: If a party of ten people is fun, then a party of thirty people would be twice as much fun!

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    • Eric: Oh, Rerun's not smart.
      Fez: What's Happening? I'll tell you what's happening: hilarity.
      Kelso: Yeah no kidding. "Hey Hey Hey!" That's just funny man.

      The gang is watching What's Happening; the theme music from the show can be heard on the TV. This show ran on ABC from 1976 to 1979. Rerun was one of the characters in the show, and "Hey hey hey" was the catch-phrase of Dwayne Clemmons, another character on the show.

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