That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 23

Canadian Road Trip

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 08, 2001 on FOX

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  • Worst episode ever.

    Unfunny episode, filled with offensive Canadian stereotypes. It was exactly this episode that made me stop watching the show. Perhaps consider your Canadian market before you broadcast this bullshit, morons.
  • As a Canadian, I hate this episode.

    Overall, I think that "That '70s Show" is a pretty solid show, but this is probably my least favourite episode. As a Canadian, I know the stereotypes well, and I was hoping that they would allude to a mixture of those stereotypes without being too insulting. Instead, it was just exaggerated accents (which, by the way, are more common in the Maritimes, not the middle of the country) and a bunch of "eh"s. In the end, I found this episode more offensive than funny. Furthermore, I'm simply not a fan of Leo--I find him irritating. I was sadly disappointed by this episode.
  • Eric, Hyde, Fez, Kelso, and Leo go on a road trip to Canada to get some beer

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show" that made me laugh so freakin' hard. Eric/Hyde/Fez/Kelso/Leo plot was about when Eric, Hyde, Fez, Kelso, and Leo went on a road trip to Canada to get some beer. Fez realizes that he lost his green card and couldn't find it anywhere. The guys try to hide Fez until Fez blew their cover and the Canadian men started questioning Eric, Hyde, Fez, Kelso, and Leo. The guys being questioned throughout the entire episode was absolutely hilarious especially when Leo was talking to the Canadian men like "Why are you in Canada?" or something like that and when Fez was speaking a different language. Everyone including the Canadian men singing the Canadian Anthem at the end of the episode was very cool. Donna/Jackie plot was about when Jackie wanted to follow her dream to become a model but Donna knows that they're scamming Jackie so she tries to convince Jackie to not model... that plot wasn't too funny but it was entertaining. As for the Red/Kitty plot, there really was no plot... all Red and Kitty and did was watch television and Red was record his movie or show to tape it but that sure was hilarious when Red forget to put the tape in the VHS. Overall, this episode was absolutely hilarious and I loved it. 10/10
  • going down to canda

    In this episode the gang and hippie Leo go a mission to get a large supply of canda beer which is better than theirs and it has very funny parts and Jackie gets a job as a model she is good for it because Jackie is smoking hot. Back in Canda they got the beer but have trouble getting back because Fez had lost his green card and they have very funny parts and back at the house Red got a VCR to record tv and movie and it was really funny and back in canda they find Fez green card and loses the beer
  • ROAD TRIP!!!!!

    I love the B plot, I love how Jackie gets scammed & Donna tries to prove it to her & I love the fantasy of Jackie becoming a model, those fantasies of magazines were awesome, I also liked Donna's fantasies about being a model. The lumberjacks & river things. The A plot, is okay, Kinda like the first episode. I love when they were interviewing people. I also like The C plot, where Kitty is trying to watch Roots, "How can Roots get on the tape when it's all the heck over her!?" A great Season 3 episode before Donna & Eric break up! :)
  • A great episode and very funny!

    The episode Canadian Road Trip was a very funny episode. The main plot is when Eric, Kelso, Hyde, Fez and Leo go to all the way from Wisconsin to Canada just to get beer. Fez, however, loses his Green Card while they're in Canada and they get caught by the Canadian police. In a subplot, Red and Kitty get a Betamax VCR and they record a "Roots" rerun but later, Red forgets to put the tape in there! In another subplot, Jackie auditions for the World Modeling Headquarters but it turns out she is only getting scammed.

    I liked this episode. The part I love especially is the boys' "reasons" for coming to Canada. I especially loved what Leo and Kelso said. Leo's all, "Why are you in Canada" and "What's your business in Canada" and Kelso's all "If ham's Canadian Bacon, then what do you call bacon" and "Are those snow shoes hard to walk in?" Red and Kitty were also funny. "How do you get the movie onto the tape when the tape's way the heck over here, Red?!"

    Overall, this was a very funny addition to That 70's show. They should make more episodes like this.
  • Probably the best episode ever made besides whatever one they stole fatso the clown in was.

    This episode is hysterical. Eric, Hyde, Kelso, and Fez go on a trip up to Canada to get beer. When they get there, Fez discovers that he has lost his Green Card. They put him in the back of the car with the beer. When they approach America, they are stopped by the Canadian police. They inspect the back of the car to find Fez without a Green Card. Instictively thinking that they were trying to sneek him into America, they are arrested. They try and talk their way out of it. But when things are about at the worst, Fez finds his Green Card in his shoe.
  • What's your business in Canada man?

    Best episode ever. The gang's Canadian beer run is halted when Fez loses his Green Card, and they are stopped at the border and questioned. Some quotes, if I may:

    "What's your business in Canada, man?"
    "Ah, dont tell me Crap Shoes is coming."
    "What's your business in Canada?" "Beer. Beer!!!!!!"
    "You leave Canada please." "Filthy hippie."
    "If you guys call ham Canadian bacon, what do you call bacon?"
    "Are those snowshoes hard to walk in? They're tennis rackets, aren't they?"
    "Hey, you found me! You win a beer!"
    "Red is going to kill you. I mean, shabba dibby dabby dooby."
    "The bag was on fire!!!"
    "Woohoo! Canada! Beer!"

    Non-stop laughs. Probably my favorite episode.
  • It was on fire! Woohoo! Canada! Beer! Do you ever get an american nickel in your change?

    This episode is probably my favourite episode of season three because it has so many classic scenes, especially the questions that the guards were asking and Leo’s responses “What are you doing in Canada” and it’s brought up at the end “You leave Canada please” as is Fez not speaking English in an attempt to fool the guards. Eric answering every question with beer, Hyde insisting that they were terrorists and Kelso asking stupid questions were also hilarious.

    The two B stories couldn’t hold a candle to the main one but they did come close, another episode that shows Jackie’s belief that Donna could be a lumberjack and Red’s technology troubles.

    Overall, nobody could dislike this episode when it has great Kelso moments like the bag of dog poop and the Canadian national anthem sung by the gang along with the easy ending of Fez simply forgetting that he put his green card in his shoe, conveniently right after Kelso agreed to give the Canadians the beer.