That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 13

Can't You Hear Me Knocking

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2005 on FOX

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    One of the worst episodes of That 70's Show I have ever seen. Kelso, Eric, Hyde and Fez, a gang of individuals who were responsible for some of the best banter on TV for nearly a decade, were reduced to pretending to have threatened the President and chasing a van full of dogs. I know, absolutely insane stuff.

    And the Red and Kitty stuff was borderline unwatchable. Kurtwood Smith went from one of television's best dads to a complete embarrassment. He seemed like he did not want to be out there, and given this script I cannot exactly blame him.
  • One of the best episodes of Season 7!

    This was definitely a highlight in Season 7, so many plots so little time. Pretty much the aftermath of the Jackie & Hyde breakup, Kelso, Hyde & Fez think the Feds are after them after a simple prank call. I love how they freak out, definitely the funniest plot. The subplot, Jackie & Donna try to learn karate, the funniest scene is when Jackie beats the crap out of her trainer. Yeah I guess that was a perfect way to deal, a lot of sequences were shot outside which was also great of the episode, this has to be the most high anybody has been, 4 stashes in a day! The C plot with Kitty & Red, Red pushes Kitty on the floor to catch a fish which was the third funniest scene ever! Oh a funny scene from the A plot is when they destroy that vacuum! Hysterical!
  • Death Rays and Feds cause great imaginary panic throughout.

    One of the funniest formats for a 70s show episode is one when paranoia spreads through the gang, generally caused by too much usage of their stash, and this one is no exception, with hilarious imaginary consequences of Kelso calling the White House, and Hyde's cheer up present being finished in a day.

    Jackie and Donna at Karate was amusing, but wasn't fantastic, with some predictability, though being chased by dogs let loose by the rest of the gang was a fitting ending.

    Red and Kitty ice-fishing seemed familiar, and wasn't as great as the main plot either, but overall the episode ranks quite well in terms of humour and zany plots.
  • masterpiece. simple as that.

    This episode is a pure masterpiece. It is as simple as that. I loved how constantly they were afraid of the "feds" coming to take them away, plus i believe it may have had the most circles in one episode than any other. It was funny when at the beggining, red made some excellent burns on kitty and kelso made those gun noises with the word, "BUURRNN!" after. And on the second time red stoped him, which made me laugh. I cant stop watching this on my DVR. Many things could be done to make it better, but I wouldnt make any changes myself!