That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 18

Career Day

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 1999 on FOX

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  • The kids get to spend the day with their parents

    It was an okay think Katey Sagal as Hyde's mom is is so ironic that Kelso's dad is so smart and he's an idiot.

    The highlight of the episode,though, is Jackie and thought they were going to turn it into a emotional Brady Bunch scene when Jackie said that her dad didn't spend time with her but they did it so cleverly where she still got to spend time with a father figure but not turn it to mushy and stuff which would have been weird given Red's personality.
  • The gang spends the day working with their parents on Career Day


    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show" and it's definitely one of Season 1's best episodes. I was laughing very hard in all of the plots that were in this episode. The gang spends the day working with their parents on Career Day. I have the Eric/Kitty plot where Eric goes to work at the hospital with Kitty for Career Day. Red/Jackie plot when Jackie doesn't go to Career Day so she just spends the day with Red fixing up the car. The Kelso/Kelso's dad plot when Kelso just spends the day with his dad at work. The Bob/Donna plot when Donna spends the day with Bob at his job with a bunch of circus clowns and all that. And last but not least, we have the Hyde/Fez/Hyde's mom plot where Hyde spends the day with his mom who works with the cafeteria and Fez tags along with Hyde. Like I just said, all of the plots made me laugh very hard. All of the hospital stuff that traumatized Eric such as when Kitty tries to push the baby out of a patient's stomach, Eric picking up a dead man, etc.... it's was just pure hilarity right there. Kelso being bored and tired when his dad is telling him all of the business stuff was funny. Kelso's line "I just thought you were a farmer" was very funny. Jackie helping Red fix the car was very funny and Red starting to enjoy Jackie's company was very funny. Bob bringing circus clowns to his job was funny. It was also funny when Hyde's mom Edna made it up to him by buying Hyde beer was funny especially when she said "Do you have your fake I.D." and then Hyde responds "Right here". Overall, an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". 10/10

  • perfect


    what i liked- Hyde's mother offering to buy him a beer, with full knowledge he is underage, pretty much every scene with Kitty and Eric at the hospital, Red saying that 'finally. one who's not useless', Katey Sagel as Hyde's mom, Kelso having no idea what his father does, and his line "I'm just going to say you're a farmer", amongst other things.

    good episode. I'm not a huge fan of this show but i can't say this episode did not make me laugh, because i'd be lying. there were numerous funny parts. one minor nitpick; Edna (that was Hyde's mother's name right?) says she'll be Hyde a beer, but then as they walk out, asks if he has his fake ID. he wouldn't need it if she was buying for him. unless he drank it right where they bought it, because Edna is obviously over 21. Hyde shouldn't need his fake ID since his mom offered to buy him a beer, unless he were to drink it at the place they bought it at. Still funny episode. A+

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show that 70s show its career day and everyone has to go to work with there parents erik goes with his mother to work and finds out that she is really liked there and she has a good timer there and how she sees all the dead bodys and sick people and donna sees how her dad is called bargan bob and hyde and his mother dont really get along and kelso does not understand what his dad does at all and lies and says he is a farmer this was a good ep i thought and it had some funny moments in it
  • 118

    Wonderful installment of That 70s Show, definitely under appreciated to say the least. We've got so much on going story lines here, and we've even got characters branching out and interacting with people they don't usually interact with. I found myself laughing all the way through this episode, and I was watching, I knew it would become an instant classic, which in my eyes, it definitely did.

    We've even got a lot a of subtle emotion here, with Red switching to part time, even though there was some humor to this, you can't help but feel bad for him. His interactions with Jackie were hilarious though, and I really wish they had more interactions like this throughout the series' run. Kitty stole the show here, and we also got to sympathize with her character, and her hardships at being a nurse. The singing in the end really brought emotion to it's viewers.

    Donna & Bob's story line I really could have done without, it just seemed quite pointless and just an excuse to squeeze Donna in for this episode. Hyde's plot was just as emotional as the other two, with spending career day with his mom & Fez, brings back harboring feelings of his very sad childhood. Kelso's plot was absolutely hysterical and definitely was the funniest tonight. One of the most well written episodes of That 70s Show, no doubt about it.
  • Eric goes to the hospital with his mom, Donna goes to Bargain Bob's with his dad, Hyde goes to the kitchen of the school with his mom plus Fez, Kelso visits his dad at his office of whatever, and Jackie hangs around the Forman house and helps Red.

    These were one of those episodes that really didn't have to do with the whole series storylines, but it was still a decent episode. All of the gang go to their parents' work for Career Day. Eric goes with his mom to the hospital, as he gets to meet the lovely nurses at the clinic, and goes with Kitty on her rounds at the hospital. As he gets to experience a paralyzed person, pregnant lady, dead person, and a person apparently that has a disease or fungus of somewhat that looks very disgusting. Donna goes to her dad's store - Bargain Bob's. She interviews him about the job, and replaces all of his "corny" lines with comments of more "dignification". When he finds out, he gives Donna a great talk of how all the stuff some people might call crazy, is to get business, and earn money for Donna's future. Meanwhile, Hyde and Fez go to the school cafeteria as Hyde's mother is the lunch lady. While Fez tries to innocently ask Edna (Hyde's mom) some questions, Hyde and Edna get into a fight about Hyde being just like his father who left them. But they settle it over a beer, as they leave the school with Edna asking her son if he has his fake identity. You got it. Kelso? Well, you never would of thought his father would be involved in such a complicated job. Kelso doesn't even note what his job is. He gets stressed out all day trying to guess what his father does, so he just comes to a conclusion, and does the wise thing: lies and says his dad's a farmer. Meanwhile, Jackie, since she's a sophomore, doesn't have Career Day. She hangs around the Formans' house, and turns out to be a surprise to Red when she can do some dirty work with the Vista Cruiser. Red likes her now, doesn't he? Well this was a great episode, but like I said, didn't have much to do with the major series storylines with Eric/Donna, Kelso/Jackie and everything like that.
  • the gang spends the day with their parents [fez with hyde's mother] to see how they work. Jackie spends the day with Mr Forman and changes a tire.

    This is one of the funniest episodes in the whole intire series. It's my favorite episode. I remember watching it for the first time and i just couldnt stop laughing. I exspecially love the party where Kitty and Eric sing 'Bad Blood'-Niel Sedaka in the car. I also liked to see how Kelso's father is so much smarter than him and Kelso is NOT getting anything he's takling about. And Fez not understanding that working at in a school lunch room is not the most praised job. Almost every line that come out of the actors mouth is funny in this episode. watch it!
  • No dull scenes in this brilliant installment

    Red finding that he's finally met one of Eric's friends that he likes, coincidentally not one of his friends but Jackie, was great, both learning a thing or two from each other.

    Kelso being tortured for just asking what his dad's job is which is never really revealed since Kelso gets way too confused is also funny whenever I see those scenes.

    Eric at the hospital was also both funny to see another side of his mother and odd, considering Kitty's response to a dead patient.

    Hyde's interaction with his mother was classic and the disturbing ingredients in the food were hilarious aswell.

    Overall, all the career days were hilarious and not one scene should be changed.
  • This episode was very good. This show never disappoints! I mean, for crying out loud, almost every episode is great! Katey Segal (did I spell that right?) was well-picked in the role of Hyde's mother, and it's very realistic. "Gross Edna." Heh. Very funny

    This episode contains one of my favorite lines by Eric. "When I go to the hospital, I like to not die." That line's hilarious! It's funny that Jackie and Red actually are alike. It just doesn't seem possible! I like how both Red and Jackie say whenever someone says an insult, "That's one!" Great episode.