That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 25

Cat Fight Club

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 15, 2000 on FOX

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  • Hyde teaches Jackie how to be Zen

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". It definitely made me laugh so hard. The main plot was good when Laurie and Kelso are dating each other again but Red doesn't know about it so they need to find a way to tell him. The subplot was also good when Jackie gets tired of seeing Kelso with Laurie since Jackie and Kelso already broke up... so Hyde teaches Jackie how to be Zen (definition... act cool) in order for Jackie to not get furious everytime she and Laurie fight with each other. The table scene was hilarious when Kelso gave Red a 5-pack beer and it was hilarious when Hyde was opening the can of beer slowly under the table. Red's fantasy was so hilarious with how the future of Kelso and Laurie would go and it was also hilarious when Fez is a robotic foreign butler or something like that and Red has a jetpack. Jackie acting very strange and very cool was very funny to see. Red's talk with Kelso about Kelso dating Laurie was very good to see and pretty funny. Overall, this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show" that made me laugh so freakin' hard. 10/10
  • It's hard for Jackie to fight back Laurie, Kelso's new girlfriend, (although she's not really that new, since he already was cheating on Jackie with her) so she seeks Hyde's help.

    Hyde takes Jackie under his wing as he teaches her how to be zen. "Hyde, you can just go making up words!" "No, zen! Calm, aloof . . . zen!" This is to teach Jackie how to respond to a typical Laurie insult, with something vague, like, "Whatever" or "That's cool." Jackie is a little ignorant at first, but Hyde, a great teacher of things like this, teachers her, finally, how to be zen. Calm. Aloof. Zen. She finally gets to show off her new skills in front of Laurie, and actually gets a "wow" out of Laurie about how much she has matured in that episode alone! Laurie keeps the insults coming on, though, and the threatens and taunts her about Kelso and everything. Jackie then cannot help but jump on top of her, and we actually get to witness a real cat fight! Jackie kicks Laurie's ass, who bites Donna. Donna's worried that Laurie may of given her slut rabies! That would be a shame to everybody, unless the slut rabies made Donna a slut? That might interest Forman a bit, don't you think? Meanwhile, Hyde still praises Jackie for beating Laurie up. Where zen ends, ass-kicking begins! And now, Jackie's well past fallen for Hyde.
  • LOL!!

    Wow! Funny! Action PACKED! Well written! THAT '70S SHOW! Woo HOO! YEEEEEEAH!

    Jackie and Laurie have an all-out cat fight, and Jackie kicks some Laurie-ass. Red learns that Kelso is dating Laurie. So, Red makes a deal with Kelso, his foot won't go up Kelso's ass, if Kelso doesn't ever even MENTION Laurie or Laurie's NAME in front of him, so, Kelso takes it as, he can be with Laurie, Red just can't see it (and that storyline was very entertaining, I can definitely, positively, completely assure you all, it was funny in the end).

    So, this episode was really great. I really enjoyed it, I'm sure those of you who haven't seen it yet will really like it, too.

  • Jackie becomes Zen.

    This episode is filled with laughs and a good time because you get to see a whole new side of Jackie & an even B***ier side of Laurie, well she got what she deserved when Red found out about her & Kelso. Anyways, Jackie's first time in the circle should be a great moment in That 70's Show history. She is so funny in the circle. "Hey, no more for the cheerleader okay?" That was hilarious. My favorite part is when Jackie kicks Laurie's ass, she was amazing & Laurie's deserved it also being thrown by Kelso when Red walks in the room.
  • JACKIE MY HERO! So funny!

    Oh yes, one of my all time FAVORITE pre- Hyde & Jackie episodes! Little tiny Jackie kickin' Laurie's skanky butt! So great! Eww, Laurie... eww Kelso... eww Laurie & Kelso! Fez was a crack up as always, dirty little foreign boy... I LOVE FEZ! And Hyde was a little revealing with his feelings about our newly single debutante in his very Zen way. Calling Jackie a tiny cyst, helping her out with Laurie, getting her in the circle, hmmm... I'd say Jackie is officially part of the group. Can't wait to see this episode again! HURRY UP HASTINGS! I want to rent this show!!!
  • Where Zen ends, ass-kicking begins!

    Hyde teaching Jackie to be Zen was a hilarious plot and Donna's confusion was brilliant:
    Donna: Hey Jackie. Wanna go to the mall later?
    Jackie: That's cool.
    Donna: Okay. Wait, what do you mean?
    Jackie: It worked! Uh, I mean whatever.

    Kelso's plot was just as good, bringing Red a five pack and also getting confused as to what to say to Red when he gets locked in the garage. This plot has some great quotes by Kelso such as "who wouldn't like the guy who's nailing your daughter" and the psst of Hyde opening the beer was a hilarious way to end the silence.

    The end cat fight was a brilliant ending and Hyde's wise words really sum up life ("Where zen ends, ass-kicking begins")
  • This is seriously fun stuff!!

    I loved this episode! How often is it when you get to see 2 girls cat fight...always...but thats not the point. I loved it how Hyde helps Jackie become Zen. It is sooo funny! I even learnt something from it! This is one of those episodes that can never get old! I watched it 4 times today and I still laughed!

    It is just an hysterical, slap-stick, stupid episode! And thats what is sooo good about it. Hyde teaches Jackie to get under Laurie's skin, Fez wishes he wasn't a virgin, Eric is stuck in the middle, Donna gets bitten by Laurie, Jackie becomes Zen with the help of Hyde and Kelso gets extremely scared of Red...again!

    It is awesome! it's no brilliant story line, but my god is it funny!! I think its just me!!
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