That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 25

Celebration Day (a.k.a. Graduation)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 14, 2003 on FOX
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Celebration Day (a.k.a. Graduation)
The gang will be split in half when high school graduation is over: Eric and Donna are all set to move into their Madison apartment, while poor Fez is about to be deported. The love triangle amongst the others grows more heated as Hyde and Kelso compete over an indecisive Jackie. But this tense situation is put aside so that the six friends can go camping together the night before graduation. Laurie tags along and dramatically changes Fez's life. Back at the Forman house, Red gives Kitty medication to help her deal with her depression over Eric's imminent departure.moreless

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  • Season 5 finale

    Very few people think that a heart attack is something to laugh at, but you can include That 70's Show in that short list, as they had Red Forman have a cardiac attack as the fifth season of this popular show concluded. This was one of the more memorable season concluders, along with the breakup, of course, but there are funnier episodes out there (just tune into Teen Nick for proof of that.)

    Kelso had some great lines though, and of course Kitty's menopausal outbursts are still great, but I expected a bit more here. Camping? Honestly, doesn't seem like something this group would do.moreless
  • epic season finle

    in this episod Jackie trys to pick between Hyde and kelso just like Bella in twilight and poor Fez might go back to his home whereever the heck he is from and the gang goes to a camping trip and it is so funny when Eric saw a naked Laurie and fez saw a naked Donna and Fez and Laurie had sex and next morning Fez and Laurie and kelso's van are gone and they miss graduation and Jackie learns that she loves herself more and a shocking that gives Red a heart attack is that Fez and Laurie got MARRIED?moreless
  • Series finale material...

    Does anyone else think that this could be the series finale? Because graduation is a potential series finale, it could of been a cliffhanger cause of Red's heart attack but in the additional scene, it shows that he's okay. Well anyways this was a great episode because the gang goes camping! It's so funny when they realize their lat to graduation & then they go in fast motion, I think that was my favorite part. Also everyone kept on saying how they'll never see each other again. Plus I really wanted Jackie to pick Hyde right then & there. But I love the ending when it takes pictures of everyone's reaction. Amazing season finale.moreless
  • Ehh, suprise twist.

    On almost the night before graduation, tentions arise. Eric and Donna plan to leave, and have a skinny dip, but they see the complete opposite; Fez and Laurie. Kelso and Hyde are fighting for Jackie, but, she dosen't want complete idiots to be her date wads. And Fez and Laurie... uh, take the car?!

    Okay, to graduation day, the Pinciotties and Red are unsatisfactory about their children's dissaperence. But Kitty seems to be fine. Then, when Donna and Eric keep packing, Jackie gets a bit sad, picking whoever is her love. Then, Eric advices who Jackie really loves, and who's really inside of her all along.

    On picture day, Jackie then announces who she really loves most... herself! And, before Eric and Donna leave, Laurie marries Fez! OMG! Then, Red gets a heart attack, and it looks like Eric and Donna are not going to get to Madison. Boo-hoo.

    Anyways, What a TWIST! That is all.moreless
  • A lot can happen when you miss graduation...

    The last episode of That 70’s Show’s fifth season is a big one whee anything can and does happen. Kelso and Hyde at war over Jackie who eventually comes to the tough decision that she loves herself more than the two combined, Fez and Laurie not only hooking up but getting married, the Lady of the Lake stealing their van, at least according to Kelso and the gang missing their graduation. Of course that is nothing compared to what happens in the last few seconds with Red’s heart attack and Fez’s letter home.

    While season 5 hasn’t been as solid as the previous seasons it is still a very entertaining season, and this episode ends it with a bang.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Red: I can't believe those morons missed their own graduation.
      Bob: My whole life I've waited to hear the Pinciotti name called at graduation. When they skipped from Olindorf to Stevens... a little part of me died.

      Bob said he had waited his whole life for the Pinciotti name to be called at graduation, however Donna's older sister Valerie is at college, as Midge mentioned in Eric's Birthday, and therefore Bob would have heard her name called out.

    • The gang finally graduates from high school. One slight inconsistency: it's still 1978, and It's a Wonderful Life, in season four, states that they graduate in 1979.

    • Fez has to leave the U.S. because his visa expires upon his graduation. However, in the Canadian Road Trip episode from Season 3, Fez already had a green card, which means he is a U.S. permanent resident and does not any visas.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Jackie (hears Eric scream): What the hell was that?!
      Kelso (frightened, screaming): It's the Lady of the Lake! She screms and then she kills! (runs and hides in a tent quickly)

    • Kelso: Hey Jackie! You're going to love these cookies on the camping trip. They're sweet and tasty, just like me.
      Hyde: Kelso, this apple is just like you, too.
      Kelso: You mean juicy and delicious?
      Hyde: No, red and bruised. (punches Kelso)
      Kelso: Oooooh! Yeah? Well, these hot dogs are like you too, Hyde! They' (looks towards Eric)
      Eric: Kosher.
      Kelso: Yeah! Kosher! Wait, what's kosher?
      Eric: It means blessed by a rabbi.
      Kelso: BURN!

    • Fez (conscience): There's Laurie! Okay, time to turn on the charm. (non-conscience) Hey, Laurie! Are you naked or just happy to see me?
      Donna (turns around and ducks): Oh my God! FEZ!
      Fez: Oh my God, DONNA! (conscience) Steady, old boy. It's a good chance that Donna has always longed for you, but was afraid to act to her lusty desires. Say something smooth. (non-conscience) Nice honkers!
      Donna (throwing rocks at Fez): Get out of here!
      Fez (dodging rocks): Hey! You like the rough stuff, eh?

    • Eric (sees panties and a bra on a rock): Oh YEEEES! (starts taking pants and shirt off, looks around, takes off underpants.) Why there you are, my little... sex muffin.
      Laurie (turns around): Little brother?
      Eric: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (grabs his clothes and runs away, screaming like a girl) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

    • (Fez's conscience after Laurie goes to the lake)
      Fez: She's going to the lake, oh boy! That means topless rope-swinging! Now, do you want to spend last hours in America eating s'mores, or watching her glorious breasts swinging in the chilly night air? (non-conscience and regular self) I choose boobs!

    • Eric: Hey, come on Fez, just look on the bright side. We graduate tomorrow. You go to your country with a diploma. They'll probably make you like...Head Medicine Man or something.
      Fez: Eric, there is no prize of going to a place where people are outnumbered by lizards.
      Kelso: I'm gonna miss you man. When you get there, can you mail me a lizard?
      Fez: Oh, we have no mail. We still use the old German telegraph that washed up on shore.

    • Fez: Ahh! My last American popsicle, washed down with my last American grape soda!
      Hyde: Fez, it's sad that you're getting deported, but this last American crap is getting annoying.
      Fez: Ahh, my last American chance to annoy you.

    • Fez: Now I am off to spend the rest of my American money on candy and porno.
      Donna: But Fez...
      Fez: I said candy and porno!

    • Eric: I don't know if it's the mountain air, or the poison from that thorn bush, but I slept great!

    • Laurie: I married Fez so he could stay in the country!
      Red: You did what?
      Laurie: Don't worry Daddy, I don't love him; I was just bored.

    • Jackie: I had to ask myself a really hard question: who do I love most? And the answer was so obvious, it was staring me in the face the whole time. The person I love most, is me! I love me most!
      Hyde: You choose you?
      Jackie: Look, if I could run across the beach into my own arms, I would!

    • Red: Kitty, if I dont make it, kill the foreigner.

  • NOTES (2)

    • In the original airing of this episode, Red had a fantasy sequence which starred Joe Theismann as himself. This scene was removed for both the syndicated version of the show, as well as the DVD release.

    • After Donna discovers that Eric packed the Millennium Falcon, Eric tries to defend himself by saying that it could be used as a dish for chips. Eric's line aired on TV, but was cut out of the DVD.


    • (playing his own version of American Pie)
      Kelso: Something touched me deep inside, the day that Hyde... lied. So bye bye, Mr. Steven Hyde. I'm a hottie and your nottie, Jackie's gonna be mine. She likes my brunette locks not your curly ass twine. Oh, Jackie Burkhart you are so fiiiiine... Wrote that just for you, Jackie.
      Hyde: You didn't write that, you just ripped it off of American Pie.
      Kelso: Na-ah! The American Pie guy ripped me off!

      The song that Kelso is rewriting the words to is American Pie (1971), written and sung by Don McLean. The real words to the part that Kelso is singing are:
      Something touched me deep inside
      The day the music died.
      So bye-bye Miss American Pie
      Drove my Chevy to the levee
      But the levee was dry.
      And them good ol' boys were drinking whiskey and rye,
      Singing 'this will be the day that I die,
      This will be the day that I die.'