That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 25

Celebration Day (a.k.a. Graduation)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 14, 2003 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman basement, Fez tells the gang what happened when he got arrested, and that he's going to be deported after he graduates. He says that his last wish is to go camping, and he wants the whole gang to go. Kelso and Hyde argue about it, but Fez convinces them to go, then says that he's going to spend his last US money on candy and porn. [Opening credits.] [Scene change: Hyde, Fez and Kelso walk across the screen.] In the Forman kitchen, Kelso gives Jackie a present; Hyde punches him and Jackie tells them both that they deserve to fight over her. Hyde tells Eric that Red and Kitty have arrived back from seeing the "loony doctor" (because Eric's announcement that he was moving away drove Kitty nuts); Red and Kitty come into the kitchen; she's very happy, and when Eric asks why, Red holds up a bottle of pills. At the campsite, Kelso sings a song to to the tune of American Pie, using his own words to make it about Jackie leaving Hyde and choosing him instead; Hyde begins arguing with Kelso about the song. Donna says that she's going to tell a ghost story, and sends Eric off to hide in the bushes; she tells the story of the Lady of the Lake, who killed kids who were camping, just like they are, and only left bloody track marks behind, and some tapes that the kids made. And if you listen really closely, you can hear the whisper saying "Lady of the Lake", which is the cue for Eric to scream, only he doesn't. He calls out to Donna that he's stuck in a thorn bush. Jackie announces that she's cold and wants ~someone~ to go get more fire wood; Hyde says he's not falling for that, but Kelso says that he is, and heads off to get some wood, so Hyde goes too. Laurie says that she's going to the lake, so Fez follows her, in the hopes of seeing her boobs. Eric tells Donna that it's their last night together; she suggests that they do something different, and wants to go skinny dipping. In the Forman kitchen, Joanne and Bob bring Kitty in; she seems dazed. They tell Red that they found her in one of the closets in Bob's house. Kitty says that she liked the feel of the coats. By the lake, Eric is stripping in the bushes. He turns, and sees a female, also stripping; she turns around, but it's not Donna, it's Laurie. Eric begins screaming and runs away. At the campsite, Kelso hears the screams and thinks that it's the Lady of the Lake. Back down by the lake, Fez is looking for Laurie and sees a female stripping in the bushes. He thinks it's Laurie, but when she turns around, it's Donna. She begins screaming and runs away. [Scene change: Fez is on a swing.] At the campsite, Eric tells the gang that it was horrible, and all he heard was screaming, and then realized that it was his own screaming. Donna tells him that she has it worse, because Fez will go back to his country and put her naked picture on a stamp. Jackie says that she's glad that she's not poor, and Kelso comments on how good the fire is; Hyde agrees and points out that the guitar-shaped piece of wood is burning particularly well. He and Kelso begin arguing and fighting again, and Jackie yells at them to stop, as it's not fun for her any more. Hyde and Kelso are both angry that she's been using them for her own amusement, and want her to choose immediately, but she can't. Donna and Eric wonder where Fez and Laurie went. In the van, Fez and Laurie are naked under a blanket. Fez smiles and asks Laurie if she thought it was incredible too? She says that it was okay, and Fez says that that's good enough for him. Eric Forman's Campsite; 10:23 a.m.; Graduation Day, Eric and Donna wake up; Eric says that he slept really well, then Donna realizes what time it is and freaks out, because they're going to miss their graduation. They rush to pack up, and all run to the van, but it's gone. Kelso suggests that the Lady of the Lake stole it, but Donna points out that Laurie and Fez must have taken it. In the Forman living room, Red, Kitty, Bob and Joanne come in; Red can't believe that the kids missed their own graduation; Bob is upset, because Donna would have been the first Pinciotti to graduate, so Joanne takes him for a hogie. Kitty says that she hardly cried at all when Eric got his diploma, but Red tells her that Eric wasn't there, and it was a girl that Kitty took a picture of; he tells her that they need to talk about the pills that she's taking. Kitty points out that she's upset that Eric is leaving, but Red tells her that it's their time, and they should enjoy it; Kitty agrees that she doesn't need the pills. In the Forman kitchen, the gang comes in; Jackie says that she needs a shower, as there's something brown on her jeans; she tells Kelso and Hyde that she can't choose yet. Red and Kitty come in and tell them all to be at the house at 5 p.m. dressed in their caps and gowns for pictures. In the Forman basement, Jackie tells Eric and Donna that she doesn't know who to pick: Hyde makes her think, and she likes that, but Kelso is beautiful. She tells Donna that she needs Hyde, but Kelso needs her, and being needed is nice. Eric tells her that what she has to ask herself is who she loves the most, then kicks her out. Donna begins looking through a box that they've packed; it's marked "dishes" and she wonders why they have so many dishes. She opens the box and finds the Millennium Falcon. [Scene change: Eric and Donna dance on the screen.] In the Forman driveway, Red gives Eric $10 for gas, so that he can make it out of town. Jackie comes in and tells Hyde and Kelso that she's made a decision; she asked herself who she loved the most, and the answer was obvious: herself! So she's going to spend the summer by the pool, suntanning, and she'll figure out who she wants later. Kitty comes out with the camera. Hyde tells Eric that he has a house-warming plant for Eric and Donna's new apartment, but can't give it to him in front of his parents. Fez and Laurie arrive and announce that they have news. Kitty tells them to get into the picture and begins snapping; as she does that, Laurie announces that she married Fez. Red is shocked, and begins having a pain in his left arm; Kitty says that he's having a heart attack, and Fez tells him, "Hang in there, Dad!" which doesn't make things better. Red tells Kitty that if he doesn't make it, she should kill the foreigner. [End credits: Fez, Hyde and Kelso are by the lake; Kelso asks if Red's okay, and Hyde says that he's coming home from the hospital soon. They ask Fez if he wrote to his parents; he says that he did, and told them that he got married and isn't coming home. He seals the letter in a bottle, and throws it into the lake. Kelso says, "Yeah, that'll get there."]
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