That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 25

Celebration Day (a.k.a. Graduation)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 14, 2003 on FOX

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  • Season 5 finale

    Very few people think that a heart attack is something to laugh at, but you can include That 70's Show in that short list, as they had Red Forman have a cardiac attack as the fifth season of this popular show concluded. This was one of the more memorable season concluders, along with the breakup, of course, but there are funnier episodes out there (just tune into Teen Nick for proof of that.)

    Kelso had some great lines though, and of course Kitty's menopausal outbursts are still great, but I expected a bit more here. Camping? Honestly, doesn't seem like something this group would do.
  • epic season finle

    in this episod Jackie trys to pick between Hyde and kelso just like Bella in twilight and poor Fez might go back to his home whereever the heck he is from and the gang goes to a camping trip and it is so funny when Eric saw a naked Laurie and fez saw a naked Donna and Fez and Laurie had sex and next morning Fez and Laurie and kelso's van are gone and they miss graduation and Jackie learns that she loves herself more and a shocking that gives Red a heart attack is that Fez and Laurie got MARRIED?
  • Series finale material...

    Does anyone else think that this could be the series finale? Because graduation is a potential series finale, it could of been a cliffhanger cause of Red's heart attack but in the additional scene, it shows that he's okay. Well anyways this was a great episode because the gang goes camping! It's so funny when they realize their lat to graduation & then they go in fast motion, I think that was my favorite part. Also everyone kept on saying how they'll never see each other again. Plus I really wanted Jackie to pick Hyde right then & there. But I love the ending when it takes pictures of everyone's reaction. Amazing season finale.
  • Ehh, suprise twist.

    On almost the night before graduation, tentions arise. Eric and Donna plan to leave, and have a skinny dip, but they see the complete opposite; Fez and Laurie. Kelso and Hyde are fighting for Jackie, but, she dosen't want complete idiots to be her date wads. And Fez and Laurie... uh, take the car?!

    Okay, to graduation day, the Pinciotties and Red are unsatisfactory about their children's dissaperence. But Kitty seems to be fine. Then, when Donna and Eric keep packing, Jackie gets a bit sad, picking whoever is her love. Then, Eric advices who Jackie really loves, and who's really inside of her all along.

    On picture day, Jackie then announces who she really loves most... herself! And, before Eric and Donna leave, Laurie marries Fez! OMG! Then, Red gets a heart attack, and it looks like Eric and Donna are not going to get to Madison. Boo-hoo.

    Anyways, What a TWIST! That is all.
  • A lot can happen when you miss graduation...

    The last episode of That 70’s Show’s fifth season is a big one whee anything can and does happen. Kelso and Hyde at war over Jackie who eventually comes to the tough decision that she loves herself more than the two combined, Fez and Laurie not only hooking up but getting married, the Lady of the Lake stealing their van, at least according to Kelso and the gang missing their graduation. Of course that is nothing compared to what happens in the last few seconds with Red’s heart attack and Fez’s letter home.

    While season 5 hasn’t been as solid as the previous seasons it is still a very entertaining season, and this episode ends it with a bang.
  • An episode I'll never forget.

    This episode was really well written and played out. I love the ladie of the forest story line and the Kelso and Hyde fighting over Jackie and the kitty and Red stuff and the skinny dipping part and the very end when we find out that Fez and Laurie got married.This is one of the most classic episodes.
  • Seeing how Eric and the rest miss there Graduation they have lots of problems to overcome.

    Durring a camping with Eric, Donna, and the rest of the gang on the night before their graduation Jakie is happy to see Kelso and Hyde fight over her and she dosen't know who to pick from. In the morning to everyones surprise, the time flew by fast and they already missed their Graduation at the school. Donna and Eric (being engaged) have already decided to get an apartment in Madison far away from everyone. Kitty is sad because their moving, but Red is happy to see his son go on to a life not staying home with his parents. Everyone is just the same in pointplace or at least it was until you see poor Donna and Eric leaveing not just there town but their friends like Jakie. And Jakie still does not know who to pick Kelso or Hyde. Overall I don't think It will be the same without Eric and Donna.
  • "Revealing" has gotta be the best word to describe this episode as we all know how many people strip to naked in it!

    The gang went camping in the woods the day before graduation. It was also a farewell gathering for Fez, who was getting deported. Laurie was invited because Fez was such a pervert as everyone knows. Lucky for him, he also successfully nailed Laurie! I am sure that was why Fez invited her to go camping along with everyone. My favourite line of this episode was Eric Forman's "my little sex muffin" when he thought he saw Donna naked. SO FUNNY! My sister popped a question "Which one do you think loves Jackie more?" I personally think Hyde does. Kelso has cheated on Jackie a million times and is into Jackie only for sex. Hyde, on the other hand, provides a more realistic love where two people should love one another for who he/she is. That is why he didn't want to go running around in the woods trying to impress Jackie. Hyde is in for something more real and more mature, unlike Kelso. Therefore, I believe Hyde loves Jackie more. All in all, it was an awesome episode. Red got a heart attack because Laurie married Fez. Man, I didn't know he hates foreigners THAT MUCH!
  • Incredible final season episode

    when i started to see the episode and Fez said that he is going to be kicked out of the states i thougth that he was going to be a fugitive and he was not going to get out of the states by anyone. but when i saw the end of the episode i thought that he was smart at least and he was not going to be kicked out. kelso and hyde are very very stupid. i do not know how jackie can not decide who she prefer, hyde is perfect and smart and kelso only had his looks. hyde hyde hyde
  • The gang finally graduates and some other life altering events occur.

    After five years in high school (actually five years in the last two years in high school) the gang finally graduates. What I don't understand is how did Donna get to graduate at Point Place with the rest of them? Her Dad pulled some strings? What strings are there that would let a student at one school graduate at another high school? A little out of the ordinary.

    Jackie is forced to choose between Hyde and Kelso. And after making them jump through hoops and compete for her love she finally decides who she loves the most... herself! Typical Jackie! But it was funny watching the two boys compete, especially Kelso's song (about the curly ass twine) and then the guitar shaped log.

    Fez is afraid of getting deported and he and Laurie get married, which causes Red to have a heart attack (and not an arm attack as Kelso suggests). Very eventful!

    The funniest part of the episode was when Eric catches Laurie naked and Fez sees Donna... nudity is always funny!

  • Laurie settles down with the last person you'd expect and Red's years of rage finally catch up with him.

    The show sees Fez attempting to spend his few remaining days in america indulging in "Candy and Porno". The gang decides to head out into the woods to celebrate graduation. While there, Hyde and Kelso attempt to jump through hoops (which Kelso claims he's good at) in order to win over Jackie's heart.

    Meanwhile, Eric, Laurie and Donna decide to go skinny dipping, with Fez following to sneak a peak at Laurie's generous endowment, but luck was not in the cards as Fez accidentaly catches Donna, and Eric and Laurie catch EACH OTHER, big LOL moment there!!!

    Later on, we see that Fez and Laurie have apparently gotten together in the back of Kelso's van, best night of Fez's life to be sure.

    The gang awakes the next day, to the horrifying fact that they're late for graduation...and that the van is gone!

    When they arrive in the back of a pig truck later, Hyde and Kelso demand that she tell them who she picks. And she does, she picks HERSELF in a classic "Self absorbed" Jackie moment.

    As the gang get their pictures taken and Eric and Donna get ready to leave for their new apartment, Fez and Laurie pull up, and address that they are now Husband and Wife!!! Everyone is shocked, especially Red, and it seems that this triggers the onset of a heart attack, his possible final request, "Kill the foreigner!"

    Great stuff all around, with Kitty's new found pill obsession and Kelso's ghost paranoia providing huge laughs,and Red's attack and Laurie's marriage to Fez provided, in my opinion, the strongest cliffhanger episode in 70's show history.