That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 2003 on FOX

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    You wouldn't expect much from a holiday episode, and in the beginning of this episode, I certainly wasn't expecting that much. But this episode surprised me. All the plots in this episode were likable, and they tied in, in their own little way. Donna gets a promotion at the radio station, and she is super excited with her bacon noises! Eric, Hyde, Kelso & Fez all go to their former high school to support Jackie to get her back on the cheerleading squad. When really, they just want to get out of being elves at the mall with Kitty & Red, all the hilarious events take place at the high school. Eric realizes he's suddenly popular, just because he graduated. My favorite part of this episode would definitely have to be Kelso, Hyde, Fez, and Eric walking into the party while AC/DC's "TNT" is playing the background, and Fez falls in to the tree. Absolutely hilarious scene between the gang; meanwhile Kelso realizes that he doesn't belong at the party, he just wants to be with Brooke helping her at the library. He tries to prove himself yet again by going to the library to help Brooke. A newfound friendship is formed which made that plot especially eventful. Fez tries to get the girls' attention so he sings, only to get a beat down by the football players. Hyde continues to put on a show for the cheerleaders for Jackie. This shows how much he cares for Jackie, considering he would go to the party and go through all that torture for Jackie. Jackie comes in to self realization that she doesn't want to be a cheerleader anymore after she got offered again. So Hyde went through all of that for nothing, I'm glad Jackie is becoming more mature as a character. Jackie ends up rewarding Hyde by putting on a show for Hyde with the cheerleading outfit. Donna realizes that Eric isn't coming to get her, and gets incredibly mad at Eric and rushes down to the high school; only to find out she has fans that listen to Hot Donna. So Eric & Donna become the "power couple" at the Christmas party. Donna realizes she still is on the air, and goes running to the station at the last scene, a hilarious scene. Red is Santa at the mall, and he tells hilarious stories about war to the kids, which was hysterical! Bob tries to replace him and it becomes the battle of the Santas. Not a great plot, but entertaining. Kitty stole the show in that plot, with her quirky remarks. All plots were fantastic, eventful, entertaining, enjoyable, and holiday-themed. That 70s Show's best holiday episode and best episode of the season, definitely. An amazing episode with great plots that was hilarious.