That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 20

Class Picture

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

At school, in a classroom, the gang sits around and Jackie tells Kelso to do the 'over the shoulder' shot for his class picture. Hyde comes in and tells them that Tommy Hedges had a booger in his nose in his picture. Jackie says that the only thing more important than the picture is the quote, and it has to be meaningful. Donna agrees that the quote is important. Eric says they need a quote about all of them, like how they all met. Donna remembers how she and Eric met.... Red and Kitty bring little Eric out with a plate of brownies for the new neighbours. Bob comes over with little Donna and a plate of cookies. He introduces Donna, saying Midge will be over later, as she has her thumb stuck in something right now. They trade plates; Eric sees Donna and is instantly in love. Donna punches him and asks him what he's looking at? [Opening credits.] [Scene change: Hyde's face in a close up shot.] At school, the gang laughs at the story; Hyde comments that Eric being beat up by a seems like only yesterday, then adds that it was yesterday. Hyde remembers how he and Eric met... Hyde walks Eric home to save him from being beat up by 'that redhead girl.' Eric thanks him and Hyde tells Eric that he owes him a quarter. Red and Kitty come out; Kitty makes a big deal that Eric has a new friend... a new dirty friend. She asks them, "You know what's fun?" and the camera cuts to: Eric and Hyde in the bathtub together. Hyde tells Eric, "if you ever tell anyone about this, I'm going to have to kill you." Jackie shows everyone Eric's last year's picture in the year book, and they laugh at the zit he has in the picture, and comment that he's never had a zit-free picture. [Scene change: Eric's school pictures, and in all of them, he has zits and his eyes are closed.] At school, in the classroom, Eric tells the gang that he's zit-free this year because he's a man now. Fez remembers when the gang first met him. At school, Eric Hyde and Kelso talk in the hallway; the guys tease Eric about liking Donna, which he denies. They then hear a voice from the closet. Kelso opens the door and Fez is hanging from a hook on the door. He tells them that the football team put him there. Kelso wants to throw a ball at Fez, but Hyde takes him down, and says that he'll help Fez if the jocks try this again. Fez starts imitating everything that Hyde does. They introduce themselves, but when Fez says his name, the bell rings so we don't hear it. Kelso suggest 'Captain Poo-face'. Fez is new, but even he knows that Eric loves Donna. Hyde tells Kelso that the name is stupid, and the two of them begin fighting, with Hyde throwing Kelso to the ground, and Kelso shouting, "Ow! My eye!" At school, in the classroom, Donna laughs and comments that Hyde always beats the crap out of Kelso all the time. Kelso says it's not true, and tells her to name one time. So she recalls... in the Forman kitchen, the gang is eating; Hyde says he loves mashed potatoes and Kelso leans over Hyde's plate and spits out a mouthful of potatoes onto Hyde's plate. Hyde jumps Kelso, and throws him to the ground; Kelso shouts, "Ow! My eye!" In the Forman driveway, the guys are playing basketball. Kelso insults Hyde's playing, so Hyde jumps Kelso, and throws him to the ground; Kelso shouts, "Ow! My eye!" In the Forman basement, Kelso comes in and changes the channel. Hyde tells him to change it back, and when Kelso refuses, Hyde jumps him, throwing him to the ground; Kelso shouts, "Ow! My eye!" At school, in the classroom, Kelso says that Hyde always hurts his eye. Eric comes in and says that he's still zit-free. Donna says that they need a better memory for the quote. Fez remembers meeting all of Donna for the first time... Hyde and Eric take Fez to Donna's place to introduce him to her; they open her bedroom door, and she's getting changed and is topless. She quickly grabs something to cover up with. At school, in the classroom, Kelso's sad that he's never seen Donn's boobs; Donna comments that it's not like he hasn't tried... montage of Kelso bursting in to Donna's room on different occasions, and saying 'oops sorry!' every time; but every time, she's just reading on the bed, fully clothed. At school, in the classroom, Hyde says Eric has a zit bursting out of his forehead. Eric can't believe it, and the gang laughs at him. [Scene change: Donna dances towards the camera, Jackie is on a swing.] At school, in the classroom, Eric looks in a mirror at the zit, says he can actually see it growing, like jiffy-pop. Kelso says that he once knew someone who died from popping a zit; Donna says that never happened. Jackie tells them to focus on the quote. Donna remembers meeting Jackie for the first time... in the school hallway, Jackie insults Donna, saying they haven't met before because Jackie's rich while Donna's not. Donna throws a ball at Jackie, hitting her in the head; Jackie calls Donna a lumberjack At school, in the classroom, Eric says he can actually see the zit growing. Donna says there's got to be some good quote about Jackie getting hit in the head that they can use. Jackie says the quote should be something romantic, Kelso says like when he and Jackie first dated and remembers... the Forman's house, in 1968, Kitty tells Red that someone is in the carport playing doctor. Red pulls little Kelso out, and little Kelso claims that he really is a doctor. Red laughs, but Kitty doesn't think it's so funny. At school, in the classroom, Eric sarcastically comments that Kelso really made a good impression on his parents that year, and remembers... a knock on the Forman front door, and Red answers; it's little Kelso and he asks for Eric. Red calls for Kitty. She comes out with Eric; Red and Kitty try to tell Kelso that he's forgotten something and it takes him a few moments before he realizes that he doesn't have his pants on. He runs off. At school, in the classroom, the gang still needs a quote. Hyde reads one from the year book; Eric wonders what they've been doing with their lives and remembers... in the Forman basement, Eric, Hyde and Kelso are about 7 years old, and they're in the circle, playing cards. Hyde asks who's stronger, Jeannie or Samantha? And they argue about that. Then...they're older, about 13, and Hyde says that no way is Samantha stronger than Jeannie. They're still playing cards, and talking about the same things, the only difference is that they're a little older and now wearing joke glasses. Then...they're at their current ages, and they're still in the circle, still arguing about Samantha and Jeannie. Hyde says that a bout of mud wrestling between the two women would answer the question. Donna and Jackie join the circle; Hyde comments that they've been talking about this for a long time, and they have a food fight. At school, in the classroom, Kelso says he has the quote: "what a long, strange trip it's been... in Forman's basement." Jackie hates it becaues she's not in the quote and tells Kelso to write "I love Jackie Burkhart." Eric goes out and pops his zit, then comes in and shows the gang; the zit is gone, but now he's got a huge red mark on his forehead. They all leave to get their pictures taken, but Donna stays behind to change her shirt. After she's shut the door, Kelso comes running back in and shouts, "oh, sorry!" Donna tells him that she'll show him, if he'll just leave her alone, and unbuttons her blouse, baring herself to him; Kelso says that they're beautiful and faints. [Scene change: The Vikings '78 Yearbook, with the pictures of the gang and their quotes. None of them used the quote that Kelso came up with. [End credits: montage shots of memorable moments in the show, with the song Truckin' (The Grateful Dead, 1970) playing.]