That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 20

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Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2002 on FOX

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    A very special episode of That 70s Show, definitely eventful and it just gave all the fans that have been watching since day one a special treat. We look back at footage we haven't seen before to see how everyone met. That 70s Show could have copped out and just have done a clip show with no new material to look back on the past four years, but they gave us something even better.

    A look back on how everyone met, things previously not shown, new material. How everyone met was just hilarious and this episode just marked the end of an era as in the next season even though they all still go to school, this is the last season where they show them in school really all together. Even though high school didn't play a huge part on this show, the yearbook in the end I'm sure made everyone at least a tad nostalgic.

    We got a lot of funny gags such as Kelso getting hit by Kelso which remains a running gag throughout the series or Kelso wanting to walk in on Donna naked. This was just a very good episode of That 70s Show that is one of the best with it's great balance of hilarity and nostalgia.
  • now we know how they met each other

    in this episode it contains flashbacks on how the gang met each other. We learn that Eric met donna when their were 7 and looks like bob use to be buff. Eric met Hyde by Hyde proteting Eric from donna for a quarter and don't how Eric met Kelso but i know they met in 1st grade but i don't how Kelso met Jackie and I wish the guys met Fez as kids because that would of been freaking funny and they had debts of I dream of Jeanie and bewitch and they did the Cicle all their lives awesomeness
  • Well, okay; it really didn't feel like a clip show. But, hey; the origins are all filled in.

    As the gang gets ready for their seinor (for Jackie, juinor) pictures, they remember when they were young.

    Let's see; Eric and Donna met when they were 8, Fez was a foregin exchange student 2 years earlier, Donna's boobs are shown to the gang boys but Kelso, Jackie was 5 when she and Kelso had their first date, Hyde was always bad, any many, MANY more!

    Look, I can go on and on and on about this stuff, but, really, I didn't like who the guys were titled in the ending. But, hey, at least we got That 70's Show the original.

    Overally, I LOVE it! Love it, love it, love it!
  • Now we know how everyone met.

    In this episode, we see how everyone met up. Donna and Eric first met when the Pinciottis moved in and Donna punched Eric in the gut. Hyde & Eric first met when Hyde walked Eric home and Kitty put them both in a bath. Kelso, Eric & Hyde met Fez after he got pranked by the football team. Hyde helped Fez and when they heard his incredibly long name, Kelso wanted to call him Captain Poo Face. We also see Hyde beat the crap out of Kelso many times and Donna hit Jackie with a dodgeball. Then we see that Hyde & Fez alked in on Donna naked and saw her boobs. Kelso didn't see them, so he kept trying to. By the end, Kelso got to see Donnas boobs. Awesome!!!
  • I think this is a very great landmark in That '70s Show's history. It's about the gang having to come up with a quote in the yearbook and they reminice about there past and how they all met. It also shows all the times Kelso beat up Kelso and it was funny

    I found it very funny. It is a classic episode. I loved the flashbacks to when they all met. All and all the episode was a very good episode that was written very well. I think what made it funny was all the flashbacks especially the whole I dream of Jeanie and Samantha from bewicthed thing. It was funny seeing them when they were little. The whole storyline was just very hilarious and is an episode that I will never forget because it's such a memorable episode. I think that it really made season 4 funnier beside the musical episode.
  • WOndering how Eric and Donna met? Hyde and Eric? Fez and everyone? well now you know

    WOndering how Eric and Donna met? Hyde and Eric? Fez and everyone? well now you know

    This episode was great. I loved the Fez flash backs. Thay were fantastic! My favorite flashback was when Fez (better known as captain poo head) met the gang

    Fun Fact- When Fez says his name, he really shouts out the names of cast members. For lip readers, Asthon Kutcher sticks out!

    The flashbacks of the circle were very funny. And its true, everything is legal if your not caught. This episode has a great plot.

    One thing i would lke to have seen is Fez's Childhood. That would have been funny.
  • "What a long strange trip it's been... in Forman's basement"

    This episode is sort of a flashback to where the six characters first met and it is done very well, my favourite parts being Kelso trying to see Donna's boobs ("oops, sorry") and the Jeannie/Samantha debate that has been going on for some time now.

    There are some very memorable quotes in this episode ("yep, we have made a lot of great memories in that basement... too bad we can't remember any of them") and some very revealing scenes regarding how they all met.

    Eric's zit curse and Jackie wanting a quote about her are great recurring jokes in the episode and I believe this is one of the funniest flashback episodes of any show.
  • While the gang is thinking of a quot for the yearbook they think all the bad times and all the good times and then kelso thinks of a good quot "all the years in foremans basement".

    This episode is extremely funny, i think its worth my time and i think its worth watching i think it should have been an hour than it would have been more funny that way and one of my favorite part of this episode is when everybody saw donna's boobs and kelso didn't and it was also funny how he pretended to walk in to her naked for he could see donna's boobs but in the end of the episode he finally got to see them but jakie didn't get that pist off and its also funny how eric never gets a good picture but all the yearbook pictures were really good except eric's.
  • A semi-flashback episode

    This was a flashback episode, but it was all things we'd never seen before.

    How all the kids met other interesting moments between them, and things that taught us more about their friendships.

    I love how all the characters were the same when they were kids as they are now. Jackie was prissy, Hyde was dirty, Eric was a baby and Kelso was dumb.
    My favorite part was the bath. Only Kitty would put two kids in the bathtub together on their first meeting. Classic Kitty!

    And why on earth would Donna change her blouse in an abandoned school classroom?!?! They didn't have bathrooms in 1978? Like that would happen in real life.
  • Flashbacks are the best

    This flashback episode is one of this season’s best episodes.
    Finally you get to see how all of them got together, although it was not told how Michael got to know the rest of the gang.
    As noted in other reviews my favourite characters are always the sad and miserable losers, like Moe and Barney in ‘The Simpsons’, so therefore Fez is the true hero of the show. It was kind a nice to see that the gang just picked up Fez as a friend so casually. But then fez fits just right in this group of not particular popular and small outcasts that the main character see,s to bee.
    I just love flashback episodes, so hopefully we will get to see more of them as the series progresses.