That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 17

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman kitchen, Kitty finds some lingerie behind her cookbooks, and asks Hyde why it's there; he tells her that it's Sam's and that every once in a while, just to spice up their love life, they tried some new locations. He then adds that the kitchen table is really sturdy; Kitty immediately begins cleaning it. Red comes in and tells Kitty and Hyde that the birds woke him early this morning, and now that he's retired, he'll have time to poison them. Hyde suggests that Red isn't embracing retirement the way that he should, and Kitty agrees, suggesting that they could take a trip and see the world. Red replies that he saw the world while he was in the Navy, and it shot at him. Hyde then suggests that if Red's looking for something to do, he can come by Grooves and fix the broken light switch, which Red agrees to do, saying that he can't take any more daytime television.

[Scene change: Donna jumps in the air, Jackie twirls around.]

In the Forman basement, Jackie tells Donna that she has something to admit, then says that she likes Fez. Donna is surprised because she never thought that she'd hear Jackie say that... that Donna was right, then says that she knew that Jackie liked him and asks if Jackie's sure. She reminds Jackie of all the terrible things that she's said about Fez over the years, like that he's a bad, stinky, sweaty, poor, spazzo, foreign weird guy; Jackie says that she's sure. Fez comes in to get the Candyland game as he's invented a new version to play, and tells Jackie to be prepared to come home to a candy-covered, pantsless roomie.

[Opening credits.]

[Scene change: Fez dances.]

In Jackie and Fez's apartment, Hilary is just leaving, and suggests to Fez that he should get a water bed so that all the squeaking won't bother Jackie. After she's gone and Fez has gone to his room, Jackie asks Donna what she should do, and Donna tells Jackie that when her parents were going through their divorce, she went to a therapist for help. Jackie calls her a loser.

[Scene change: Leo and Hyde peer at the camera.]

At Grooves, Red fixes the light switch, but then won't leave and kicks a customer out of a chair so that he can fix that too.

In the Doctor's office waiting room, Jackie tells Donna that she won't be able to talk for an entire hour; Kitty comes out of the office and thanks him for his help. She then turns and sees Donna and Jackie and pretends to be in the wrong office. Donna and Jackie go in; the doctor asks how Donna is, then questions Jackie about her past relationships. He tells her that she only wants unavailable men, and that whether she gets Fez or not, the key to any good relationship is communication; his wife calls him and they have an argument.

[Scene change: Randy peers at the camera, Hyde and Leo are in the background.]

At Grooves, Hyde comes in and asks why the "closed" sign was on the door; Randy tells him that Red put it there. Red is in the middle of the store, using an electric saw to cut wood. Hyde tells him that he should be enjoying his retirement more, and that he should go home; Red leaves, angry.

In Jackie and Fez's apartment, Hilary tells Fez that she has some wonderful news: she's going to become a nun. After she leaves, Jackie comes out of her room and asks Fez what's going on; he tells her that Hilary just dumped him and that he needs someone to hold him and comfort him. He leaves to look for Hyde.

[Scene change: Kitty waves at the camera.]

In the Forman kitchen, Hyde comes in and Kitty yells at him for kicking Red out of Grooves; she tells him that Red came home early when she wasn't expecting him and saw her in the bath with no bubbles, and that they didn't kick him out when his parents left him.

[Scene change: Kitty and Fez both dance on the screen.]

In Jackie and Fez's apartment, Fez eats ice cream and tells Jackie that he's going to die alone, with only candy and pornography, then realizes that that's not so bad. Jackie comforts him and tells him that he's a great guy, cute, funny and any girl would be lucky to have him. He wonders why he can't find a girl like Jackie who likes him; Jackie is upset and has to leave.

[Scene change: Fez dances towards the camera, Randy and Hyde are in the background.]

In the Forman basement, Hyde, Randy and Leo break various things so that Red will have to stay at home and fix them. Red comes in; Hyde tells him that the TV, washer and furnace are all broken, but Red doesn't care. He tells Hyde that he's finally embraced retirement and is going to go fishing. Hyde asks who's going to fix the broken things, and Red tells him that he can call a repairman, but he'll have to pay.

In the Forman driveway, Jackie tells Donna that she still likes Fez, even though he's now available. Donna again asks if Jackie's sure, and if she really wants to date Fez and make out with him? Jackie says yes, and Donna says that Jackie has to tell him how she feels. Hyde and Randy come in from the street; Hyde says that he knows about Jackie's feelings for Fez. Jackie suspects that Donna told them, but Randy informs her that they could hear her and Donna talking all the way across the street. Jackie tells them that she knows that they'll probably think that she's been with every guy around, but Fez really makes her feel good about herself and she likes him; Hyde says that if that is the case, then she should go for it, and if it doesn't work out with Fez, he's heard that Bob's available... or the garbageman... or the garden gnome across the street.

[Scene change: Jackie's face in a close up shot.]

In Jackie and Fez's apartment, Jackie comes in and tells Fez that they need to talk; he agrees and says that she's right, and that Hilary breaking up with him was a good thing. He now knows that he shouldn't limit himself to one woman and is going to spread himself around... no woman will be safe from him, except Jackie. He pats her on the head and wishes her good night, then goes to his room. Jackie sits down on the sofa looking depressed.

[End credits: At the doctor's office, Dr. Hammond sits in his chair, complaining about his wife to Kitty. She tells him that the hour is almost up and then pours him a drink. He tells her to have one too, but she says that she never touches the stuff, but then says that since it's doctor's orders, she will, and drinks it.]