That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 17

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on FOX

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    So, this was pretty much a filler episode as far as I'm concerned. Jackie realizes her feelings for Fez, something we already knew from the last episode. And things really don't progress as far as the story line goes. As for Red, after his retirement, he decides to keep himself busy... at Grooves. As you can see, the story lines here are pretty much a dud and nothing too write home about.

    The only part I found myself laughing at was when the therapist was analyzing Donna but that's really about it. That's pretty much the case for every season 8 episode. You only get a laugh out of one scene and every other scene just makes you roll your eyes in disgust.

    It's still way too hard to fathom that Fez is now ready to date all of Wisconsin when a couple years ago, he couldn't even get one girl. Also Fez's girlfriend becoming a nun? Couldn't think of anything better, I see? Overall, just the same old mediocrity.
  • A therapeutic episode

    Red starting his retirement is a great storyline as he scares off Hyde's customers, and when Hyde tries to fix it by destroying the house, things backfire. There are some hilarious moments throughout the plot, and Leo, as always, is a part of most of them.

    As for Jackie and Fez, the therapy plot is very funny, and Fez being dumped so his girl can be a nun is a hilarious twist, and the reference by Hyde that Jackie keeps going through the characters is a great nod to her trait.

    Overall, both plots are hilarious as Red starts enjoying his retirement and Fez begins being a bachelor, both which I'm sure will have hilarious results.
  • Jackie & Fez...could it be???

    Jackie decides that the only reason she is having feelings for Fez is because he is with another woman. However, when Fez’s girlfriend breaks up with him, Jackie still has feelings for Fez and so decides to go see a shrink. Red, is bored as he has nothing to do so Hide invites him down to the recode store so that he can fix stuff, but Red goes overboard and kicks all the customers out since they were interrupting his work. So Hide has to kick Red out of the store, which gets Kitty very upset because now Red is disturbing her. So Hide decides to break several things in the house so that Red would have something to do. Meanwhile, Jackie is trying to tell Fez how she feels but he takes it the wrong way and decides that he cant be tied down to one woman.
  • there's more jackie being in love with fez. fez is now single... and jackie's feelings haven't gone away...

    hilarious. seems like the characters are finally getting back into their "zones," so to speak...(still don't like randy. but there's nothing to do about that anymore) at the same time, the whole jackie + fez thing.. i know everyone should've seen it coming since day one, but that doesn't keep me from being disappointed because i was really rooting for jackie & hyde!!!
  • Much better than the episode "Keep Yourself Alive".

    Finally! This series is going somewhere. I was disappointed with the episode "Keep Yourself Alive" as nothing happened in the episode and there was no plot. However, this episode and the previous episode ( "My Fairy King" ) gave rise to major topic and the plot of the series and hints how the series is going to end. Fez and Jackie are going to end up together. There's no doubt about that. This episode and the previous episode played a fine example. Many people won't like the idea that Jackie is going to end up with Fez, as they want her to end up with either Kelsoe or Hyde, but hey, they're not the writers of the show. Besides, it is pretty obvious who Jackie is going to end up with. There was tension between Jackie and Fez throughout the whole series and Fez has been chasing her throughout the years. So there's actually no surprises there. I am actually excited that this is going to happen.

    This episode is good, but I probably won't enjoy the upcoming epsides as the main plot is just Jackie wanting Fez. There will probably be other silly gags that are not important. But at least we know where the show is going now. That's a plus.
  • This use to be my favorite show and now it is my favorite train wreck.

    The whole Jackie liking Fez series where she debates why she likes him and sways back and forth was so forced and badly written. I am almost convinced that this whole season, being so surreal and inane, will be revealed as a crazy dream that Eric has been having while away... but that would make more sense than Jackie liking Fez and especially Fez's girlfriend suddenly deciding that she wanted to become a nun. (Who writes this stuff?)

    The storyline of Red selling his muffler shop for a bunch of cash and retiring is believable enough. At least the part of the episode where Red goes to the record store and acts like "Red" was true to form, however it was meant as funny filler and not the main story of the episode.

    Don't get me wrong, I do not hate this show. I am just a little concerned as to how this is unfolding.

    However, I still hold out hope for the last episode when Eric and Kelso will return.
  • Fez and jackie what a very good twist

    i love that 70s show i this is the kind of twist that i been waiting jackie finally realized it yet after 8 seasons i mean their best friends they live together what more do you want it was a really first she denied it then she realize it yet then she goes to a therapist but she tells him she only loves him because he is unabaleble she she still likes him hope fully they get together it make the story even better
  • The back to back episodes had more laughs in them then most this season.

    This episode had some great scenes in it and gives this season a bit of credibility. Other than Fez\\\'s girlfriend suddenly becoming a nun (which was terrible writing, completely unforeshadowed, and probably an intentional gag on the writers part who must realize that the show is becoming zany and incredulous) it had some fine moments. Kitty at the therapist, the therapist himself, Red, and Leo were all solid in \\\"Crazy Little Thing Called Love\\\" and made me remember this show before Randy happened and when it was Wednesday\\\'s best and most poignant comedy. Yeah, the show doesn\\\'t have Eric and Red\\\'s father/son humor anymore or Kelso\\\'s antics, but atleast Kurtwood Smith still has some clever \\\'ass-foot\\\' one-liners and Tommy Chong\\\'s dazed hippy routine remains intact. I\\\'m willing to watch the finale.