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That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 13

Dine and Dash

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2001 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Dine and Dash
Kelso invites the gang to an expensive dinner but skips on the bill, leaving Eric and Donna in the restaurant with no money. The two of them decide to shed their "square" personalities and get back at the gang. Bob is upset that Red didn't offer him a job at Price Mart.moreless

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    Dine and Dash was a funny episode of That 70's Show, but never was it consistently funny, something you expect from this program. A laugh here, a laugh there, a funny gag here, a funny gag there, and that's about it. Most episodes have you laughing throughout the entire duration and while this is a memorable installment, you cannot claim that to be true for this one.

    And the ending with the laxative was really childish, something even this show would not usually sink to. Thankfully there were some great Bob moments, so you can't give this lower than an 8 when that happens.moreless
  • Hilariously funny.

    Well, what an AWESOME episode! Just awesome! Awesome! Awesome! AWESOME! It was just so funny, and it had some really strong lines, and some great humor, and great jokes and timing of jokes. All of the characters were spot - on. This is definitely one of the most memorable episodes in the series.

    After Kelso gets one hundred dollars from his grand - mother, Kelso invites the gang out to dinner to eat at a very pricy restaurant with him, and coincidentally, Caroline, Fez's new girlfriend, happens to work there. Kelso then says that he has no intention of paying the bill, and says that he wants to pull a dine and dash.

  • One of the best episodes of Season 3.

    I love this episode, everyone leaves one at a time, that's so hilarious. Kelso, Hyde, Jackie, then Fez! Amazing, I love this plot while Caroline was the stewardess. Also when Fez gets Kelso back for doing something bad by giving Kelso a wet wily. I love the way Donna & Eric dine & dash, how Donna throws away the bill & the gang keeps on ordering stuff. Also I like the B plot, Red not offering Bob a job, that was so harsh but very laughable & in the end Bob didn't even want the job. That was so stupid! This episode is amazing.moreless
  • Very funny.

    In this hilarious episode, Kelso gets 100 dollars and offers to take the gang out to dinner. They go, but find out Kelso isn't paying - he's planned a dine and dash. One by one each character bails until only Eric and Donna are left. They try to escape a la Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and later get their revenge.

    In the episode's subplot, Bob wants Red to get him a job at the Price mart, and he's not too happy. Also, Fez meets up with Carolyn at the restaurant and tries to impress her, with pitiful results.moreless
  • Hillariously pee in your pants funny

    My absolute favourite episode in the series. Kelso gets 100 dollars and invites the gang to dinner but he doesn't pay and they all have to 'dine and dash'. Donna and Eric are left by themselves and deliver a most tumultous and terrible revenge. I laughed so hard when everyone was fighting at the staircase to get to the bathroom and when Fez's girlfriend chos ethat time to try and get back together...and when Kelso came back from the bathroom and started eating the special brownies with the laxatives again... that was pure magic. This show has to be the best ever.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • (regarding the 'dine and dash')
      Donna: Hyde, we're not doing this, and especially not you, 'cause you're on probation.

      Hyde got probation for his charge of possession in the third season opener Reefer Madness.

    • Fez: My new lady-love, Caroline, works there.
      Donna: Caroline from the concert?

      The concert that Donna is referring to is the Led Zeppelin concert that she won tickets to in Fez Gets The Girl. Rather than use the tickets herself, she gave one ticket to Fez, and one to Caroline, creating their first date for them.

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    • In the scene where Hyde is attempting to leave the restaurant to 'Dine and Dash', the scene goes into slow motion, Hyde is sweating, his heart pounding, and Caroline talks to him in a 'slow motion' voice. This is a reference to opening scene of Midnight Express (1978), where the main character is attempting to leave Turkey while smuggling drugs.

    • Fez: Isn't [Caroline] lovely? She reminds me of that song, "Isn't She Lovely?"

      Fez is referring to the song, Isn't She Lovely (1976) by Stevie Wonder. The first line of the song, and the chorus, both have the line "Isn't she lovely?"

    • The scene where Donna and Eric start to run out of the restaurant (where the camera slows to a freeze and turns to sepia colours) is homage to the final scene of the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 1969.