That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 13

Dine and Dash

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2001 on FOX

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    Dine and Dash was a funny episode of That 70's Show, but never was it consistently funny, something you expect from this program. A laugh here, a laugh there, a funny gag here, a funny gag there, and that's about it. Most episodes have you laughing throughout the entire duration and while this is a memorable installment, you cannot claim that to be true for this one.

    And the ending with the laxative was really childish, something even this show would not usually sink to. Thankfully there were some great Bob moments, so you can't give this lower than an 8 when that happens.
  • Hilariously funny.

    Well, what an AWESOME episode! Just awesome! Awesome! Awesome! AWESOME! It was just so funny, and it had some really strong lines, and some great humor, and great jokes and timing of jokes. All of the characters were spot - on. This is definitely one of the most memorable episodes in the series.

    After Kelso gets one hundred dollars from his grand - mother, Kelso invites the gang out to dinner to eat at a very pricy restaurant with him, and coincidentally, Caroline, Fez's new girlfriend, happens to work there. Kelso then says that he has no intention of paying the bill, and says that he wants to pull a dine and dash.

  • One of the best episodes of Season 3.

    I love this episode, everyone leaves one at a time, that's so hilarious. Kelso, Hyde, Jackie, then Fez! Amazing, I love this plot while Caroline was the stewardess. Also when Fez gets Kelso back for doing something bad by giving Kelso a wet wily. I love the way Donna & Eric dine & dash, how Donna throws away the bill & the gang keeps on ordering stuff. Also I like the B plot, Red not offering Bob a job, that was so harsh but very laughable & in the end Bob didn't even want the job. That was so stupid! This episode is amazing.
  • Very funny.

    In this hilarious episode, Kelso gets 100 dollars and offers to take the gang out to dinner. They go, but find out Kelso isn't paying - he's planned a dine and dash. One by one each character bails until only Eric and Donna are left. They try to escape a la Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and later get their revenge.

    In the episode's subplot, Bob wants Red to get him a job at the Price mart, and he's not too happy. Also, Fez meets up with Carolyn at the restaurant and tries to impress her, with pitiful results.
  • Hillariously pee in your pants funny

    My absolute favourite episode in the series. Kelso gets 100 dollars and invites the gang to dinner but he doesn't pay and they all have to 'dine and dash'. Donna and Eric are left by themselves and deliver a most tumultous and terrible revenge. I laughed so hard when everyone was fighting at the staircase to get to the bathroom and when Fez's girlfriend chos ethat time to try and get back together...and when Kelso came back from the bathroom and started eating the special brownies with the laxatives again... that was pure magic. This show has to be the best ever.
  • Kelso gets $100 dollars and they go eat at the Vineyard. At the restaurant, Kelso explains that they they\'re on a dine and dash.Except for Donna and Eric, they dash. Donna and Eric get revenge on the gang by putting EXlax in brownies, making them go to

    I loved this episode. It was so funny when Kelso lied to the gang and then ditched them; Hyde was freaking out about escape and finally left, along with Jackie and Fez. Poor Eric and Donna! All the distractions they made to stall the waiters and then they made a hardcore exit! Oh man, and at the end, how they burned Hyde , Kelso, Fez and Jackie; making special brownies,but instead of weed ,they used chocolate super lax, and they all ran to the bathroom. Then Caroline came to the basement and Fez is squirming while she tries to apologize, he calls Eric and Donna a bad word and runs out of there. Dine and Dash is a classic episode !!
  • And then there were two...

    One of the most memorable episodes in the series, Dine and Dash explores what happens when Kelso gets a hundred bucks and conveniently forgets to tell the gang that he wouldn’t be using the money towards the meal he was taking the guys to, one by one, each becoming a criminal until it’s down to the two responsible ones: Eric and Donna, who, to make matters worse, are sent an “anniversary cake” by the guys who didn’t seem to trick the waiters.

    Red offering Bob a job after he made a big deal about it and Bob just annoying Red by pressuring him to ask again was a hilarious B story aswell but the ending of the episode was terrific, Eric and Donna getting revenge on the guys by altering the definition of “special brownies” which aren’t quite the same as Hyde makes in season two.

    Overall, this episode has no disappointing scenes and a hell of a lot of laughs including the scenes where the guys keep falling for the others’ escapes.

  • The only thing better then eating lobtser

    Is eating lobster and watching this episode. This is by far the best episode of the entire series. It had everything you could ever ask for in a TV sitcom episode a good story, and some of the most hilarious moments ever put on television. I think one of the most funniest part of the episode is that everyone actually thought Kelso was going to pay for dinner. Like they should have seen it coming. It was even funnier when Kelso bailed, and laughed his ass off at everyone because he screwed then over again.

    The episode got funnier and funnier as everyone ended up running out of the restaurant leaving just Donna and Eric to fend for themselves. This episode also had the best TV quote ever, and I will end my review with that quote now.

    " The only thing better then eating lobster, Is eating lobster and haul-in ass "

  • Very good entermainment, a classic.

    I loved this one. The best part was at the end when Eric and Donna got back at their friends. And the way they did it was a classic joke. So I would say this is one of my favorite episode of that 70's show along with Holy crap to name a few.
  • People, this is a dine and dash!

    This episode of That '70s Show to me, is as classic as "The Worst Noel" in Married...With Children. We see Kelso inviting his friends to a fancy restaurant and informs them that they're going to do a "dine and dash" once they're done with dinner. What I find hilarious about it is the way Kelso, Fez, and Jackie all make excuses for leaving Donna and Eric to pay the check. Before they make a break for the entrance, Donna and Eric make plans for payback for their friends calling them predictable, squares, and "mom and dad". However, what was the best part of the episode was their payback: baking laxatives into some brownies and giving them to the rest of the gang. What was classic about the situation was when Kelso came back for more brownies, even when he knew what the special ingredient of the brownies was, saying that Donna and Eric couldn't burn him again. The episode is an absolute classic.
  • One of my all time favorite episodes.

    The basic premise here is that Kelso inherits 100 dollars from his grandmother and decides to take the gang out for a celebratory meal.

    After they finish, they discover that Kelso has no intention of actually using the money to pay for the meal, so instead, he constructs a "dine and dash" plan to get out of paying.

    The gang then begins to leave one after the other, until only Eric and Donna are left, and they cannot easily make it out.

    Later, in the circle, it's discovered that this was all an elaborate plan by the four to leave Eric and Donna holding the bag.

    After Eric and Donna escape, they construct their ultimate revenge by tricking the gang into eating 'special brownies', but instead of being filled with 'special oregano', it's filled with chocolate laxatives, and you can pretty much guess what this leads too.

    The end scene is a great payoff and is one of the highlights for the season.