That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 15

Donna's Panties

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2001 on FOX

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  • One of the few epsidoes where Red sings

    This was one of only a handful of episodes where Red Forman sings in the credits. He mouths the "down the street" part and Eric makes a face right before bob tries grabbing the wheel
  • Granny panties!!

    While playing some basketball with Hyde, Fez, and Donna, Eric is messing around, and purposely pulls down Donna's pants. It is revealed that she was wearing granny panties, and Eric laughs and yells, "GRANNY PANTIES", and Donna claims that everythink is fine, she says that everything is just fine, and that there is nothing wrong with Eric publicly pulling down her pants and revealing her underwear. Kelso finds out that Laurie is cheating on him, and he is crushed, at first, Jackie is completely satisfied, and has no sympathy, but then, she feels bad for Kelso. Caroline tells Fez that she'll kill him if he ever breaks up with her.

  • The first episode I have seen of That 70's Show.

    My first episode I have seen of That 70's Show. I would never take that day back. This episode was so hilarious! Who would just pull down someone's pants while playing basketball, that's just weird. My favorite plot in the episode is when Laurie cheats on Kelso & Kelso realizes what a jerk he's been to Jackie. That was so sad ho Jackie thought bad thoughts like he just wanted sex. Meanwhile it is a Valentine's Day episode so when Eric gave Donna those panties, I was Like "You are so screwed" Hahah, anyway the first episode I've watched is exactly why I watch the show today. Great first impression!
  • Eric pulls down Donna's pants

    As much as I love That 70's Show, this is one of the very few eppisodes that I didn't find that funny. I would only want to watch this once a year... on Valentine's Day. Eric acted like a jerk but I think Donna wasn't exactly right either. I loved how Kelso said he wanted to be and astronaut and Laurie cheated on him. And this ep made Fez see that Caroline was a bit mental. Red tells Eric of how Kitty was never fine after he scuffed her shoes and explains that women are "crazy." Donna makes Eric play basketball without pants to get even.
  • Circle of Life

    This episode has many hilarious plots, whether they are Eric dacking Donna as a basketball defence, Laurie cheating on Kelso, ending that relationship and Kelso actually learning a lesson, Fez realising that Caroline is crazy and if he tried to break it off, she’d kill him and the small plotline of Kitty’s shoes that Red used as an example of how all women are crazy, though not as much as Caroline.

    This episode does have some great scenes but they’re not hysterical and the episode is really used to build up the plots, whether they be ending Kelso’s relationship and Jackie starting to develop feelings for him again, the revelation that Fez’s girlfriend is a psycho or the tension between Eric and Donna building.

    Overall, some good laughs and pivotal revelations on this Valentines episode, one that is quite entertaining and well written.
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