That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 17

Down The Road Apiece

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2005 on FOX

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  • Leo returns (WOOOO!!!!!)

    Well... as you all know, Leo the hippie was gone in the Season 5 episode "Battle of Evermore" where the gang was never going to see him again had me believe me that I was never going to see Leo again. Well, in the Season 7 episode "Down The Road Apiece", Leo has returned and he reunited with the gang. I would have been very sad if we never saw Leo again so I am super duper happy that Leo again after two or three long seasons with him. Eric goes on the road to make his documentary but the car has a flat tire and he is left in the middle of the street and that is when Eric noticed someone walking out the woods and that someone was Leo the Hippie. Red saying that TV show "Munsters" being crap was hilarious. Hyde/Jackie/Fez plot when Fez tries to get Hyde and Jackie back together with each other was good. Kelso thinking that Eric was captures by coyotes was absolutely funny. The ending with Hyde and Leo reuniting with each other was really good and I also loved Leo's line "Hey I know you, you're Hyde". Overall, an excellent episode of "That 70s Show" with the return of Leo the hippie. 10/10
  • the return of Leo

    after eric had figure out what to do with his life he gets a video camera to make a documentary film and goes on a trip and hyde and jackie decide to be back to geter or not and Fez trys to help them out and meanwhile on eric's trip he runs in to none other than the funny hippie Leo and he returns to the show thats awesome and the gang tries to look for Eric and they find him and leo at some trucker stop and Hyde and jackie get back togeter and leo comes back to point place
  • Leo returns.

    Finally Eric does something with his life but in an awry situation when he gets a flat tire, and the job, documentary film maker, get real. But anyways the key points in that plot, first of all Leo returns! Great to see him back. I missed that character. Anyways another key point is that Eric realizes he isn't ready to be in that job when all the bad things happen, I love when he keeps on redoing things & trying to cut things out. The subplot! Jackie & Hyde get back together! Hold the applause! A creepy & amazing reason for them getting back together, I also like how Kitty insults Donna throughout the episode. Hysterical episode!
  • Leo's back!

    Eric's short travelling documentary filmmaking career is a hilarious storyline, as not only does it bring back the terrific character of Leo, but it also shows Eric is not up for the jobs that involve travelling, documenting or filmmaking. Kelso's idiotic police-work upon finding the car, Red's carefree attitude and Kitty's beef with Donna are all great subplots as well.

    Fez acting as a go between for Hyde and Jackie was funny, though they've overplayed that relationship as of late, and they seem destined for disaster. The conclusion that they were both wrong and enjoyed it was very funny and while not as good as Eric's storyline, still adds up to make a great episode.
  • LEO!!!

    This episode rests on the shoulders of one man, Tommy Chong, who returns in this episode as everyone's favorite, good natured Hippie Leo, who Eric runs into after a snaffu occurs on his road trip across the country. The gang goes off looking for him as he and Leo catch up on old times at a local truck stop diner.

    Meanwhile, Fez attempts to bring some peace between Jackie and Hyde during their breakup, and inadvertantly convinces them to get back together by stating how "bad" their initial union was and how it could only get "worse" (try wraping your brain around that one!)

    Overall, good episode that saw the return of Leo in full form, busting out great one liners and generally being Leo. The end part with him remembering Hyde when he didn't remember anyone else was a great tribute to their long lasting friendship.