That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 1998 on FOX
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Eric and Donna go to the drive-in. Eric doesn't want Kelso and Jackie to go because they'd be competition but Donna invites them anyway. Fez's house parents think he's listening to the devil's music (a copy of Kiss' Destroyer album). Red and Kitty spend the evening out and almost get arrested.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • OMG,Hyde,man.

    Hyde can be so cool,man. It was a good episode.
  • superb

    Eric and Donna go to a drive in movie, and even though Eric does not want them to, Kelso and Jackie end up going to.

    Fez's house parents think the music he listens to is wicked and sinful. Are they right?

    Kitty and Red spend the night out and almost get arrested. Will they be arrested or is it a misunderstanding?

    All in all this was good. The worst plot was probably Kitty/Red, but the rest of the episode was pretty decent, I at least thought so. My final grade for this episode is going to be a B+. Not bad not perfect.moreless
  • Definitely out of character.... Few of them acted the way I expected them to! Well, Kelso and Jackie weren't much different than usual... Ha!

    Wow, this whole "drive-in" movie thing was so cool. They had that during the 70s, eh? Do we still have those here? I would be very much interested in going to one of those, NOT for the sake of making out, of course, but for the purpose of just to experience how it felt like to be those kids in the 70s. Haaa! There were indeed some really interesting stuffs back in the 70s that don't exist anymore in 2006. I loved the scenes when the "roomy" car was "jumping" up and down. It was so very "Jackie and Kelso". Hyde and Fez stayed in listening to music like a "boys night in". I thought that was really adorable. Red was totally to my surprise. I never knew he could be so "spontaneous"! Cosmo was already out soooo many years ago?? Wow, this women's magazine sure has a long history. I respect Cosmo even more now, though I already love it lots. =)moreless
  • this was a good one

    in this ep of the show that 70s show. erik and kelso and the guys see a thing for the omen and erik decides to take donna to the movie at the drive in. and so kelso and jackie come and they intrupt things like they makingo too much and making way to much noise. and also in this ep hyde is helping fez hide his really metal music from his family that is taken care of him. they think it devil music . and in this ep red takes her out and they go to a fany restrunt or used to be and they leave and go have ham at there old one becuase she read her cosmo magizne and wants to make things good in her marggie. and they are sex in the car where is pulled over . this was a good epmoreless
  • The guys encourage Eric to bring Donna to a scary movie showing at the drive-in movie theater. Their plans are interrupted, though, by Kelso and Jackie.

    If you, for some weird reason, didn't believe that Eric and Donna were going to get together, you have better changed your mind after this episode. The guys tell Eric to bring Donna to the drive-in movie theater; The Omen (a scary movie) is showing, and scary movies always attract girls to the guys' arms. Donna agrees to Eric's invitation to the movie. Eric tells Kelso not to come with them, while Donna wants Jackie there. Eventually, the very annoyingish (in my opinion, if she was actually a person that went to my school) Jackie drags Kelso with her like some kind of defenseless animal. At the movies, Eric and Donna have to watch the movie from the hood, as Kelso and Jackie have made themselves VERY comfortable in the back of the Vista Cruiser, if ya get what I mean. (wink) I admire Kelso's great taste in hot girls, and that he's more into girls than into schoolwork or serious things, but the Cruiser is ERIC's car, and it was supposed to be ERIC's night with DONNA, ERIC's girl. But eventually, Eric decides that maybe the fresh air was what they needed. He and Donna do some serious making out with on the hood of the old stationwagon until Donna falls off the hood. Very smooth, Eric! I'm gonna have to try that move one day! Anyhow, Eric follows her to the ground so they can continue making out. Now, if you can't see Eric and Donna "official" after this episode, then get that SH|T out of your eyes! Oh yeah, and one last comment: this episode was really good and funny, like any other typical episode of That '70s Show.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The music used in this episode was:
      In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (1968) by Iron Butterfly (sung by Fez and Hyde);
      Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head (1969) by BJ Thomas (sung by Fez and Hyde).

    • When Eric and Donna are on the hood of the Vista Cruiser, their heads go through the non-existent windshield.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Red: Is the kid from not America down here?

    • (playing a KISS record backwards)
      Mr. Erdman: There it is!... Devil loved me, Devil lives! It's clear as day! (Fez laughs) What's funny?
      Fez: In my language, the record just said, 'I want to sex your monkey!'...Which I have never done!

    • Fez: I am telling you. I heard it. The devil is singing backwards on the record!
      Hyde: It's not the devil, man! It's congress. They passed a secret law to put backward messages in our records, man! They wanna kill rock 'n roll because they know it makes us horny, man!
      Eric: Doesn't pretty much everything make us horny? (stuffs a Twinkie in his mouth)
      Kelso: Cartoons make me horny! Oh, and food!

    • Red: Forman, party of two.
      Hostess: Okey dokey, that'll be about two hours.
      Red: Here's twenty bucks.
      Hostess: Okay, we'll have something in fifteen minutes.
      Red: You don't want this place to burn down twice do you?
      Hostess: Okay, we have something right now.
      Red: I thought so. Well, it looks like it's our lucky night.

    • Kelso: Eric, The Omen's playing in the drive-in! You know what this means for us?... It's make-out city!
      Eric: I really like you as a friend Kelso... Can I bring a girl?

    • Fez: Oh no, Dick Tracy is trapped in a giant clam! Farewell sweet Dick!

    • Red: Kelso, stop saying "porno."
      Kelso: I didn't say it, Mr. Forman, Fez did.
      Fez: You are a bitch.

    • Jackie: I understand everybody wants their first makeout to be special, in some place romantic like Ireland or Disney World!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Drive-In intermission film footage provided by Tim Reed.

      Footage from The Omen courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


    • Hyde: A man being eaten by a giant clam. I'm not Sigmund Freud, but.....

      Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939), was a psychologist known for relating most things to sexual matters.

    • Hyde: Here's how we sneak the devil music past Ozzie and Harriet.

      This refers to the sitcom The Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet which ran from 1952 to 1966. Ozzie & Harriet (and their two sons) were a wholesome, all-American family. While Hyde is trying to give Fez some tips on how to sneak "devil" music into his host parents' home, he uses a Pat Boone record cover to conceal an Alice Cooper record and sneak it in.

    • Kitty: Red! Oh my lord! You're not flashing back to Guadalcanal, are you?

      Guadalcanal was difficult and bloody campaign fought by the Americans against the Japanese during World War II, from August 1942 to February 1943.

    • Donna: I'd love to see All The President's Men.
      Eric: I actually hear that isn't very good. I was thinking maybe The Omen.

      Both movies came out in 1976; Eric's comment that All The President's Men isn't very good is ironic, because that movie received 8 Academy Award nominations, including ones for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor. It won in four categories.
      While The Omen was also nominated for two Academy Awards, and won one, both were for music.

      Response: Eric only said that he heard it wasn't very good because The Omen offered a better chance for Eric to make out. With it being a horror flick, Donna would possibly look for Eric's arms to hide in during the scary parts.

    • Kitty: This seems familiar.

      When the camera pans back from Kitty and Red, it shows the exterior of Phillies. The placement of Kitty and Red, the waiter, and the unknown customer resemble that of Edward Hopper's 1942 oil painting 'Nighthawks'.